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SAP Environmental Compliance Training

Introduction to SAP Environmental Compliance Training:

SAP Environmental Compliance Training means conforming to environmental laws, standards, regulations & other requirements such as site permits to operate. In recent years, environmental concerns have led to a significant increase in the number & scope of compliance imperatives across all the global regulatory environments. Being closely related, environmental concerns & compliance activities are increasingly being aligned with the corporate performance goals. SAP EC 3.0 online course sessions are provided by Global Online Trainings incorporates unique study material and it involves latest industry updates for helping all the course participants in developing  smart business insights.Here SAP Environmental compliance Training classes are arranged in flexible timings so that working professionals can also pursue the course at most reasonable price.

Prerequisites of SAP Environmental Compliance Training:

  • SAP129 SAP Navigation
  • equivalent knowledge of SAP navigation


SAP EC 3.0 Online Course Content:

Topic 01: Mapping of regulation framework
Topic 02: Definition & assignment of tasks & processes
Topic 03: emission sources & Mapping of facilities
Topic 04: Definition of emission factor sets & calculation schemes
Topic 05: Definition of emission scenarios for potential & actual emissions
Topic 06: Determination of emissions by measurement & calculation
Topic 07: Compliance management
Topic 08: Report generation & distribution
Topic 09: System administration

Sap Environmental Compliance Training Overview:

SAP Environmental Compliance Training, The SAP EC  is designed to support emissions & compliance relevant processes in a large industrial corporations. SAP EC integrates the people & processes across the different business units on high quality level thereby contributing significantly to risk mitigation.

The SAP EC core functions have been developed to maintain compliance with legal permits & regulations, which impose serious operational boundaries & even financial threats for industrial & non industrial operation sites. Moreover, the solution supports emission trading schemes required to be in line with existing & upcoming national & international directives for the global reduction of Green House Gases SAP Environmental Compliance Training (EC) helps to run the operations in an environmentally responsible manner, comply with regulations affecting air, water &  land, monitor facility emissions, maintain emissions accounting & fulfill regulatory obligations.


SAP Environmental Compliance Training- Benefits:


  • Reduce the financial & operational risk through proactive tracking & detection of key data
  • Improve operational efficiency through standardized, transparent compliance processes
  • Enhance the reliability of your environmental business processes with data & process integration

Challenges of Sap Environmental Compliance Training:

  • Establish auditable, consistent & transparent business processes
  • Keep compliance processes synchronized with new mergers, acquisitions or market shifts
  • Avoid noncompliance risks of fines & lost production
  • Simplify data collection, reporting & monitoring methods

SAP Environmental Compliance Training-Goals:

  • This course will prepare you to understand the functional performance of SAP Environmental Performance – definition of complex scenarios for the determination of emissions, task management & compliance monitoring.

SAP Environmental Compliance Training-Audience:

  • Project team members of an SAP EHS Management implementation project
  • EHS Managers, Environmental Engineers/ Specialists, Operational Managers, Logistics Managers, Controllers, IT-Project Managers

Features of SAP Environmental Compliance Training:


  • Modeling of complex enterprise scenarios, This includes the modeling of all facilities & its activities that cause emissions.
  • Managing material properties & complex equations for calculation of various emission types
  • tracking, Monitoring & analyzing the state of compliance with defined requirements
  • Data monitoring You can set limit checks & automate detection of exceptions & deviations to reduce errors.
  • Identifying trends & critical deviations such as an upcoming shortage of emission allowances at an early stage
  • Regulatory reporting You can use standard regulatory templates & forms and form-based electronic reporting to stay current with regulatory agencies.
  • Event & exceptions tracking You can coordinate a timely, effective response to an incident using flexible exception management software for mapping & delivering defined prevention plans.

Sap Environmental Compliance Training Functionalities:

  • Facility Management:Creation of a compliance-relevant & approval-requiring organizational & plant structures in one clear hierarchical tree-structure.
  • Permit Management:Manage daily emissions of pollutants into the air, water or land as well as waste management. Setup of needed permits & approvals, execution of limit checks.
  • Task Management:Define workflow & authorization for limits and tasks
  • Report Management:Creation of reports, forms & checklists through Form Builder & store them in the Document Management System. Easy generation of reports by defining the processing parameters such as document prefix, text, processing class & import PDF.
  • Exception Log:Analyse situations using standard, exception & periodic analysis. Colour codes are used to highlight situations & analysis can be schedule periodically as an event-driven or system-driven.