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SAP EWM ABAP Training Introduction:

SAP EWM Abap Training is also said to be as SAP EWM Technical Training. SAP Abap stands for SAP Advanced Business Application Programming. It is one of the environments of SAP. SAP’s standard business content will be developed using the Abap workbench. 

You will be provided the knowledge about SAP MM, SAP WM, SAP EWM, about purchase order and many more during this course, Because those will help you to gain more information regarding SAP EWM Technical Online Training. Global Online Trainings offers SAP EWM Abap Training is offered by best industry experts with good communication over the course.

Prerequisites for SAP EWM Abap Training:

To learn SAP EWM Abap Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must be,

  • SAP Technical consultants
  • SAP Abap consultants
  • SAP EWM Functional consultants

SAP EWM Technical Online Training Course Content

SAP EWM Technical Online Training Course Content

SAP EWM Abap Training Overview:

  • In SAP EWM Abap training, you will learn how to use a SAP EWM application for the mapping all of the product details available in your warehouse complex to the system.
  • SAP EWM application gives you an overview of a total supply existing in your warehouse but also provides information about the products location in your store, so that it will be easy for warehouse managers to pick and choose the location of the product in a warehouse facility.
  • It also gives warehouse managers the flexibility to streamline of the various processes in the facility.
  • We have many number of applications in the market.SAP introduced SAP EWM in to the market, although there are many applications in the market, SAP EWM has its own specialty.
  • Later, SAP EWM Abap was introduced and implemented by SAP. It includes many solutions in SAP Industry.
  • We use Abap as a programming language in SAP environment. Like other programming languages like C, C++, Java etc., Abap is also a programming language that is limited to SAP environment.
  • SAP Abap Training – SAP Abap is the fourth generation programming language. It means, it is as simple as English. So that anyone can learn it. Abap acts as a backbone for SAP.

Difference between SAP WM and SAP EWM:

  • SAP EWM is almost similar to WM functionality. But, it will help in providing more flexibility in building the objects like warehouse structure, picking, keep away, HU, RF and many more.
  • And the new things that are introduced as part of SAP EWM are the activity areas, Work centers and Resources. Now EWM is not the replacement for WM. But it is more robust alternative. So similar to SAP WM, EWM is also the part of SAP SCM.
  • SAP EWM is an advanced version compared with SAP WM. It includes some other features that were not available in SAP WM.
  • In SAP WM, we have a storage unit management. But, in EWM there is no need of separate storage management, the data will be stored sent to the warehouse directly.
  • There are different activities that can be performed by using the EWM. There will be inbound and outbound processes in SAP EWM.

The clarity about these processes will be provided during the SAP EWM Technical Online Training with real time examples by top experienced trainers.

Inbound and Outbound Processes in SAP EWM:

The inbound and outbound processes in SAP EWM mainly explain about the goods that are moving out of our warehouse. Though it starts with the final storage pins, then the object moves out in the first part. Whereas, in the second part, we will have the inbound delivery. Inbound delivery means that we will get the goods inside. It means that we will get the goods from outside and we need to place them in our warehouse. The in depth knowledge about the inbound and outbound processes, how we can create the purchase order, how to create the inbound delivery etc., will be covered during the course.

Global Online Trainings will provide you the training materials for SAP EWM Abap Training after the completion of course.

Data elements:

In SAP Abap, we will create data elements. A data element can be created for a particular database table. The data elements are nothing but semantic attributes of a particular field of a table. We can notice individual fields of a database table and are used to specify the types of columns in the database table. There are two different ways of creating a database. They are- data element in a database table. And the other is the reference types. The detailed explanation is given during the course.

Master data:

Master data mainly includes the people, places or things that an organization cares about.

Storage control:

Storage control in SAP EWM Abap can be explained with real time examples during the SAP EWM Abap online course.

Advantages of SAP EWM Abap:

  • It will be an advantage if the people had knowledge about Abap, SAP EWM Functional Training, SAP functional consultants.
  • The people who are working as SAP Functional consultants in SAP and want to gain the technical understanding in your day to day activity and the people who are having lack of Abap knowledge can learn this SAP EWM Abap Training.
Warehouse task:

A Warehouse task describes every change in SAP EWM like a movement of a handling unit or a change of the stock type or a goods issue posting.

There are two types of warehouse tasks. They are- HU warehouse tasks and Product warehouse tasks.

  • HU warehouse tasks -Like moving a HU from one storage bin to another.
  • Product warehouse tasks -Like replacing stock from one HU to another HU.

The clear idea about these warehouse tasks in SAP EWM can be given during the SAP EWM Abap Online Training.

In order to expand your knowledge in SAP EWM Abap, you must enroll for SAP EWM Abap Training at Global Online Trainings. We provide a best SAP EWM Abap Training by professionals who are having hands on experience from many years. We also have a 24/7 server access. Both the individual and corporate batches are provided for the persons who are interested to learn and gain knowledge about SAP EWM Technical Online Training.



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