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Introduction to SAP EWM Training:

SAP EWM training is a part of SAP SCM that is the supply chain management suite of arrangements. It is a coordinated programming stage for giving the adaptable and the computerized support for the handling products minute and for overseeing stock. 

SAP EWM Functional Online Training by Global Online Trainings helps to improve the service level through state of the art where else processes and delivery processes dramatically in contrast to EWM.

Global Online Trainings offers best & unique quality SAP EWM Functional online Training for professionals keen to work in goods movement.

On the off chance that it give the structures the capacity to control the ware house processors and the administration of developments in the ware house it will help them to moderate the issues and the issues with the improved ware house proficiency it will enable them to a versatile satisfaction to store network that can share it assets. 

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP EWM Functional Online Training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.

 Prerequisites for SAP EWM Training:

  • SAP MM &  SAP WM consultants can learn SAP EWM Functional.
  • SAP Functional Consultants, SAP ABAP consultants can learn SAP EWM Technical.

SAP EWM Training Course Content :

SAP EWM functional Online training course content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP EWM Training Overview:

  • Most companies work today’s service performance oriented with a clear alignment on the customer in order to run its entire supply chain smoothly high demands are placed on warehousing in order to fulfill these increasing request companies require warehouse management systems with higher efficiency flexibility and transparency.
  • SAP EWM training helps to improve the service level through state of the art where else processes and delivery processes dramatically in contrast to EWM. SAP EWM Functional Online Training offers a completely new where else call it makes multi step transportation of integrated stock unit’s administration possible the physical location of a material is always well known and supply can be online administrated.
  • It is very difficult to endure in the industry so If you are new to SAP EWM job it is better to take an online job support. We not only provide job support and also give project support. Virtual job support trainers have professional background on SAP EWM job support. Our real-time experienced trainers, who are experts in various technologies, as well as domains, will accept all types of challenges and provide a better solution to solve the problem.
Why was EWM developed in SAP EWM Online Training?sap ewm training
  • SAP EWM training represents a significant shift away from the architecture previous SAP warehouse products this redesign was necessary to respond to a changing world of logistics reasons for a new design include significant increases in data volumes performance and the need to be flexible and adaptive to new business processes.
  • System availability required 365 days a year WM is rigid in design where as SAP EWM training offers much more flexibility.
  • SAP EWM training is a completely new solution built from the ground up based on SAP extensive experience in warehouse management solutions and is gauged helping customers maintain ever increasing service level agreement with flexible approach.
  • Compared to the previous SAP products EWM is designed to mange anything from raw materials to finished goods it is also capable of handling for more sophisticated requirements.
  • SAP EWM is also constantly being improved by SAP meaning that new functionality will only be released in to this version of the warehouse suite from SAP.
What is difference between WM and EWM in SAP EWM Training:
  • The main difference is nothing but in this functionality difference, in SAP WM training in on the same box this ECC is their where as the EWM in on the server SCM server. Where is the deployment option is available we use EWM as an add-on to the ECC on the same server.
  • SAP EWM is like WM usefulness however it is giving greater adaptability as far as building the articles like stockroom structures, picking, set away, HU, RF, and numerous increasingly and the new things are presented as a major aspect of EWM are the action regions walk focuses and the assets now SAP EWM training isn’t the substitution for WM yet it is more hearty elective so like the SAP WM, SAP EWM is the piece of the formula SCM that is the production network administration. Presently have diverse exercises which can do utilizing the EWM.
  • SAP EWM training is a step changing offering many functions out of the box it is common to find the customers have developed broken enhancements to close these previous gaps,these gaps are now generally closed by SAP EWM training an interesting point to note that an SAP extended ware house management is the next generation warehouse management system from SAP it is not a replacement of ERP WM. VJS provides best online mode for SAP EWM job support.
  • SAP EWM  Functional online training is intended to oversee complex co ordinations execution in the inventory network EWM effectively handles every single interior procedure of a distribution center proficiently products receipt and merchandise issue complex cross  docking, slotting, packing and shipping logistics and in addition cross useful exercises, for example, strategic specialist organization joining work administration and investigation.
Learn about SAP EWM In Bound Process and Out Bound Process in SAP EWM Training:
  • In outbound process that the goods are moving out of warehouse though it starts with the final storage pins and then it is the object is moving out , then the second part have the inbound delivery it means that the goods inside it means that will be getting the goods from outside and will be placing in the warehouse.inbound and outbound process
  • Using in bound process in SAP EWM training then must have the purchase order. Inbound delivery is a fundamentally a report containing every one of my information which is required for activating and observing the entire inbound conveyance process.
  • So In bound delivery process starts with on goods in the yard by raising the PO and then creation of inbound delivery in ERP systems and check the inbound delivery notification in EWM system and this process will ends on transfer of the goods at the final put away production or outbound delivery.
  • In inbound process we will begin of the RP (receipt preparation) where will make a buy arrange and in bound conveyance at that point will go ahead to EWM to process the emptying tally set away and posting the merchandise receipt lastly check the archive stream for the outbound procedure we will begin off again in ERP where we make a business arrange and outbound conveyance then we will go in to EWM to process the picking pressing stacking and posting of the products issue. 
  • SAP EWM Training is intended to expand the space use of your distribution center boost asset usage to best meet your operational prerequisites. It is explained by the well experienced trainers from India with best examples.
Uses of Inbound delivery in SAP EWM Training:

Use to enroll the conveyance in the yard for emptying the conveyance for wiping out the emptying of conveyance for setting the conveyance in to stock that is summoned put, at that point crossing out the conveyance set away or it can use for modifying, the conveyance amount to the amount posted the merchandise receipt then it can use for altering the conveyance amount and exchanging the amount. VJS gives SAP EWM project support at reasonable price.

Importance of SAP EWM Core processes in SAP EWM Online Training:

Slotting is the process used by SAP EWM for determining the optimum storage position for each product to ensure the most efficient storage and picking available in the warehouse, during the slotting the system determines the following stories parameters and store them in the product.


  • Put away control indicator and optionally the stock removal control indicator
  • Maximum allowed quantity in the storage type
  • Storage section indicators and story bin types
  • The optimum parameters can be stored as planning values on the product master and activated at any point in time
  • The requirement or demand data can come from APO or any other planning system.


  • It is reduced effort through automatic physical critical to find the appropriate bin spot type space optimization
  • Demand criteria to find the appropriate bin section optimization
  • Rule based rearrangement of material the bins closing the optimizing loop

We provide SAP EWM Functional Training by experienced trainers with real time examples. SAP EWM Training has high demand in the IT sector.

About WAVE MANAGEMENT in SAP EWM Functional Online Training:

Using the wave administration work EWM solidifies things or parts things from distribution center requests for outbound transports in to waves these waves must be picked and arranged at for the most part a comparable time waves can be made physically or normally.

About SAP MM during SAP EWM Training:
  • SAP MM Training stands for SAP Material Management. SAP MM modules coordinated with other SAP modules like Controlling, Sales and Circulation, FI, And Warehouse Management, and etc.
  • Materials requirements are distinguished either in the client divisions or by means of materials arranging and control.
    SAP MM Training has two business activities there is manufacturing activity or off the screen on services activity.
  • SAP Material Management online training is most of the organizations that keep running in extensive and vigorous store network procedures would discover MM extremely helpful in their everyday business operations.


  • A wave is a grouping of warehouse request items used to control the wireless activities such as picking or posting changes
  • These groupings are then processes together in subsequent processes
  • The ware house task items created are then forwarded to warehouse order creation


  • Increased staff utilization through fully automatic work control
  • Overall reduction in transaction times
  • More control and greater visibility over the outbound picking operation which allows more flexibility in delivering to customer demands
  • Central planning and control of independent waves for different warehouse areas.

SAP EWM training utilizes warehouse requests to package at least one warehouse undertakings in to work bundles. Wherever else errand is allocated to a warehouse center request where else orders are most useful n framework driven preparing.

  • Every time a product house assignment is made the distribution center request creation will be activated and stockroom requests will be made for the distribution center errands
  • Warehouse orders are assigned to the users in resource management


  • Optimal work packages for outbound processing
  • Pick path optimization
  • Able to measure times for each part of the warehouse order process
  • Reduction of the subsequent packaging expense through optimized pick/pack strategy.

VAS are utilized to perform esteem included administrations inside the distribution center run of the mill those exercises incorporate collecting of items , the pressing of items , naming pr kitting.VAS request can be case be utilized as a part of a products issue procedure to gather units for the clients and to pack them on a client particular premise.


  • Orders can be created manually or automatically.
  • Order for value added services are based on packaging applications.
  • VAS can be used to track the time on each VAS activity within the order.
  • VAS used as the base for billing customers for additional activities.
  • Integrated in to the inbound and outbound process as part of the process oriented storage control.


  • Integration of almost any activities with customer specific packaging materials and auxiliary materials
  • Flexible and fast reaction to dynamic customer request.
  • Trace fully and transparency of all added services.
Learn about CROSS DOCKING during SAP EWM Training:

The technique SAP EWM training uses to improve the preparing of inbound and out bound conveyances without putting away the items in the distribution center.

There are 5 modules of cross docking supported:

  • Transportation cross dock.
  • Merchandise distribution.
  • Opportunistic cross docking.
  • Push deployment.
  • Pick from goods receipt.
SAP EWM Training gives you the knowledge about:
  • Efficient and reactive labor management tools.
  • Standard KPI’s and measurement tools to aid you in productivity gains
  • RFID enablement as standard.
  • Scalability and flexibility-the ability to handle a variety of supply chain business processes.
  • 3rd party stock management and visibility.
  • A strategic fit with your own technologies both SAP and non SAP.

In one arrangement gives work administration, opening propelled improvement systems, association with robotization. SAP extended warehouse management (SAP EWM training) is a cutting edge distribution center administration framework from SAP.

More about SAP EWM Course:
  • SAP EWM Training is intended to oversee complex co ordinations execution in inventory network. SAP extended warehouse management (EWM) offers you adaptable, mechanized help with preparing different products development and overseeing stock in your warehouse.
  • The framework bolsters you with arranged and effective handling of all co ordinations procedure in your distribution center complex. SAP EWM Functional Online training productively handles all interior procedure of a stockroom merchandise receipt and products issue, opening, complex cross-docking, pressing and transporting co ordinations-  SAP EWM Training
  • In 2005, SAP discharged rendition 5.0 of its SAP SCM EWM programming. With the necessities of complex, exceedingly computerized, high-volume appropriation focuses as a main priority, SAP EWM training was intended for the ground up. In 2007 SAP decoupled EWM from the organization could get ready to convey the arrangement as an extra to ERP from the SCM premise layer.
  • Permitting the SAP EWM to appreciate the advantages of the most recent product lodging applications and send a SCM server could convey EWM on their ERP server and to be sent as an extra means those organizations of all sizes that did not really have the labor, subsidizing, aptitudes.
  • SAP EWM Training is proceeded with interest by SAP to the convey a main edge, practically rich stockroom administration programming.

Global Online Trainings provide both SAP EWM Online and corporate training for the individuals who are interested in it. For more details you can contact our help desk and can watch our SAP EWM Training demo video,which helps you to understand better about our Online Trainings.

Conclusion of SAP EWM Training:

SAP EWM being one of the important modules of SAP which manages physical situations of any Manufacturing or equipment product based association is viewed as one of the specialty abilities in SAP and coming to WMs is an product which will remain solid till the last warehouse is wiped off in this world SAP being the leading of WMs goods and with the uncommon highlights of SAP EWM like combination with functional and technical and quality engine for QM SAP EWM is having an incredible scope in the market.

Global online trainings provide best SAP EWM training by our highly skilled consultants. We also provide the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune.


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