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sap exchange media training

Introduction about SAP Exchange Media Training:

SAP Exchange Media is a premium digital advertising platform powered by SAP HANA that is built to support the real-time digital advertising & maximize return on media for publishers, advertisers & consumers. (SAP XM) SAP Exchange Media helps to manage demand & supply of digital media in a fully transparent & efficient way through a direct connection between the publisher & advertiser.

Global Online Trainings conducted SAP Exchange Media training is rendered by best subject matter consultants and it is done on virtual platform for providing all the participants best vision over the subject matter & course with standard material & free server access. For more information about sap XM 1.2 Online courses you can contact the help desk. We provide 24/7 support to fulfill your needs.

Overview of sap exchange media training:

SAP Exchange Media is a platform will seamlessly unite advertisers & publishers over cloud, sidestepping intermediaries Built on the SAP HANA platform, SAP XM will be fundamentally improve advertisers to return on media investment by deploying an online media network that uses real-time technology. Some of the major benefits that accruing to the clients include the ability to take advantage of strong end-to-end advertising ROI analytics, higher customer conversion rates through superior targeting & superior user experience.

Meanwhile, the complex digital ad-buying process makes connectivity between different components of media business including brands & retail, ad budgets & inventory and billing & collection of paramount importance. In this regard, SAP exchange media has been designed bridge the gap between buyers & sellers and also cut down on the conventional media buying process. As the new platform can combine marketing & advertising technologies, it has the potential to transform the way businesses conduct marketing in the digital era.

SAP XM aims to maximize the advertisers return on media investment by leveraging an online media network that employs real-time technology. The solution seeks to make connectivity to a central component of media business by linking the components such as ad budgets with inventory & billing with collection & to combine advertising and marketing technology in order to achieve business goals.


Key features of SAP Exchange Media Training:

SAP XM has several key features designed for assist advertisers:


  • it provides targeting capabilities that rely on first, second & third-party data with the goal of delivering the best content to the right audience at the right time
  • the solution offers end-to-end advertising return-on-investment analytics & campaign management tools that operate in the real time
  • it seeks to improve overall efficiency & cut down on fraud by promoting direct connection between publishers & advertisers

SAP Exchange Media Training Capabilities:


  • Full transparency & control with end-to-end advertising ROI analytics & campaign management capabilities in real time throughout the consumer journey
  • Increased conversion rates through hyper-targeted advertising along the consumer journey by getting the right message to the right audience & on the right channel through the superior targeting & profile-matching capabilities optimized through real-time leveraging of first, second & third-party data of sap exchange media training.
  • Increases in overall efficiency by facilitating a unique direct real-time inter operation between advertiser & publisher, while eliminating fraud through direct connection to publisher inventory
  • Simplified processes through a best-in-class user experience that is highly intuitive & easy to use