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SAP FICA Training

SAP FICA Training

Introduction of SAP FICA Training:

SAP FICA Training stands for SAP Financials Contract Accounts. It’s dealing with large volumes of data, usually used in Utility projects. SAP FICA is a sub ledger as any other in Finance as AR, AP etc, Unlike the normal sub ledgers FICA does not update General Ledger online. FICA deals with large amount of data, FICA General Ledgers are only updated as a batch process periodically with summarized postings.

SAP FICA Online Training by Global Online Trainings is arranged by industry aware and subject matter experts so that students besides learning can develop excellent Business insight for managing real life challenge in business administration. corporate batches are given training and insight on SAP FICA Training

SAP FI-CA Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP FICA Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP FICA Online Training Course Content

SAP FICA Online Training Course ContentSAP FICA Online Training Course Content1

SAP FICA Training Overview:

  • SAP FICA training stands for Contract accounts receivable and payable.
  • It is module its great importance in most organizations, and that it provides the tools serve the needs of the organization, as it contains a wide range of functions for the management of accounts receivable and payments needed by various industries and projects.SAP FICA Online Training
  • SAP Financials Contract Accounts Training receivables and payables which are handling as a sub ledger in our current ERP solution for SAP. So this is VC basically handling in into the different industry solutions. These importance’s into serving into the multiple large numbers of customers with industries are getting surviving which are using into playing a key role for the different areas. This is not limited to the specific to one industry.
  • These industries include public sector, utilities and telecommunications companies.
  • The objective of the large companies is to attract the largest number of customers in several ways, and the greater the number of customers
  • Daily operations increased and thus increased its activities, in this current resort to the system and its services help organizations in the management of its daily operations and control of customer management.
  • Thus, the enormous size alone companies which contain a number of clients in the millions and therefore operations reach millions open daily.
  • So resort to SAP FICA training to address this huge amount of data, because this vast amount of data needs to be a large storage space, so as to store items open and disinfectant and then reduce the critical activities.
  • Documents for SAP FICA online training update, to be published in a total image is divided according to the tasks agreed upon before
  • In the most of the times and update documents differ on certain topics such as, to amount partner, business partner and contract account, a large summarization, All of this has an impact on the deployment of the total reports to SAP FICA training.
  • If you are felling stress in your work for preventing this stress work it’s better to take job support. For this virtual job support is the best for job/project support. We will give your project in time without any delay. We have 10+years experience in IT industry. Virtual job support has expert trainers for SAP FICA job support. We will give job support to you not only for experience for fresher’s also.

Integration of SAP FICA Training:

  • Special SAP FI-CA training total publication is responsible to generate documentation for general ledger accounts, not only the general ledger accounts, but by controlling the functions of the corresponding accounts
  • where they are the focus of various renovation of control in the general ledger, Can be grouped total SAP FICA training special publications, according to the principal entity to reconcile their own free will.
  • This is the best way to reduce the difference between the contract receivables and payables in the general ledger to ensure the completion of the full payment and also from the operation of the bills of documents that can be implemented in the documents FI-CA. VJS provides Best SAP Financials Contract Accounts Training and online job support from India.
  • It is thus in a way a sub ledger of SAP FICO Training. SAP FI-CA Training, though not a complete sub ledger accounting system, it is always a component of an industry solution or a project solution. Global Online Trainings gives SAP FICA Online Training and corporate training with project support by expert trainers.
  • The finance and contract accounting is associate with the ledger developed used for industries through a bulky customer base and  in the same way elevated number of documents to send, this SAP Finance and contract accounting will be dealing with the large volumes of data.

SAP FICA ISU Training:

Basically in is-utilities we have a very large number of customers to meet the requirement in a multiple ways. So it to meets this requirement SAP has introduced SAP IS Utilities. So in this course, we will take as a priority rule to handling all the financial transactions activities which are integrated with the SAP R3 system.

  • So taking any sub-ledger role so if you handling all the customer payment, and customer transactions. Taking an iOS ability scope we have different modules which will taking into the important roles based on the nature of the transaction. So we have a customer relationship management device management billing and invoicing. So these are the basic modules which we handle under into the utilities. So if you take in a consideration freak handles as a sub ledger system which regards all that financial postings to the customer.

So we have in other industry which we call it as a public sector. In public sector we have a multiple industries again that will be get cattle like specific to we can a recent emerging industry which is tax and revenue management. So it is getting into some more boom means to which is taking a critical opportunities in terms of FICA back. So the comparative utilities we have here form based and object based model system. SAP FICA Online Training is handles about the tax liability to the customers and those stuffs and we have internal industries under the public sector. We provide online and corporate training as well as job support for SAP FI-CA Training. We also provide related SAP FICA courses like SAP FICO Training, SAP Accounts payable and receivables, and etc. 


We are one of the leading professional online and corporate trainings providing companies; you can get the solutions for different IT technologies and will help you solving your difficulties in the IT technologies and project supports. Our trainers are experienced more than 15 years; we have clients across the world.


Public sector and Telecommunication of SAP FICA IS-Utilities:

  • Public sector – it is another set of industry which figure handles.
  • Telecommunication – we have a telecommunication industry which basically on handles all the telecommunications sector in is industry.

We have telecommunications industry as well which FICA plays any key role. So here also we have taking a place it is also part of one of public sector industry which handles basically. The convergence invoicing is taking as a plan oriented billing engine which generates the invoice to the consumer and we handles all the financial postings by SAP FICA.

A SAP FICA position responsibilities will be like, settle in existing methods and events to create alternative solutions to problems that are moderately compound.

  • Appreciate the higher Management’s planned track as it relates to team goals. Employ your possess decision to set up the finest recommended solution. The primary interface upward is with direct supervisors of teams. Generally interacts at a client with management levels.
  • Conclude technique and procedures on new assignments with negligible assistance.
  • Conclusion often impacts the team in which they reside and infrequently impact another firms.
  • Handle all sized teams and their work process

 That is also having an FICA which is a sub dead system. We are handling all this convergence invoicing template system which handles all our invoicing postings. It has military industry and it have extension of FICA. SAP FICA Online Training also handles into the retrial industry for make handling into the financial transactions. We have a media sector it is an equivalent keep place and a key role to handling all the customer transactions. GOT provide best SAP FI-CA Training from our expert trainers. We also provide individual batches for corporate training.


Conclusion of SAP FICA Online Training:

Global Online Trainings is offering best SAP FICA Training along with corporate training by real-time expert trainers at flexible hours. We also provide best individual batches for corporate training as well as we provide classroom training at client location noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. Our trainers are available 24/7 online support. Our team will be solving any type of issue like training timings, trainer, and subject related. GOT provide best online corporate training as well as job support from India with long student flexible hours. GOT provide online training for many courses and SAP all modules.


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