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SAP FIORI Training



Introduction to SAP FIORI Training:

SAP FIORI TRAINING is a obverse function and the SAP system can be contacted by the browser like html with the use ITS and ICFS we can admission the SAP system application. SAP FIORI nearly admission with the browser also but it is difficult, with this SAP FIORI we can contact the SAP function. For every SAP application there should be a SAP FIORI. SAP FIORI Training is an user friendly system as well as web apps. Global Online Training make available with SAP FIORI Training. Where it provides the best SAP FIORI Online Training in Hyderabad. Advanced concept of SAP FIORI will trained by professional trainers.SAP FIORI  is important for the SAP apps development. SAP FIORI should be there for developing the apps, its an user interface only but the way developing should have some principles for that the training is like web page application where the end users can access this applications.  

Prerequisites of SAP FIORI Training:

  • SAP ABAP should be known for the learning the SAP FIORI Training.
  • SAP UI5 is important it is front end server because of it it should be known.
  • SAP ODATA , SAP NGW, SAP technical consultants and SAP BASIS is also main for getting training on the SAP FIORI Training.



Overview of SAP FIORI Training:

  • SAP FIORI Training will have browser support, integration and it is open standard. SAP FIORI is a user interface just like,, it is like web page application where the end users can access this applications. 
  • SAP FIORI Training is not like a user interface it is an UX it is called user experience based on the UX SAP FIORI will design the user interface.
  • SAP FIORI UX it will raise the competence of the SSS , output will also improved and the fewer errors. SAP FIORI is not a technology are platform its an user interface only. All about these concepts of SAP FIORI material will be provided. SAP FIORI  is developed using the SAP FIORI UI5.

SAP on User Interface:

User interface is the way communication between end users and organizations. It can be a browser, strings like many User Interface will have. SAP User interface is GUI.

ITS User Interface:

ITS is the next user interface and it is browser based application where the end users can create the table go to transaction sc11, sc37. Instead of using the GUI we can use the ITC user interface for transaction.

SAP FIORI Training Design principles for User Interface:


SAP FIORI  has some design principles for developing the user interface there should be some applications they are

  • Role Based
  • Responsive
  • Simple
  • Coherent
  • Delightful

Role Based:

For developing the application we can see who is accessing the application particularly; that application should be Roll Based if not anyone can access the application.


Responsive should be there web world d3 check it is d3 are not and application should be responsive.


Screen should be simple to understand the end user.


Application are coherent all the screen look like same pattern with this application will be delightful to the end user.


With coherent the end user using applications will be easy and delightful. Delightful make an exciting connections.

SAP FIORI will be given by best trainers in Hyderabad covering all the concepts about training. SAP FIORI Online Course the way teaching will understand everyone.

Gateway Deployment options:

Gateway deployments are the two they are

Central Hub Deployment

Embedded Deployment

  • The user should choose the Deployment regarding their project, Central Hub Deployment is a having the ABAP front end server for the SAP Gateway. For the SAP business suite is a the ABAP back end server.
  • Embedded Deployment SAP Gateway and the Business Suite is the ABAP back end server.

Architecture of SAP FIORI Training:

  • It is an high level architecture of the SAP FIORI  where the mobile browser will be there in the top with the ODATA connection and it will connected to the Reverse proxy (SAP Web Dispatcher)and the ODATA request will be send to the ABAP front end server(Gateway and SAPUI5)  and again ODATA request will be send to the ABAP back end server(SAP Business Suite) and then to the SAP HANA .
  • Where the ODATA request will be send to the SAP HANA FIORI extended application services. For more information about SAP FIORI Architecture you can register on our website. SAP FIORI 2.0 is the advanced of the SAP FIORI.

SAP FIORI Training APPs type:

SAP FIORI APPs types are sap-fiori-apps

  • Transactional
  • Analytical
  • Fact sheet


Transactions, tasks are performed in this via SAP FIORI  and there is no restriction in this app like database SAP HANA. Task based access where the access to tasks like change and create or the entire processing will be having manage navigating.


Analytical app will work only available with the SAP HANA. Visualization will be shown here to the topics of the KPI related analysis. Where the visual will be bar graph, chat like that will show the information.

Fact Sheet:

Fact Sheet works only with the SAP HANA. Fact Sheet will the summary about all Transactions like that give the information about the objects and dependent navigation between related objects.

SAP FIORI Training Uses:
  • SAP FIORI Training is an set of SAP Apps and this apps are on the SAP UI, this apps should be roll based. SAP FIORI Mobile Apps it will say that the Fiori will be have apps for the mobiles, desktops.
  • Running on the SAP UI5 it can port on any browser.
  • SAP FIORI  is developed for the getting some required fields for the user.
  • SAP FIORI  is based on the SAP technology is NETWEAVER.
  • SAP FIORI  will only support one that is html5.
  • APPs should be used on mobiles, smart phones and tablet.
SAP FIORI Training UX Architecture:

SAP FIORI UX is an technically architecture there are some types to say about it.

Transactional Apps:

In this app transactions will be perform that means creating a authorization request for the user. They show the views and interaction with the existing organization development and solutions.

Analytical Apps:

  • Analytical app is the main in the SAP FIORI UX. Analytical will only work with the SAP HANA because it only analysis with that only.
  • With the Analytical we can informant the important KPI in real time if any changes in market are going it will react to that.
  • Analytical apps will combine the details and the analytical power of SAP HANA with the integration and the interface of SAP Business suite front end for the project control, best SAP FIORI TRAINING by real time trainers.

Fact Sheet Apps:

  • Fact Sheet Apps is working with the SAP HANA and it show the information about the objects are used in the business operation, SAP FIORI TRAINING certification is also provided.
  • Fact Sheet is designed to the compose from the title and we can drill into the details, with this navigation will be easy from one sheet to the relevant sheet.
  • We can also get the data about the transactions in the systems.

SAP FIORI Training Launch pad:

SAP FIORI launch pad has some capabilities and features

  • Personalization
  • Responsiveness
  • Search
  • Session Management
  • Single Sign-on
  • Theming and branding support

Personalization: We can add or remove apps.

Responsiveness: It is an user friendly.

Search: We can search what we want in the Google.

Session Management: It will give the session to the apps timing.

Single Sign-on: We needed not to sign on again and again if we use the organization symbols.

Theming and branding Support: There will be more themes and the branding support with this we can add more attractive to the screen.

Global online Trainings give training on the SAP FIORI  Launch pad concepts with good material and more than 60+ students are trained in this SAP FIORI TRAINING.

SAP FIORI Training Security:

  • SAP FIORI Security it will provide security for the data and processing of the user it will not allow accessing the data.
  • SAP FIORI Security has implemented for each layer but the way implementing security is different, you will learn SAP FIORI TRAINING by the best trainers.

There are three different level of security

  • Authentication only
  • Integrity protection
  • Privacy protection

SAP FIORI Training Security Front end Server: SAP-Fiori-Security

  • SAP FIORI Training security should be there mainly for the two they are security between the device and the front end server.
  • SAP FIORI Security should be there between the front end and the back end server.

SAP FIORI Training Supported Authentications:

  • Kerberos/SPNEGO
  • 509 Certificates
  • SAML 2.0
  • Logon Tickets.

X.509 Certificates Authentication have the advantages like it does not demand system during the login and the browser sensory is well.

SSO of the SAP FIORI Training:

  • SSO means Single Sign on the SAP FIORI  it will say about the to setup connection between the web and the ABAP server we have to follow some rules.
  • ABAP server front server must be configuring, SSL and X.509 both will use for the single authentication.
What is SAP UI5?

SAP UI5 is an front end server. SAP FIORI Training is an user interface and the SAP UI5 is an programming language by which SAP FIORI application can be developed. SAPUI 5 is the one to develop the SAP FIORI applications. SAP UI5 is an JavaScript functions. Free to use. It has free built functions to access SAP ODATA. SAP UI5 Training also provided in the global online trainings and provided with the best trainers.

SAP FIORI Training is App or Technology:

SAP FIORI  will have design, concepts and the implementation.SAP FIORI will gone through the user experience, it will see the header color, size like that in that way apps will be developed with the user interest.

Why SAP UI5:

  • All the theory applications are developed using by SAP UI5 only, but it is not necessary for developing the application needing SAP UI5. Applications are following the guidelines of the SAP FIORI Training so ABAP is following the guidelines of the SAP FIORI Training.
  • SAP FIORI UI5 is an open source and the browser compatibility. Any device can be used.
  • Power theming and branding it is customization because if any project starting we want to start with the logo only it will be done here only.
  • SAP UI5 is efficiency and performance is high.
  • SAP FIORI UI5 is describing to the implement developers to create and last state of the art user interface.
  • There was 400 pre defined controls are there, we can extend that existing control or develop the new controls.
  • It allows you to add the theme to your company in an manner.

Technical skills required for SAP UI5:

  • HTML is needed
  • CSS added background graphics.
  • JavaScript will add dynamism to the web page.
  • Runtime environment
  • Development Environment

What is SAP ODATA?

  • Internet is reliable every time http is required to made a connection, we cannot access the SAP data through the internet for that purpose SAP brought the SAP ODATA. In real time data cannot be accessed with ABAP.
  • ODATA is an open data protocol in one request of http we can get both the data and metadata availability.

We can create the data, update; delete the data where the CRUD-Q operations are performing.

  • Various SQL will perform over the internet with the ODATA.

Global online Trainings will give the training best SAP FIORI  with the professional trainers.

SAP FIORI Training of Cloud:

  • New SAP FIORI apps are building with the service of the SAP Web IDE.
  • With the cloud it administer the role based individual point of access.
  • SAP FIOR launch pad of cloud portal it will have the individual point of access.
  • Connection will be secured of our systems with the SAP HANA Cloud connector.
  • With the cloud we can manage the user and the authentication requirements.

SAP MOBILITY  is so important it provides the solution end-to- end mobile with the cloud, big data integration and the social networks.  We provide SAP MOBILITY Training with the available material and the demo session also in global online trainings.

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