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Sap Funds Management Training

SAP Funds Management Training Introduction:

SAP Funds Management Training at Global Online Trainings provides you the complete knowledge about budget, budget planning and its benefits in various fields. And it also gives complete overview about the funds. Enroll for SAP Funds Management Online Course at Global Online Trainings and see how the SAP Funds management is included with many modules like General Ledger Accounting (GL), bank-accounting, Material-Management (MM) and so on; to get the complete funds data. It also checks from where all the funds are receiving, and where all the funds expenditure is being occurred & all the funds to receive in future. Based on these data, companies can plan & generate their forecasting budgets & then can make use of their funds in better way. For more details about SAP Funds Management Training; contact our help desk today.

Prerequisites to learn SAP Funds Management Training:

To learn SAP Funds Management Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must be:

  • SAP Functional consultants 
  • SAP FICO consultants can learn

Sap Funds Management Online Training Course Content

SAP Funds Management Training Course Content

Overview of SAP Funds Management Training: 

SAP Funds Management Online Training provides a solution to not only planning but also controlling the flow of revenues and expenditures.

In SAP Funds Management Training at Global Online Trainings, you will get the complete knowledge regarding the course and all your doubts will be solved by experienced trainers with real time projects in the business process.We also provide job support for USA students extensively.

Many of us might be facing challenges in the project. Virtual job support is here to help you in resolving all the issues which you are facing in your project.We have a good team for project/job support which is always ready to help you out at anytime.Our consultants are highly skilled at giving job support from India.

Phasing difficult how to manage your business expenses and commitments? Structured up with an issue, how to cut your expenses, control and monitor your companies finance. SAP has come up with a standard solution called as SAP Public sector management- Fund Management is the solution for your problem. Contact our help desk for more information on SAP Funds Management Training (SAP FI-FM)

The primary tasks of SAP Fund Management are as follows:

  • It budget all your revenues and expenditure for individual responsibility areas.
  • It also monitors future funds movements in light of the available budget.
  • It prevents the budget over-runs
  • It provides classification between commitments & payments.

Register with us for SAP Funds Management Training and see how the SAP Funds Management provides the solution, which helps in planning and controlling the flow of revenues and expenditures.

  • It uses the active availability control to monitor management appropriation.
  • SAP Funds Management Online course, simplifies the design of budget plans using the special planning techniques and makes it possibly implemented in different provisional budget plans.
  • It also supports centralized and de-centralized planning and budget execution of funds.
  • With SAP Funds Management Training,you can learn how to adapt the changes in budget according to conditions with the entering of releases, supplements, returns and transfers.
  • With this you learn how to create your financial management areas.
  • How the financial management area is an organizational unit with in accounting which structures the business organization from the perspective of funds management.
  • To take the advantage of the high degree of integration in the SAP system, you must link the FM areas with the organization units from other applications.

SAP FICO Training helps to provide the detail information about General Ledger accounting, about product costing, accounting etc., It helps to improve your knowledge regarding Funds,financial management, Budgeting etc., which helps to understand more about SAP Funds Management Online Training. We provide best online and corporate for SAP FICO course, shared knowledge from our trainers. 

About SAP Funds Management :

Budget Release in SAP Funds Management:

  • As a part of online SAP Funds Management Training you will know what is the importance  of budget release and much more.
  • The SAP Funds management has include a release option, where you can release the budget bit –by-bit
  • This release is based on the current budget i.e., the original budget as aimed by supplements, returns and transfers.
  • The release can be related to the annual values or the over all values.
  • Supplements: in this you add an additional budget for a funds center or commitment item.
  • Returns: here you use a return to give back the surplus funds from one FM account assignment within your hierarchy to superior funds centers & commitment items.
  • Transfers: in this if there are funds shortages in one of the funds center & the available funds in another on a have not yet been fully utilized, then in this case the funds management enables to transfer funds from one FM account to assigned one.
  • The current year budget is equals to the original budget+supplements-returns / transfer.

Uses of SAP Funds Management Training:

  • Budget profile in SAP Funds Management is used to control budgeting and availability control for a fund on an individual basis. It is also helpful for balance update.
  • Master data entry is used to link debtor (source of funds) with fund, to link application of funds with fund. SAP Funds Management Training helps in running and controlling the Business Expenses.
  • SAP Funds management is often called as (FI-FM)
  • It helps to make things easier the design of budget strategy using special development techniques and makes it possible to differentiate provisional budget plans.
  • Funds are used to represent resources from secondary source.
  • SAP Funds Management helps to get the profit transactions.

By learning SAP Funds Management Training, it will be helpful for you to learn SAP Grants Management Training. This course completely explains the overview of SAP Grants Management, its importance in foreign countries etc., You will also learn about plan, budget, identity during the course. The integration process is also explained during the SAP Grants Management Training course.

The modern world has changed, after the creation of first computer system with high-speed computations, terabyte databases, remote control from any place in the world. All this has become an integral part of our life. Later on Big data, Cloud computing has become popular. And the data is being saved. SAP Funds Management Online Course helps the individuals to get the complete knowledge about the present situation about funds and budgeting during the course.

We provide both SAP Funds Management Online,corporate courses for individual and corporate batches.

Features of SAP Funds Management:

  • Learn in SAP Funds Management Training how these features help your business growth.
  • Funds Management enables you to keep a continuous check on:
  • The revenues & expenditures ; the funds relevant business transactions in your organization
  • It rises the following questions in mind:
  • What funds will the responsibility areas receive?
  • Where do these funds come from; the source of funds?
  • What are the funds used for? The Usage of funds
  • It provides financial equilibrium of your business, by comparing commitment & actual values with the current budget sheet.

SAP Budget Control System (SAP BCS):

The SAP budget control system includes both profit and loss budget. It includes the complete scheme of budgetary which can be better explained on the screen. Whereas the budget schema includes many processes.

As a part of online SAP Funds Management Training you see the importance and important SAP Funds Management T-codes and Table list to be used.

The Important SAP Funds Management ( FI-FM ) T-CODES
  • DECK – Tcode is used for -Cash Holding Years
  • CJCO – Tcode is used for -Carry Forward Project Budget
  • FMX1 – Tcode is used for -Create Funds Reservation
  • KOCO – Tcode is used for -Budget Carryforward for Orders
  • FMZ1 – Tcode is used for- Create Funds Commitment
  • FMCIA – Tcode is used for -Edit Commitment Item
  • FMWA – Tcode is used for- Create Funds Transfer
  • FMWC – Tcode is used for- Display Funds Transfer
  • FMZ3 – Tcode is used  for- Display Funds Commitment
  • FMX3 – Tcode for- Display Funds Reservation
  • FMSU – Tcode is used  for -Change Status Assignment
  • FMX2 – Tcode is used for- Change Funds Reservation
  • FMEQ – Tcode is used for -FMCA: Run Drilldown Report
  • FMEM – Tcode is used for -FMCA: Display Drilldown Report
  • FM5I – Tcode is used for- FIFM: Create Fund
Join SAP Funds Management Online,corporate Course by best experienced Trainers at Global Online Trainings in order to get benefits. We also provide SAP Funds Management Training materials after the completion of course.



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