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SAP GRC Access Control Online Training

SAP GRC Access Control training

SAP GRC Access Control Training Introduction:

SAP GRC Access Control Training Module controls complex access & separation of important functions and SAP Access Control training and provision that consistent access, supports processes and audit records that track who has access, govern sensitive access and segregation of important functions and providing constant access and if the access assignments are still required. SAP GRC Access Control Online training is designed to fill the gap between obtaining the correct system entitlement and facilitating. 

Global Online Trainings provide an expert training on SAP GRC AC 10.X Online Job support Course with expert trainers with helpful guide and also SAP GRC AC corporate training by well experienced trainers at students flexible timings.


Mode of Training: SAP GRC Access Control Online training/SAP GRC Access Control corporate training/SAP GRC Access Control Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP GRC Access Control online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 12+ years.


Prerequisites for SAP GRC Access Control Training:

  • Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP System
  • Basic understand of authorization concepts in an SAP System
  • Practical knowledge of common business processes

SAP GRC Access Control Online Training Course Content:

SAP GRC Access Control Online Training Course Content

Global Online Trainings provides best SAP GRC Access Control Online Training with most experienced Professionals.Who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website .

SAP GRC Access Control Training overview:

  • SAP GRC Access control was introduced by SAP in 2006. This course is architecture to build the knowledge required on all bases of SAP Security & GRC Consultant. SAP acquired virsa and renamed in to GRC and realed into market virsa was found by jasvir singh currently CEO Alert Enterprise
  • The fresher’s or working employees known SAP GRC wants to grow up their knowledge of SAP GRC AC 10 Access control training course. If  you are showing interest to learn this course,  you can just enquire and can go though some course or training, to know more details.
  • These SAP GRC 10.1 AC online course clarify some of the topics like MSMP and BRF+ with simple steps and easy to know. If you are adapting for SAP GRC Access control Online training  you can refresh your knowledge with this course and then analyses your capacity with sample questions in online SAP GRC AC training.
  • In SAP GRC AC Online course training, students are expected likely to be SAP security and authorizations personnel, to have some basic of SAP understanding, Risk Managers and business process owners  support & personnel responsible for maintaining SAP security and  GRC processes who use SAP GRC Access control to manage risks across SAP applications.

The SAP GRC AC online training  will stress on SAP’s GRC 10.1 Access Control software to master access rights across SAP applications. We will show below:

  • Manage risk analysis and results,
  • Use dashboards & reports,
  • Configure Business Role Management , Access Risk Analysis, Access Request Management and Emergency Access Management.

We also provide SAP GRC Risk Management Online Training; which helps you to analyse the risks and to manage the issues with in the organization. SAP GRC Risk Management Training has great demand in the market. We also provide the detailed information about how to create and resolve the risks during the course. It is explained by top trainers from India with real time examples. SAP GRC 10.1 modules will be covered during the Training. show interest to learn new technology in current market and  Register for more information about the course by contacting our help desk Today. 

In your job having problems to complete real time projects, we are always there to help you to solve problems. We are providing specialised experts for your requests and difficulties in real time projects. Virtual Job Support is expert in providing online SAP GRC AC job Support. We not only give training on SAP GRC AC and also provide job/project support by best trainers from various states.About SAP GRC AC Training


Requirements of SAP GRC 10.X AC  Online Course: 
  • Understanding for SAP
  • Understanding of SAP Security basics
Goals for SAP GRC Access Control Online Course:
  • It helps to user automatic tasks performed by a typical Sap GRC AC Harmonization topics as they relate to Comprehensive documentation.
  • Describe how it helps you to address business challenges.
  • Typical business processes in Identify authorization risks.
  • Explain the Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process.Virtual job support provides best SAP GRC AC job support.
  • For SAP Access Control 10.0 IT describe and configure functionality and features.
  • Use the SAP Access Control 10.0 application to analyze and manage risk, design and manage roles, and provision and manage users.
  • Describe the SAP Access Control Repository, Object Level Security and SAP Access Control 10.0 architecture and landscape.
  • From SAP Access Control 5.3 to SAP AC 10.0 describe how to upgrade.
  • Explain post-installation steps for SAP Access Control 10.0.
  • Describe the Periodic Access Review process.
  • Plan for and manage emergency access.
  • The reporting framework Discussion. Virtual Job Support have best trainers for this SAP GRC AC job support they will trained on your project/ subject also.
  • We provide best SAP GRC 10.X AC Online course for the candidates by experts having 12 + years of experience in Training.
  • All the concepts of SAP GRC AC can be explained during the training with practical examples by our trainers. They also help you in clarifying the doubts regarding this course.
Conclusion of SAP GRC Access Control Online Training:

Thus, the SAP GRC AC 10.x Online Course is provided by Global Online Trainings with Professionals from many states of India. Global Online Trainings also offers SAP GRC Process Control Training with best experienced Trainers. SAP GRC PC Online Training helps to know more about process control in business.It will be beneficial to the employees who are already working and also for the students who are interested about process control. 

Having knowledge on SAP GRC PC Training will be helpful for you to learn more about SAP GRC AC Online Training, SAP GRC Corporate Training. Register for best SAP GRC Access Control Training by experts from Global Online Trainings.


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