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SAP GRC Fraud Management Training

SAP GRC Fraud Management Training

SAP GRC Fraud Management Training Introduction:

SAP GRC Fraud Management Training helps to analyze different types of objects from SAP as well as non SAP source systems that may be subject to Fraud. This platform is customization, in that the user can define, detect the strategies based on rules and advanced predictive methods.

This platform automatically creates fraud alerts for the end users and has a simple and intuitive user interface allowing users to easily investigate alerts and determine fraud causes. We must find out the fraud alert and calibrate the detection strategy to minimize false positive alerts. We need to prevent legitimate fraud cases. Global Online Trainings offers SAP GRC Fraud Management Online Training by experienced trainers; who provide 24/7 service for both individual and corporate batches.

Prerequisites for SAP GRC Fraud Management Training:

To learn SAP GRC Fraud Management Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • SAP Basis
  • SAP Security
  • SAP GRC Access Control 
  • SAP GRC Process Control
  • SAP GRC Risk Management

Overview of SAP GRC Fraud Management Online Training:

The SAP GRC Fraud Management Online Training is provided by Global Online Trainings to explain about fraud detection to the public.

  • We need to analyze the fraud analysis. And have to do mass detection in SAP and also need to investigate individual fraud alerts.
  • We can select a fraud alert and then can notice the parameters for detecting this fraud alert. So we can trigger the alert, later we need to investigate that fraud alert. This entire process of detecting the fraud alert and managing it can be explained in detail with real time examples by best trainers.
  • The investigation about the fraud will depend on that particular business. So the detection of fraud may vary in different cases. But, the detection of fraud is the main aim in each strategy. It is necessary to follow the selection parameters for detecting the methods. We need to spend a lot of time in order to detect these faults and it is mandatory for any company.
  • SAP GRC Access Control Training is provided by Global Online Trainings by best trainers having 12+ years of experience. This course explains you about how to plan and manage and also how to address business challenges.
  • Mostly banking sectors are facing a fraud detection problem. And there are many other channels that are facing the same problem.SAP Fraud Management Training helps you to understand the fraud detection process and makes you to analyze and manage the frauds that were happening. 
  • After working with the detection methods, we can reduce the faults. Detecting and investigating frauds within our organization is extremely simple with SAP. To understand better about this SAP GRC Fraud management online course in order to improve your business, feel free to contact our help desk.
  • SAP GRC Process control is used to manage the business, standardization,monitoring risks etc., It is one of the module in SAP GRC. SAP GRC Process Control Training is provided by Global Online Trainings,which helps you to know more information about GRC.

We also provide SAP GRC Risk Management Training at Global Online Trainings. It is similar to SAP GRC Fraud Management Training. SAP Risk Management Training helps in sorting out all the risks that were faced in the organization and helps to manage them by detecting them.