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SAP GRC Training


In this SAP GRC training, you will learn about governance, risk and consent. How to handle the responsibilities of governance and how to manage the company, and how the rules and procedures are relevant and how it is determined by the risk management and reporting. SAP GRC Online Training helps you to improve your business and is subject to damages. SAP GRC Training for your organization is the strategic and regulatory mechanism for learning so that it can be properly identified and corrected to correct them. Global online training offers SAP GRC training and provides professional courses for working professionals and students. To get more You can contact our Help Desk for more information.

Prerequisites of SAP GRC Training:

To participate in SAP GRC training, we should have

  • Knowledge of the network,
  • awareness of security,
  • Be familiar with SAP security,
  • SAP Basis Consultant.
  • Knowledge of Integrated Processes in SAP System
  • Knowledge of power concepts in the SAP system
  • Practical knowledge of business processes
  • Practical knowledge of software implementations


SAP GRC Training outline:

Program Name: SAP GRC Training course

Course Duration:  35 Hours

Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

System Access: will be provided

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

Trainees will get the soft copy material.

Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.

Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset



Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP GRC Training Overview:

SAP GRC represent Governance Risk and Compliance, the intent of GRC for the business is to resourcefully advise policies and controls. during this SAP GRC coaching, Report audit demand for GRC progress the alignment of activities to be the deliberate objectives of business governance activities are mentioned, that is beneficial for answerability and reportage this can be vital that may modify answerability and reportage within the business.

  • This will increase visibility that matter management enclosed the reportage, setting the business what are the choice creating method that may be taken care at the govt.
  • Which is obtaining the business strategy and objective publication today and therefore the structure culture and values shaping the roles and responsibilities of crucial the craving and quality and determined.
  • So, which will actively classify them, analyze them and fix that it’s ERP produce a central system that assists you to regulate business and risk management that happen to simple you may ready to establish.

What is GRC?

                     SAP offers a collection of product underneath GRC umbrella that facilitate the organization in identifying risk and effectively eliminating. SAP BO (Business Objects) GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) provides a unique of solutions for firms to deal with a good sort of topics as well as company governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

There square measure four product that it offers every geared toward addressing totally different desires.

They offer the following role:

  • A product to address emerging issues in SAP
  • A product to analyze the wound associated with the user or the characters
  • Produces a product life cycle to handle rolls
  • A product to handle user tasks

Who this course is for?

  • Implementation Consultants
  • GRC 10.0 project includes key technical business users
  • Governance experts
  • SAP Security and Consultants for GRC IT Auditors
  • Business Project Team Leaders
  • Beginners
  • SAP team members are looking to add skill sets in cross-modules
  • Everyone
  • Audit Team Members

SAP BO (Business Objects) GRC can be divided into several parts:

  • SAP GRC Global Trade Services 7.1
  • SAP GRC Environment, Health, and Security (EH & S)
  • SAP GRC Access Control 10.0
  • SAP GRC Access Control 10.01

The module is also one of the regular entry points of the Beginner to get. You will increase expensive perceptions of risk, consent, and control of the company.


SAP GRC training empowers you to realize your dreams and helps you to lead a bright future.


Overview SAP GRC Technologies: (SAP GRC Training)

The SAP GRC is described as an organization’s integrated approach. The most important thing is to assist in the conducting and optimization of business operations and processes and to ensure the cost of the following activities, more than 60+ students will train this SAP GRC AC, SAP GRC PC, and SAP GRC Risk Management Training. ERP creates an important structure that helps you organize and manage risk management, which can detect activity as you specify functionality that is intended to categorize intimate connectivity and internal audit. In that government category, you can see that on the key activities which are falling on the governance risk and compliance you can see that this is a government area enterprise governaover view of sap grc technologiesnce risk and compliance it is risk management.

  • So, that this is particular SAP GRC Technologies face the GRC technology to enable integrate and optimization management functions and processes while center on recording planned objectives and creating value GRC Technology analyzing process control building and maintaining one single version of that can control data managing view of risk and compliance exposure show the components of with agenda focus on increasing performance management and integrated GRC providing n approaches for an enterprise.
  • That is analyses the risk management in the goals monitor the privileges and analytics because once you had defined the process of identifying the way fixing the way then you should be able to monitor it would be able to support it 2015 so the report, you will learn online SAP GRC training by the best trainers.
  • And eliminating the rest which is possible and not possible putting in the mitigating controls at a place so, that was that minimize if you cannot be eliminated.
  • In compliance facilities, controls and processes to meet a business requirement for the subsequent activities which integrate automated control measures and continuous monitoring into the transaction processing cycle resulting in the transparency of risk and control and transactions act compliance is extremely important compliance, SAP GRC training certification is also provided.
  • Main purpose of SAP GRC is to automate as much as possible, the GRC was there previously that you are following this regulation using Sap GRC and Sap environment how we can automate all these policies and compliance requirements as a great deal as possible because you should be able to know that how to completely use SAP GRC supplementary software that you can also automate certain things like creation of yours rolls handing over creating user session includes to the users using some of the components of 
    GRC access control.
  • The main intention of access control is to reduce the tariff in the system whether it is significant segregation of duties will be able to manage in the system and more effectively with access control and process control is another component of GRC suite which is basically used to maintain the business processes at a high level.
  • So, in the SAP GRC Training, you learn the basic uses of all the master data, when they actually get some materials into the company, it will enlighten the process you need to follow, the process basically comes with about some defined the process which is useful for any organization. Global trade service is a component which is basically to secure and modernize policies.
  • When SAP has named into GRC and in that access control component versions are 5.1, 5.5.3. The Firefighter has been renamed as Superuser privilege management, compliance calibrator has been renamed as risk analysis and remediation access has been renamed as compliance.
  • The user provisioning architect has been renamed again, and the current names of these components in access control 10 have again been changed and those are the current pulse emergency access management, access risk analysis, and access request Management.

Business scenario for SAP GRC Training: (SAP GRC 10.X Online Course)

  • Basic business process necessary for running any business for purchasing sales hiring and promotion exercises except etc SAP business object governance risk and compliance (SAP GRC Training) solution provider and our way of such process from a risk and compliance point of you and help customer measure risk and monitor space, explained in detail in the GOT, best SAP GRC training by real-time trainers.
  • Automated monitoring of backend system and process are part of the process control 10.0 application customers of SAP GRC Training use automated monitoring for configuration masturbate and transactions.
  • The following figure this is how GRC fits into the corporate it landscape and into corporate governance and comprehensive strategy in the SAP GRC Training, Along with SAP GRC AC and SAP GRC PC training you can find SAP GRC FRAUD MANAGEMENT and SAP GRC firefighter training also, taught by our proficient trainers.
  • This allows demonstrate of predictive analysis organization and identify the abnormal properties for identifying and assessing risk without disturbing the organizations. It has the capability to achieve the business objective with is tremendously significant that mostly focuses on identifying the risk, in SAP GRC 10.X Online Course.

 Brief information on SAP GRC Process control:

  • Process control is nothing but about managing your business, I suppose you have a trading business this SAP GRC comes on selecting the material, and how do you order the material and dealing with the contractors, all kinds of procurement are in the business so, these all come under the part of the business.
  • These may be in any organization, actually, in the business, a process means the gathering of some kind of arrangements that are repetitively performed.
  • In that the inputs and outputs are also the same as repeated once, the process is depended on the particular technology, you will know with the SAP GRC Training and SAP GRC certification is also provided.
  • You can know that, what and how the process is obtainable can be known before through the process control. In this process control, there are two types, direct customer value creating work and indirect customer value-creating work.
  • Here direct value is directly exchanging with the customers, and indirect is the services provided invisibly, like training, etc. In the SAP GRC Process control training you will know about, the perception that will gather the teams, individuals, with the shared responsibility and it involves setting up a management control environment.
  • There are components in the access control 10 like Emergency Access, Access Risk analysis, Access request management, and Business Role Management, SAP GRC Access control training is also provided.

SAP Fraud Management: ( with SAP GRC Training)

  • This SAP Fraud management training, you will evaluate different types of things that are related to SAP or Non SAP. In this, the user can detect the strategies which will be based on the rules of advanced predictive methods.
  • In this management, the alerts are created automatically and it has the easy user interface.
  • SAP Fraud management is the application that is for detecting and investigating Fraud. This fraud management will use the advanced tools and it detects identifies the fraud. To understand in an easy way the fraud management maintains the graphs and files or flowcharts that can be understood in an easy manner.
  • Once the potential fraud is detected then the investigation process is very simple. Here the SAP fraud management will collect the data related to the fraud activity, this is available in SAP online training.
  • It can also reduce the loss activity, through the fraud schemes. Here the investigators can check their new rules in parameters, by seeing the alerts. Immediate analysis and simple detection will be possible in the SAP Fraud Management, in detail you can learn in SAP Fraud Management training.

The strategy of SAP Risk Management:

  • In the organization, the employees come across many risks, which is a big deal to manage these risks in the company.
  • The clients face different kinds of risks; they should focus on the high contour risks that will affect the business not only the business that can affect our operations and reputation.
  • We even have the application that can directly contact the risk manager. In that application, you can also see the other risks. You can even display the risk information on the world map that may be useful when you are going to a particular location, know the details in SAP Risk Management training
  • As a final point, every organization should identify the risks through risk management and then report and rectify those.
  • This basically is a business process, which is used to protect your assets. The loss which occurs is a risk; there may be many kinds of risks and even we have ways to handle those.

Regarding SAP GRC Audit Management:

  • Audit management is the presentation of the financial statements of the management.
  • In this audit, there will be every financial statement and every disclosure that are entered in the financial statements, the audit contains the valid financial statements, join SAP GRC Audit Management training for more details.

Key features of SAP GRC Access Control: (SAP GRC AC Training)

  • SAP GRC is there in many fields, here in SAP “GRC” was introduced in the year of 2006, initially, the SAP has a tool that is called as the VIRSA and it was changed into GRC, then it as introduced in the year 2006.
  • There are many components in GRC like Access Control, Process Control, Risk management, Global Trade Service and Nota Fiscal Electronica.
  • With the SAP GRC Training, you will know about SAP GRC has evolved due to some actions that happened in the US, Coming into the concept of SAP GRC AC; here we have two things that SAP GRC with ABAP and JAVA version and SAP GRC only with ABAP version.
  • The SAP GRC with ABAP and JAVA version is 5.3 that have different components and then for the SAP GRC only with ABAP version is 10.1 version and these have five different types.
  • Now in this SAP GRC training 10.1 version, we have these five types, Access Control, Process Control, Risk management, Global Trade Service and Nota Fiscal Electronica.
  • In the SAP GRC training 10.1, Risk management, Nota Fiscal Electronica has been added.

Sap GRC Training Goals:

  • Introduction to SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) 10.1 version.
  • Identify key governance, risk, and compliance processes in support of GRC 10.1
  • Describe the main features and business interests of the integrated solution
  • Identify apps that connect with GRC 10.1 solution
  • Describe the purpose and position of key user interface components
  • Discuss optimization of navigation and influence how the power consumers see
  • Explain how GRC Applications are involved in general activities and relative master data
  • Describe the IMG company for GRC 10.1
  • Describe the general implementation process and key steps
  • Configure report display, texture, and content


Governance, risk, and Compliance are referred to as almost GRC. It creates a central nervous system that will help you manage your business more efficiently. You will gain a competitive advantage in understanding the risks and choosing wisely choices. In other words, the GRC can help you ensure that you make the right path. It keeps track of what you are doing and increases your alertness when you start tracking tracks or tracks. The kits also train and train their training

Global online training is specialized in delivering the advanced course to the freshers and experienced or the working professionals who want to learn an advanced subject and who are interested to initiate their career or exaggerate the existing testing career in any field. We are able to serve various mobile application testing courses both for manual and automation testing techniques for interested candidates as we have scheduled the online and corporate classes. To earn more information from your side reach us on Global online training.

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