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SAP GTS Training

SAP GTS Training Introduction:

SAP GTS Training at Global Online Trainings- SAP GTS is one of the SAP modules which can replace both SAP ECC Foreign trade and also SAP ECC export foreign trade and import foreign trade. In SAP GTS system the main added advantage is we can connect directly to the custom authority system. Global Online Trainings will offer you an international training that will help you to automate all your global trade transactions, manage multiple business partners,documents& implementing compliance for tracking. The SAP Global Trade Services 11 Online Training is trained by well subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates.To know more about this SAP GTS Training Module contact the help-desk.

 Prerequisites to learn SAP GTS :

To learn SAP GTS Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have knowledge on:

  • A person should have a basic knowledge on SAP SD and SAP MM.
  • Having knowledge of foreign trade functions in SAP R/3 or SAP ECC.

SAP Global Trade Services Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP GTS Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom Training)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 14 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP Global Trade Services Online Training Course Content

SAP GTS Online Training Course Content

SAP GTS Training Overview:

  • SAP GTS Training means SAP Global trade services. SAP GTS system is a Netweaver component. It is said to be as Netweaver component because it can establish a connection between SAP system and non SAP system. So it acts as a mediator where, it gets the data from SAP and pushes the data out of SAP and submits the data to the customer. So this is said to be as Netweaver component.
  • SAP GTS Training module is a stand-alone module. It is not in-built of SAP ECC system.The detail information about will be explained in the SAP Global Trade Services 11 Online Training.
  • SAP Global Trade Services Online Training system supports both the import and export activities. SAP ECC system has two different foreign trades called SAP ECC SD foreign trade and SAP ECC MM foreign trade. The SAP SD foreign trade module takes care of all export activities. And the SAP MM foreign trade module is used in purchasing the goods from a supplier who is residing in other country.
  • So that if your business is having the requirement of procuring or if your business having the requirement of receiving raw materials or spare parts from a different country then SAP MM foreign trade module is useful. That means to support the import activities SAP MM Foreign trade module is helpful.
  • In the same way if you are selling the product to the customer who is residing in other country then it is called as export. And the export activity will be taken care by the SAP SD module. Thus the export activity is supported by the SAP SD foreign trade module and import activity is supported by the SAP MM foreign trade module.
  • if your technically week on SAP GTS don’t worry we will improve your technical skills on SAP GTS. Global Online Trainings are not only expert in giving training also expert in providing the SAP GTS job support. Our trainers have professional background on the SAP GTS Training. We not only provide job support also provide project support to you. We will solve all your problems of your project.

Why we need SAP GTS Training?

SAP GTS Training module takes care of both export and import activities. SAP Global Trade Services Online Training module supports both import and export of any organization. Let us consider an Organization called XYZ, is involving in import and export then SAP GTS module can help the organization in supporting import and export activities. SAP Global Trade Services Online Training module is said to be as replacement for SAP SD foreign trade module and SAP MM foreign trade module.

SAP SD foreign trade and SAP MM foreign trade modules have some limitations and drawbacks to take care of export need or import need and they doesn’t support the regulations. So SAP introduced SAP Global Trade Services. Whereas SAP GTS Training will support all the regulations and helps the organizations to be under compliance. And it reduces the risk of non-compliance. Considering these factors Global Online Trainings is providing the best SAP Global Trade Services 11 Online Training. We also provide the SAP GTS Training Certification after completion of the course. Virtual Job Support is best for SAP GTS job support. 


Regulations in SAP GTS Training:

The regulations that are introduced by customs authority of international trade are:GTS Importance

  • While exporting the product or importing the product from different countries it is necessary to take care about the declaration documentations. For example, if you are exporting from US to Canada or US to Mexico or US to Germany then, it is necessary to submit the legal documents or legal messages like certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list etc. Thus different documents need to be submitted to the authority while exporting any product from one country to other.
  • In the similar way, if any company doing their business in US is trying to import a product from Germany then it needs to submit other legal documents. So it is necessary to submit different declarations or documents to the customs authority as part of import or export. This is said to be as complex documentation requirement.
  • Taking care of the product is the other regulation. That means whenever you are exporting the product, generally the product which is need to be exported must make sure that whether the product got license or not. If you want to determine a license to the product then, the product has to be classified.
  • In SAP Global Trade Services Online Training, the classification is a process of attaining the import control classification number or export control classification number. So considering the license for a product, there are few prerequisites need to be fulfilled. They are classifying the product. Once the classification of a product is done then the SAP GTS Training system will identify what type of license is required for a product. Thus licensing activity i.e., legal regulation is important for a product to import or export.
  • Sanction party list is the other regulation. Where sanction party list is a list of members who are identified as a blocked members. That means if any country publishes sanction party list, for example consider Mexico identifies or publishes the list of 4000 members as a sanction party list members. Then the companies in Mexico should not do any export or import any goods to these members.
  • That means whenever any company publishes a list of blocked members, then your company need to make sure that you are not sending any product to the customer who are under the sanction party list.
  • In the same way you need to make sure that you are not receiving any goods from the list of blocked members. We provide the best SAP Global Trade Services Online Training along with SAP GTS training material. GOT provides SAP GTS online project support from India.
SAP SD with SAP GST Training:

This is mainly related to business. ERP is one of the important software available in the market. It became the mandatory software in today’s business processes, integration of business processes. SAP GST Online Training is used for the standard process in the business across different locations.  Using this it will be easy to use the resources in a best way. There are number of ERP products present in the market.  SAP SD is a functional module in SAP. Have a glance at SAP SD Training. Which will be an advantage to learn SAP GTS Training. We also provide  SAP MM Training which helps you to acquire more knowledge about SAP GTS Training. We provide best SAP Global Trade Services Online Training from India by real-time trainers. We also provide corporate training with individual batches. 


SAP MM with SAP GST Training:

SAP MM Training at Global Online Trainings helps you to learn about how to map SAP MM from business perspective. You will also be provided knowledge on configuration. The SAP MM Training totally helps you to provide a practical knowledge with real time examples. It gives the detailed information about how that configuration will be used or mapped with a different business process.

SAP MM means Material Management. In SAP MM Training, you will be provided a knowledge on significance of master data, how to copy the material master data and create collective entry for storage location etc., It is also one of the important module of ERP Software. It s more helpful for the SAP MM Consultants to learn SAP GTS Training. GOT provide best tutorial, online training, corporate training, online job support, classroom training for many courses.


Importance of SAP GTS Training:

  • SAP GTS reduces the cost and risks of international trade.Benefits of SAP GTS
  • Simplify product classification
  • Support supply chain decisions
  • Streamline trade processes.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Accelerate cross-border trade and
  • Optimize global trade processes.

The more detailed information will be provided in SAP GTS Training by our experts at Global Online Trainings. For better understanding, you can also watch the SAP Global Trade Services Online Training videos provided by us.


Business Benefits of SAP GTS Training:
  • The benefit of SAP GTS is it can reduce the risk of non compliance. That means we can make sure that we are doing our business with the right people and receiving the product from the right vendor.
  • And SAP GTS Training system is used for classifying the product in an easy way.
  • Meet Complex document requirement. GTS system helps you to identify all the required documents.
  • SAP  Global Trade Service Online Training is used to handle the electronic communication. That means in order to send information we can use an e-mail, FAX or a print copy. For example to send an export from one country to other country, you need to provide a list of documentation to the authority.
  • So the first way of sending the communication to the custom authority is a print out document. SAP GTS Training can be sent to the authority along with the goods by the driver. Or else you can send an e-mail with an attachment or you can send a FAX.
  • Thus there are different types of communications available to communicate with the customs authority. We also have another communication called as IDA- intermediary document. In this you can configure a system or establish a connection between the SAP GTS Training system to the customs authority then IDA helps you to fulfill the required information.
  • Whenever you implement a SAP Global Trade Services Online Training system, it helps you to handle the communication electronically. It is very easy, speedy, effective communication. So you can avoid the manual errors and allows speedy communication with the customs authority.
  • Make the most international agreements. For this you need a trade agreement. It is an agreement between groups of countries to facilitate the business activities. It is an agreement established by the companies who are geographically very close to each other. GTS Training system has the capability to identify, calculate and determine the free trade agreement. To know more information, enroll for SAP GTS Training at Global Online Trainings.

SAP Oil and Gas includes both Upstream and downstream elements. Upstream includes exploration and production. Whereas, downstream is used n refining of crude oil and processing and purifying the natural gas using various methodologies. The person having knowledge on SAP MM Training, SAP FICO can learn SAP Oil and Gas Training. Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Oil and Gas Training, SAP GTS Training by industry experts. SAP Oil and Gas module has high priority in developing a business in many industries.


Product Classification in SAP Global Trade Services Online Training:
  • Customer classification-USCBP and other local governments within the WTO/WCO, all require imported and exported materials to have a tariff classification.
  • Export classifications for compliance- US EAR (Export Admin Regulation) and other local government agencies may also require a product classification to identify whether a materials is a controlled product (Biological, anti-terrorism etc).
  • Classifications in GTS can also apply to other areas of the business and GTS can be used to help manage controls for those other areas (ex: QM, cosmetics, etc).
  • The export customer tariff used by US & EU census bureau for statistical purposes.
  • The import customer tariff is used worldwide to identify the product and determine what duties if any should be applied for importing that particular products (examples of duties CVD (Countervailing Duties), ADD (Anti-Dumping), pharmaceutical, etc.,).
Challenges of SAP GTS Training:
  • Higher volumes (10% yearly growth in global trade volume)
  • More and more regulation since 9/11 (ex: UN regulations, Prohibited parties, SOX, ITAR, C-TPAT, Dual use, export Administration regulations etc).
  • New electronic communication requirements with Government IT system (Mandatory filling of SED via AES in the US, European e-customs initiative (NCTS, AES, AIS), ICS in Australia, etc).
  • Increased complexity but less time available.

SAP Vistex Training is related to SAP SD Training. SAP Vistex Training depends on business process. SAP Vistex applications are classified as SAP Solution Extensions. SAP software is used by most of the people for managing the customer experience to simplify the supply chain in order to build organizational talent. SAP Vistex is used to integrate business processes cohesively, securely and simply working with customers around the world. Every solution extension includes the same level of product quality.


Conclusion of SAP GST Training:

Global Online Trainings also provide SAP GST online and corporate training. It is a great opportunity to learn this course from 12+ experienced trainers. The overview of SAP S/4 Hana is covered in this course. Enroll for SAP Simple logistics Training at Global Online Trainings. We offer best SAP Global Trade Services 11 Online Training. You can also find SAP Vistex Training and SAP Simple Logistics Training at Global Online Trainings by industry experts.

Which will be an added advantage for you to acquire more knowledge about SAP GTS Training. By learning this SAP GST training you will get high packaged salary job. You have different best packages at different locations. We also provide best corporate training with classroom training client location Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Pune. For more information and for contact details visit our official website and check the helpdesk.


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