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SAP GTS Training

SAP GTS Training Introduction:

SAP GTS Training is one amongst the SAP modules which may replace each SAP computer code Foreign trade and additionally SAP computer code export foreign trade, and import foreign trade. In SAP GTS system the most additional advantage is we will connect on to the custom authority system. Global online Trainings can provide you an international coaching that may assist you to manage all of your global trade transactions, manage multiple business partners, documents& implementing compliance for trailing.

The SAP Global Trade Services Online Training is trained by well subject material consultants and also the tutorials ready by these professional business allied tutors are created with latest industry updates. To know a lot of subject regarding this SAP GTS Training Module contact the help desk.


Prerequisites to learn SAP GTS:

To learn SAP GTS Training at Global Online Trainings, the person should have knowledge on:

  • A person should have a basic knowledge on SAP SD and SAP MM.
  • Having knowledge of foreign trade functions in SAP R/3 or SAP ECC.

SAP Global Trade Services Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP GTS Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom Training)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, Our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 14 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


Here, In this page we are going to provide total information about SAP GTS Course and it benefits:

Wait,  I can explain more in detail.

SAP Global Trade Services Online Training Course Content

SAP GTS Online Training Course Content


SAP GTS Training Overview:

             SAP GTS Training at Trainings Institute may be a best SAP Learning Center. Trainings Institute offers its executives a spread of technical/functional SAP courses with real-time specialists. We provide Sap Online Training, and Class room Training. SAP Global Trade Services automates world trade processes and permits to manage giant numbers of business partners and high volumes of documents processes and permits users to reply to world business opportunities, facilitate to obey the dynamical legal rules. SAP GTS will eliminate manual processes around denied party screening and filing fees with machine driven export filing to extend productivity, Improves compliance integrated at intervals the group action. SAP GTS Training teaches how to manage import & export processes through offer Chain.Manage import & export processes them to produce Chain.

  • Modify coverage with automatic procedures of making & printing and submitting      declarations customs authorities.
  • Mechanically acknowledges licensing necessities importation and commerce product  Supported current laws. 
  • Its Determine which products qualify Preference handling.
  • Its Provides active interface of causing knowledge through internationally all EDI systems, electronic media.
  • Amendment and update knowledge into all relevant foreign trade documents any time previous a pair of final product issue.

What is SAP GTS?

SAP Global Trade Services course permits users to alter their international trade transactions, through managing giant numbers of business partners, documents and perpetually dynamic international legal laws. The GTS module facilitates international trade by providing the tools needed to reply to governments modernizing their systems and to customs authorities’ human activity electronically with businesses. SAP GTS conjointly helps you to avoid price delays in your import and export processes and permits you to reply quickly to international business opportunities, whereas mitigating money risks.

Why we need SAP GTS Training?

       SAP GTS Training module takes care of each export and import activities. SAP Global Trade Services online coaching module supports each import and export of any organization. Let us contemplate a corporation referred to as XYZ, is involving in import and export then SAP GTS module will facilitate the organization in supporting import and export activities. SAP Global Trade Services online coaching module is alleged to be as replacement for SAP Mount Rush more State foreign trade module and SAP MM foreign trade module.

SAP Mount Rush more State foreign trade and SAP MM Training foreign trade modules have some limitations and disadvantages to require care of export want or import want and that they doesn’t support the rules. So SAP introduced SAP Global Trade Services. Whereas SAP GTS Training can support all the rules and helps the organizations to be underneath compliance. And it reduces the risk of non-compliance. Considering these factors Global online trainings is providing the best SAP Global Trade Services online Training.


Making plan to train up in SAP GTS Is the right step in terms of market potential and career growth in your future:



            This course is suitable for all professionals with a basic university degree, such as BA, BBA, B.Sc., MBA, Engineering, and then Degree can be obtained from the accredited University. Knowledge of basic laptop handling skills is obvious.

            Students/Fresher’s who are interested in learning Financial Accountants, System or Business Analysts, Finance managers, SAP Power Users, End users, Support consultants, Candidates inquisitive about seizing a career within the field of SAP, Consultants or SAP Expert Analysts and those who form a career in the manufacturing sectors will attend this SAP GTS coaching. They should have previous information about important business processes related to production, product management, inventory management, design management and plant management.


  • Understand basic knowledge on the global trade service.
  • Understand the importance of the Global Trade Service Module in SAP.
  • Have good knowledge of companies’ compliance requirements.
  • Be prepared to talk about how and why companies deal with rogue nations and nationalities.
  • To obtain the data needed to be cleared to communicate SAP certification.
  • Understand the main concepts of SAP Global Trade Service.
  • Degree Associate Level SAP GTS can apply the information you can learn to progress in your career.


          A significant proportion of industrial companies’ total costs falls on supplying, and this is often progressively the case in today’s globalised world. Along with service quality requirements, many companies have to deal with a number of new and important fields of activity and optimization. In order to get success, they will need forward-thinking strategy and management advice in customs and foreign trade.  SAP GTS on Demand is a reasonable cloud answer for optimizing the customs and foreign trade processes of medium sized companies, and integrates seamlessly into the SAP ERP system landscape. This unique tool is managed by PwC Germany and PwC Switzerland localizes its implementation and support.


Sub Solutions of SAP GTS:

1. SAP Global Trade Services Online TrainingSAP Compliance Management:

Aimed at performing the necessary checks for activities related to the import/export processes. For example, dominant sanctions against sure countries or partners (SPL), management of embargoes, verification of partners in documents, management of export and import licenses, etc. The goal is to avoid penalties or sanctions for violating current legislation.


The SAP Compliance Management sub answer consists of the services below:

  • Embargo Check
  • Sanctioned Party List Screening
  •  Product-Related Check (“Legal Control”)

2.SAP Risk Management:

This manages preferences with the management of supplier declarations, determines preferential origin, prints documents, etc. Management of Letters of Credit for foreign trade (integrated with the ERP documents). Management of restitution’s, in accordance with the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.

The SAP Risk Management sub answer offers the services below:

  • Preference Processing
  •  Letter of Credit Processing
  • Restitution

The “letter of credit processing” service permits you to manage letters of credit in SAP GTS.

3.SAP Customer Management:

        It is categorized by different products (transferred from ERP), including various international classifications (HS, NC), including mass editing. Tasks and Taxes (including a Duty Simulator), as well as communication services with electronic customs headquarters in different countries. It supports specific customs procedures such as the relative warehouse or the free zone. Mandatory forms of printing (certificates of origin, packing list, etc.), maintained with Adobe form.

There are two services under SAP Customs Management:

  •      Customs Processing
  •      Transit system

    4. SAP Electronic Compliance management:

 This displays the regular issue of declarations for intra European Union trade statistics.It facilitates compliance checks against applicable rules and statutory needs.Goods import and export processes are monitored, with import and export management functionalities combined with boycott and embargo lists.


Importance of SAP GTS Training:

  • SAP GTS reduces the price and risks of international trade.
  • Simplify product classification
  • Support supply chain decisions
  • Streamline trade processes.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Accelerate cross-border trade and
  • Optimize global trade processes.

The additional elaborated information is going to be provided in SAP GTS coaching by our specialists at Global online Trainings.


Benefits of SAP GTS Training:

              Due to new laws and business necessities, most customs systems are a growing and evolving answer. SAP GTS is that the only one that gives steady integration purpose to the ERP. Upgrades of the GTS solutions don’t involve any changes within the ERP system or within the interface between it and GTS. That is the biggest part of add a customs answer implementation, remains unaffected by the upgrades that require to be done to GTS.


  • The good thing about SAP GTS is it will cut back the danger of non compliance. Which means we will confirm that we tend to do our business with the proper folks and receiving the merchandise from the proper merchant.
  •  SAP GTS Training system is employed for classifying the merchandise in a simple method. § Meet complicated document demand. GTS system helps you to spot all the desired documents.
  • SAP Global Trade Service online training is employed to handle the transmission. Which means so as to send info we will use AN E-mail, FAX or a print copy. To send an export from one country to different country, you would like to supply a listing of documentation to the authority.
  •  So the primary method of causation the communication to the norm ability may be a find out document. SAP GTS coaching may be sent to the authority together with the products by the driving force.
  •  Whenever you implement a SAP Global Trade Services online coaching system, it helps you to handle the communication electronically. It’s terribly simple, speedy, effective communication. Therefore you’ll avoid the manual errors and permits speedy communication with the customs authority.
  • Make the foremost international agreements. For this you would like a trade agreement. It’s an agreement between teams of states to facilitate the business activities. It’s an agreement established by the businesses UN agency are geographically terribly on the point of one another.

Product Classification in SAP GTS Online Training:

  • Customer classification-USCBP and different native governments at intervals the WTO/WCO, all need imported and   exported materials to possess a tariff classification.
  • Export classifications for compliance AmericaEAR (Export Admin Regulation) and different authorities agencies may need a product classification to spot whether or not a material may be a controlled product (Biological, anti-terrorism etc).
  • Classifications in GTS mayapply to alternative areas of the business and GTS is accustomed facilitate manage controls for those alternative areas (ex: QM, cosmetics, etc).
  • The export clienttariff employed by North American country & EU authority for applied mathematics functions
  • The import clienttariff is employed worldwide to form out the merchandise and verify what duties if any ought to be applied for commercialism that specific product (examples of duties CVD (Countervailing Duties), ADD (Anti-Dumping), pharmaceutical, etc.).

Scope on SAP GTS Training:

            SAP GTS training is related to SAP SD training. The SAP is based on the GTS training business process. SAP GTS applications are classified as SAP solution extensions. Many people use SAP software to control customer experience in order to simplify the supply chain to build institutional talent. SAP mistakes can be used to combine business processes safely, and to work with customers around the world. Each solution extension has the same level of product quality.

  • Learn about the purpose and structure of SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAP Compliance Management, SAP Customs Management and SAP Risk Management Use the Functions for Import and Export Policies
  • Higher volumes (10% annual growth in world trade volume) More controls from 9/11 (eg UN Regulations, prohibited parties, SOX, ITAR, C-TPAT, dual use, export management rules, etc.).
  • Ensure new IT communication with the Government IT system (SEES, European e-Traditions  Initiative), (NCETS, AES, AIS) and Australia by ICS and AIS.

Conclusion of SAP GTS Training:

SAP GTS Training will be an added advantage for you to acquire more knowledge. Thus there are several types of communications available to communicate with the customs authority. We also have alternate communication called as IDA- intermediary document. In this you’ll able to assemble a system or establish a association between the SAP GTS training system to the customs authority then UN agency helps you to meet the specified info. GTS coaching system has the aptitude to spot, calculate and confirm the trade agreement. By learning this SAP GTS coaching you may get high pre packed earnings job.

           Global Online Trainings also provide SAP GTS online and corporate training. It is a great opportunity to learn this course from 12+ years experienced trainers. The summary of SAP S/4hana is roofed during this course. We offer best SAP world Trade Services online training. You can additionally realize SAP Vistex coaching and SAP straight forward supply coaching at Global Online Trainings by trade specialists. To know more information, Enroll for SAP Global Trade Service at Global Online Trainings.


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