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sap hana administration training

SAP HANA  Administration Training Introduction:

SAP HANA Administration Training is a real-time platform for both analytics and the applications. While simplifying the IT stack, HANA provides powerful features like significant processing speed, text mining capabilities, the ability to handle big data and predictive capabilities. SAP HANA Administration training course is ideally suited for system administrators, SAP BASIS consultants and DBAs who are involved in planning, sizing and configuring the SAP HANA database. 


Global Online Trainings is the leading industry in providing online trainings for different SAP Modules. SAP Hana Admin Training is trending in the present market. It plays a vital role compared with other SAP modules. Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Hana administration online Training and also corporate Training by industry experts. For more details contact our help desk!

Mode of Training: SAP Hana administration Online training/ SAP Hana administration corporate training/ SAP Hana administration Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best Devops online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.


Prerequisites for SAP HANA Administration Training:

To learn SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION Training at Global Online Trainings,

  • The Person must have knowledge on SAP BASIS
  • Networking
  • SAP Security and other SAP Security Knowledge.
  • System Administrators

SAP HANA Admin Online course content

SAP HANA Administration Training Course Content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning.  who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website .

SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION Training Sample demo video:



SAP HANA Administration Training overview:

  • SAP HANA means High-performance Analytic Appliance.
  • Where appliance is a combination of software and hardware.
  • In order to understand the difference between software and hardware, consider SAP architecture.
  • There exists SAP R/1 architecture, SAP R/2 architecture and SAP R/3 architecture. In SAP R/3 architecture, R means Real-time. 3 means three layers. They are GUI, Application layer, DB layer.
  • Before 2010, SAP is used as a front end. Where GUI and application server is provided by the SAP Company only.
  • And the back end is as per the client requirement. Database servers like Oracle, SQL server is used as a back-end and these are provided by some other company.
  • To overcome this problem, from 2011, the entire architecture GUI, application layer, database layer are provided by the SAP Company only.
  • And then the name is changed as SAP S/4 architecture. It is called as implementation.
  • The full form is Next generation of business systems. And it is said to be as SAP HANA.
  • Previously the software is provided by the SAP. And the overall data will be stored in the format of hardware and it is called as RAM.
  • In HANA (High –performance Analytic Appliance) Analytics means to create the data from the data warehouse and data can be created as per the requirement.
  • In analytics, the software is provided by the SAP Company and the hardware is provided by the certified hardware vectors. For example, the certified hardware companies are IBM company, hp, HITACHI, Fujitsu, CISCO, DELL and NEC.
  • So, we have to maintain certification hardware only. Otherwise, it will be considered as an illegal activity. So it’s mandatory to buy the hardware from those companies.

Our Trainers will provide a lot of information about latest industry upgrades which are helpful to the users to be an advanced Sap Hana Admin Professional. SAP HANA Admin Training imparts deep understanding on HANA platform in real life along with best practices & emerging trends.

How SAP Hana Administration Training is Helpful?Features of SAP HANA Admin

SAP Hana Administration Training helps you to learn how SAP HANA Administration training processes high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time. You will understand how the SAP HANA uses in-memory analytics. You also will learn to plan, size and configure the SAP HANA database and configure the different components for data provisioning and reporting clients.We also provide you SAP Hana Administration Training material.


Features of SAP HANA Administration Training are given below: 

The features in SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training include,

  • In-Memory: This means the overall data will be stored in the RAM.
  • Hybrid DB: SAP HANA is called as Hybrid Database. That means the data will be stored in the format of rows and columns storage.Whereas in traditional databases like Oracle, Sql the data will be stored and accessed in the form of Rows only. But, in USA, UK the companies are using their projects database in a column storage only. Database is of two types- row wise storage and column wise storage.
  • We not only provide training our trainers also experts in giving job/project support. Virtual job support is best for SAP HANA Admin job support. If you have any problem in your real time project our trainers will solve that problem and give you the project in in-time. We offer our technical support services to help you out. We provide well documented solutions along with soft copies. Our trainers have professional background on SAP HANA Admin job support.

The difference between them is explained as,

Row Store Vs Column Store:

Row-based and column-based storage are supported by SAP HANA, and mainly Column-based storage is optimized. Memory in Database can be organized in two different ways:

  • Row Storage
  • Column Storage

Row-based storage consumes more time when compared with Column-based storage.

Now-a-days, SAP HANA is more popular. The data will be stored in the form of OLAP (Online analytical Processing data) and OLTP (Online transactional Processing data). So this is the reason that SAP HANA is said to be as Hybrid database.

  • MPP: SAP HANA is called as MPP (Multi parallel Processor).For example, in order to increase the client copy within 13 hours we can use parallel process method. It means the same process will be done by multiple systems at the same time. Thus, the work will be completed efficiently in given time. Thus, in SAP HANA a multi core processor is used.
  • Compression: For example if we want to migrate from Oracle to SAP HANA, suppose Oracle is having 15 TB, then it will be compressed as 5 TB data in SAP HANA. So here 10 TB data is saved.

These are the major features in SAP HANA. These features can be explained in detail in SAP HANA Administration Training.

Modules in SAP HANA in SAP Hana Administration Online course:

There are two modules in SAP HANA.

  • Technical modules
  • Functional Modules

Technical module includes SAP HANA Development, SAP HANA ADMIN and SAP HANA Modeler.

Functional Module includes SAP HANA Simple finance, SAP HANA Simple logistics.

The difference between technical module and functional module in SAP HANA is,

In technical module, end to end implementation is performed. For example, software installation. In this we will perform creating, coding, designing and backup, recovery, restoring, upgrade and uninstallation. Thus, everything will be done end to end.

In functional module, the data will be maintained as per the daily requirement.


  • SAP Hana Administration Training is helpful in many ways.
  • To improve the business and to get the security for the data, it is better to have knowledge in solving the risks in data.
  • SAP GRC Training helps you to solve those risks and it governs the data. It is one of the important module in SAP. Join for SAP GRC Training at Global Online Trainings that helps you to explore more about SAP Hana Administration training.

In order to learn SAP HANA development, the person must know SAP ABAP. To learn SAP HANA ADMINISTRATION Training, the person must know SAP BASIS.

We can state SAP Basis is the working framework for SAP applications and ABAP.  Premise gives administrations like correspondence the working framework, memory administration,  database correspondence, run time gathering of utilization information, web demands and trading business information.


SAP BASIS is an arrangement of devices. This tool has the accompanying diverse functionalities: –

  • Framework checking and organization devices
  • Regular observing device CCMS (Computing Center Management System) to screen alarms of R/3 framework from one place.
  • Server-side scripting in ABAP and JavaScript – SAP HANA Administration Training
  • Utilization of Business server pages to manufacture online stores and gateways.
  • Database checking and organization utilities
  • Asset administration like memory, cradle.
  • Approval and profile administration apparatuses for client administration.
  • Web get to control to the framework and business objects. VJS gives best SAP HANA Admin job support with all the aspects at flexible hours.
  • Move adjustments in a screen, program, design from the improvement to a generation framework for exactness reason by Transport Management System.
  • Customer server engineering and design.
  • Graphical User Interface outlining for the introduction layer.

To learn SAP HANA Administration Training, SAP HANA Modular the person must have knowledge on BW, BI and BO. In order to learn HANA Simple finance the person must have knowledge on FI/CO. For SAP Simple logistics, the person must have knowledge on SAP SD, SAP CS. Thus, to learn any module in SAP Basis HANA, it is mandatory to know the SAP Standard modules. It also helps you to learn SAP Security Training.

SAP Basis and SAP Security training are  key stages that can be explained in brief during the course. The person having knowledge on both SAP Basis Training and SAP Security Training will help them to get in depth knowledge regarding SAP Hana Administration Training.

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP Basis Hana Administration Training with industry experts in flexi timings with reasonable cost.We also provide many other SAP Online Courses with experienced Trainers.

Roles and Responsibilities in SAP HANA – SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training
  • HANA License: You have to know the License cost of each and every module. Here, each and every software is divided into two types-IDES and Non IDES.
  • IDES is for back version. That means it is a dummy version without license.
  • And Non IDES is a licensed version. Based on the features it can be identified whether it is a licensed version or not. HANA license depends mainly on three factors. Virtual Job Support is best for online mode of SAP HANA Admin Job Support at reasonable price.
  • They are Platform edition, Enterprise edition and enterprise extended edition.
  • HANA Installation: It also includes installation for IDES and installation for Non IDES.

Installation can be divided into 3 types- Pre- installation, Installation, Post-installation.

Pre-installation: In this, hardware configuration is done. For that sizing is required. Sizes include XS, S, M, L. For example Xs is 128 GB RAM, S is 256GB RAM, M is 512GB RAM and L is 1TB RAM – SAP HANA Administration Training

Sizing can be divided into two types. User based- number of end users and transaction. Based on these two factors sizing will be done. For doing this we use a tool called as quicksizer tools.

After the configuration of hardware, then the components for software is required like HANA studio.

Installation– Ides/Non ides.

Post-installation: In this you have to apply for the license. In order to log in to SAP HANA system, you have to create a user administration. It includes,

  • Backup & restore administration
  • Performance tuning – SAP HANA Administration Training
  • Data provisioning – It includes SLT, DS, SDA, BODS to SAP HANA
  • Migration from BW to HANA 

These are the major roles and responsibilities of SAP HANA Administration – SAP HANA ADMIN Online Training.

Know about who can install SAP HANA during SAP Hana Administration Training:

SAP HANA can be installed by

  • The persons who are having SAP certification.
  • Certified Hardware partners.
Learn about Use cases of SAP HANA in SAP Hana Admin Training:
  • HANA Platform (Data mart)
  • HANA Apps for Suite (includes Reporting & Analytics)
  • HANA Accelerators
  • BW on HANA
  • Cloud on HANA
  • Business one on HANA
  • Business Suite on HANA
  • HANA New Apps
Latest Versions in SAP HANA in SAP Hana Administration online Training:

The latest versions in SAP HANA are:

  • HANA 1.0 (SPS01 to SPS02)
  • HANA 2.0 is the latest version released in 2017.
Conclusion of SAP Hana Administration Training:

By joining SAP Hana Admin online course, you will get the in depth knowledge about SAP Hana and other modules used in it by industry Experts from various States at Global Online Trainings. We also provide SAP HANA Administration Certification after completion of course.

Enroll at Global Online Trainings  for best SAP HANA Administration training to learn the detailed information about  SAP HANA ADMIN online,corporate training course with industry expert consultants. For more information on SAP BASIS HANA ADMINISTRATION training do contact our help desk!


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