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SAP HANA Security training

SAP HANA Security Training Introduction:

SAP HANA Security Training is an in-memory platform that combines an ACID-compliant of a database with an advanced data processing, application services, & a  flexible data integration services. SAP HANA can act as an  standard SQL-based relational database. In this role it can serve as either a  data provider for classical  transactional applications (OLTP) and/or as the data source for analytical requests (OLAP). Database functionality is accessed through an SQL interface.

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Mode of Training: SAP Hana Security Online training/SAP Hana Security corporate training/SAP Hana Security Platform Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP Hana Security online training.

Course Fee: Please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 14+ years.


Prerequisites To Learn SAP HANA Security Training :

To learn SAP HANA Security Online Course at Global Online Trainings the person must have basic knowledge on

  • SAP HANA database
  • Networking and Admin
  • Other SAP security knowledge. Like SAP R/3 security, HR Security, BI Security, Cloud Security


SAP HANA Security Training Course Content

SAP S4 HANA Security ONLINE Training Course Content

SAP S4  Hana Security Online Training Course Content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Global online trainings offers best SAP HANA Security Training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.



SAP HANA Security Training helps to reduce the unauthorized access in an organization. Learning SAP Security Training will be an added advantage for SAP HANA Security Online Training. SAP HANA is a Data base. The Database concept is the in memory computing engine. So, SAP HANA security is the database which works much faster than the traditional database.


  • In traditional database we used to have the data in the hard disk. In this case the data will reside in the memory itself rather than hard disk.
  • Fetching data from the memory is easier than fetching it from hard disk. This is the main advantage of SAP HANA. It is also called as IMCE (In memory Computing engine) object. And it is a hybrid data base.
  • We have number of traditional databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MAX- DB etc.,
  • In SAP S/4 HANA Security Training, the main functionality of traditional database is writing the data into the database. The purpose of the DB is to store the data.
  • Whatever the daily transactions that are performed, those transactions must be stored in the database.
  • And whenever it is required to retrieve that information or view that information, we can check the information of that particular transaction from the database.
  • So the main purpose of the database before 20 years is particularly to store the data in the database.
  • But, present it is not enough to just store the data in the database.  Along with that storing the data, we also need to have reading capability to your database.
  • In SAP HANA Security Online Course, the current generation transaction, along with writing, analysis operation is also being performed.
  • Analysis operation means, if you want to find the details of the last 10 years sales, and you want to find the highest sales in the last 10 years sales and also the lowest sales in the last 10 years sales.
  • If you have a lowest sale in particular year then the reason that why you have a lowest sale. This means you are performing a reporting analysis .You are analyzing the data which requires the reading capability.

In SAP HANA Security Online Training, traditional database also have the reading capability but it does not have powerful reading capability as writing capability. So, there we can just retrieve the data. 


How SAP S4 Hana Security Training Helps You?

SAP S/4 Hana Security Online Training helps you to get in depth knowledge about technologies in SAP Hana. We also provide SAP HANA Security materials after the course. Which gives a beneficial knowledge about all the modules in SAP S4 Hana Security Online Training. Global online trainings provides best SAP HANA SECURITY Training by SME trainers and also we also give job support for SAP HANA SECURITY. Virtual job support provides best SAP HANA SECURITY online job support by highly skilled consultants.


Technologies used in SAP HANA database:

In SAP HANA Security Training, the technologies used in SAP HANA database are explained. 

In SAP HANA database, it is developed by three technologies.

  • TREX:  TREX stands for Text Retrieval Extraction. It is the first technology added in the SAP HANA database. TREX technology is invented by a student in 1996 as a part of his Technologies in SAP HANA Security academic project. This technology became more popular and is used in most of the search engines. This TREX technology provides the reading capability to the SAP HANA database. Thus, SAP HANA database is said to be as having a very powerful reading capability.
  • P*TIME:  P*TIME is a light weight database which is specially designed to write the data into the memory. Writing the data in memory is 100 times faster than writing the data in physical drive. And this P*TIME technology is added in the SAP HANA database and this technology provides the writing capability for SAP HANA database. It writes the data in a memory. The nature of a memory is volatile.
  • MAX DB:  The MAX DB provides the backup functionality to your SAP HANA database.MAX DB provides the physical layer of SAP HANA database. When you start your HANA database, the data will be loaded from the physical drive into memory. Once the data is loaded into the memory then it starts performing the transactions. When you start performing the transactions, it means a new data will be created and the existing data will be changed. And the data can also be deleted. It means all the changes are done in the memory. These changes are to be updated in your physical drive.

A concept called SAVE POINT is used. By default Save point value is 300 seconds. So, for every 300 seconds the changes made by you will be updated in your physical drive. You can also change this default value to 10 seconds. For every transaction that means whenever the transaction is committed the Save point will trigger and update your database. Thus, save point helps to not to lose any data. Log Mechanism is used to recover the data from the database.

HANA database has 10x Compression rate. In HANA database the data will be stored in compressed form. We also give you  SAP HANA Security certification after completion of the course.


Multi-tenant database – SAP S/4 HANA Security Online Training :

We can install multiple applications on SAP HANA database.When you install multitenant database, one system database will be installed first. Then you can install number of tenant databases- Tenant DB ECC, Tenant DB BI, Tenant DB CRM and Tenant DB SRM. The purpose of the system DB, from the system DB we can centrally administrate the entire tenant databases. These tenant databases can also be administered individually and also centrally. And in the same way the security will be configured individually among all the Tenant databases. So you can provide security for each and every Tenant database individually.


Cross tenant database – SAP S4 HANA Security Training:

In this we can access the data of ECC tenant database from your BI tenant database. That means, we can access the data from any other tenant databases.


Why SAP HANA require security?

In SAP HANA Security Online Training, the need for Security in SAP HANA is explained.

  • One should think about the security in SAP HANA.
  • SAP HANA additionally incorporates Technology Considerations. This might be the reason that HANA is an appealing focus for programmers.
  • HANA is depending more on web advances.
  • HANA is essential and helpful for Hackers. Since, there are Content contemplations. HANA contains business basic information, integral to business forms.
  • In present situation, IT/Security has less involvement with HANA. So this is the reason that programmers will abuse and attempt to assault HANA. There are Fraud potential outcomes.
  • HANA is about in-memory technology. RAM Scraping is exceptionally unsafe in HANA. Since, there is no encryption with HANA. At the point when information is stacked into the memory of the server it’s not scrambled. Information on SAP HANA isn’t scrambled on RAM level.
Conclusion for SAP Hana Security Training:

Global Online Trainings provides best SAP S4 Hana Security Online Training by best experienced Trainers. Our virtual job support team helps to you for solving all the technical queries in your SAP HANA SECURITY project. We do the best to provide best SAP HANA SECURITY job support, and if you want to learn SAP HANA SECURITY Online Training; just go through our website.

Enroll at Global Online Trainings  for SAP HANA Security training with industry expert consultants. We also provide SAP HANA Administration Training. This training helps you to explore more knowledge regarding SAP Hana Admin modules and also provides knowledge about SAP Hana Security also. For more information on  SAP HANA Security online Training or corporate course do contact our help desk!


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