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SAP Hana SPS 10 EIM SDISDQ Training

SAP Hana SPS 10 EIM SDISDQ Training course introduction:

SAP Hana SPS 10 EIM SDI/SDQ Training will help the trainees to understand about the virtual table as in SPS 9 virtual tables could be queried directly or used as a data source in a flow graph but as per the updated version in SPS 10 it is also possible to have a data sink node that is the target point to a virtual table from a remote source configured using ASE, file, hana, tera data, db2, oracle, ms-sql reader adapters.

SAP Hana SPS 10 EIM SDISDQ Training course content:

Topic 1: SAP HANA smart data integration
  • New adapters
  • Writing to virtual tables
  • web bases editors
  • Remote object search
  • Ddl replications
  • Support to extend storage tables
  • Support for hana smart data remote
  • Logical partitions
  • Adapter sdk enhancements
Topic 2: SAP HANA Smart Data Quality
  • Profiling for Meta data semantic and frequency distribution
  • Updated cleanse transform
  • Side effect for data matches & cleanse
  • Task management for SAP HANA SPS 10