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SAP HCI Training

SAP HCI Training Introduction:

SAP HCI Training has the real-time business process integration. HANA Cloud Integration is SAP middleware in the cloud. SAP HANA cloud platform basically it’s a platform as a service product that companies for example independent software vendor’s startups and developers can use to create and test Hana based cloud applications. SAP HCI Training is a cloud based technology it a new organically built technology by SAP that has various capabilities. It offers a range of available application database and infrastructure services which you can use to develop and test your applications. SAP HCI Training helps share data across a multitude of different systems talking various protocols and help integrating processes that span across various systems. Global Online Trainings offers online SAP Hana Cloud Integration online training for individuals and corporate batches. 

SAP HCI Training Prerequisites:

To learn SAP HCI Training at Global Online Trainings, the person must have knowledge on:

  • SAP PI 
  • SAP Technical consultants, Integration consultants can also learn this course
  • People having knowledge on Dell Boomi, Successfactors can also learn SAP HCI Training.

SAP HCI Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP HCI Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 10 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP HANA Cloud Integration Online Training Course Content

 SAP HCI Online Training Course Content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Global online trainings offers best SAP HCI Training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Sample demo video for SAP HCI Training:

What is SAP Hana Cloud Integration (HCI)?

SAP HANA Cloud integration is a cloud-based integration platform hosted in SAP HANA Cloud for coordinating cloud applications with other cloud and on-premise arrangements. The solution supports both process and information integration needs.

SAP HCI Training is making cloud integration simple and solid (reliable). Hence it is SAP’s Strategic integration technology for SAP Cloud Customers. SAP HANA Cloud integration online training gives out-of-the-box connectivity across cloud and on-premise solution.

Overview of SAP HCI Training:

SAP HCI Training have are prepackaged integration current that means SAP is investing in what are the most common integration requirements between cloud applications and other cloud applications. It is typical large bulk loadings for example into Hana for an analytical report.

                              SAP HCI Cloud Applications

SAP HCI Training for process integration enables you to integrate business forms spreading over various companies, organizations and departments inside an association. Provides HCI standard substance as well as administration and checking the mixed content is offered by SAP. This is for sending a message back and forth where we need a response. The SAP Hana cloud integration online training has is community and marketplace. SAP HCI has two components

  • Process integration
  • Data integration

SAP HCI Training is based on a single object, for example, I’m sending customer information or I’m sending information that is needed for a quote.

  • And one of the key requirements of Hana Cloud Integration for process integration is basically to have guaranteed delivery and transactional process integrity.
  • If you historically have knowledge of SDP on-premise applications sap has the product called SAP data services.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector is a simple on-premises joining agent that permits exceptionally secure and reliable connectivity between your cloud applications and on-premises frameworks. The data services product on-premise has capabilities for large ETL extracts transactional load.
  • Our trainers explain each and every topic of course content, we give job support also for SAP HCI. Virtual Job Support gives SAP HCI Job/project support by expert trainers. Who are facing problem in there project of SAP HCI, our trainers will solve your problem give Project support SAP HCI. We help you to get out of your problems in your job. We have consultants who are experience in SAP HCI job support. 

Configuration on-premise Data Stores with SAP HCI Training:

The data stores tab can define all of the connections to the source and target systems. Example: you will create a data store for an on-premise SAP Business Suite application which can then be used as a source. The agent provides secure connectivity to on-premise sources in your landscape. It creates a data store to connect to a third-party on-premise database.

DATA Services with SAP HCI Training:

  • This enables you to integrate business processes traversing distinctive organizations’ associations or divisions inside another association. SAP HCI Training for information administrations which enables you to productively and safely utilize ETL or concentrate transform and load assignments to move information between on-premise systems and the cloud.
  • The technically do well essentially we install a data services agent on either Windows or a Linux machine. It is one single agent can point to many different machines because this one dedicated agent you can pointing to my ERP system. And my sequel system is on the same machine. Additionally, these tasks can be executed manually or scheduled to execute.Virtual Job Support gives online SAP HCI JOB Support.

SAP Cloud for Sales Integration to SAP ERP 6.0:

Process Integration: value-based process and end to end master data integration

  • Bidirectional organization of clients and contacts master data
  • Trigger continuous formation of ERP citation request and deals arrange request from cloud for client opportunity
  • Unidirectional organization of item/material master data from ERP
  • In SAP HCI Training, continuous refresh of valuing in circumstance in view of ERP evaluating conditions
  • Trigger continuous formation of ERP deals arrange request from cloud for client quote
  • The PDF perspective of made statement and request in ERP
  • Irregular update to review relevant sales documents for an account

Eclipse UI in SAP HCI Training:

  • Eclipse user interface for HANA cloud integration eclipse is a tool. It is the open-source tool. SAP HCI Training used many people, companies, and development for different types of development. SAP Hana Cloud Integration online training is installed all the add-ons and it needs free clips.
  • It has an integration designer perspective and an integration operations perspective. Actually, it is imported the integration content that is provided by the cloud for the customer. It also imports the content from success factors as well.
  • It is coming from the cloud to CRM on-premise appointment activity. The Eclipse UI uses the HTTP adapter because the cloud is going to send a soap message. The specifically into the adapter specific information be able to find out exactly. This is an address at the specific in point. VJS offer SAP HCI Job Support at reasonable price.

Cloud Integration Strategy of SAP HCI Training:

SAP has adopted to enable this integration basically comprises off for three different pillars of SAP HANA Cloud integration is before the front of this strategy. And this is where we are actually building a cloud base of integration technology for both processes. It is depending on the specific scenario may exist on one or more of the following integration technologies right it may be available on SAP HANA cloud integration.

The technology of SAP Hana Cloud Integration online training:

                                       SAP HCI Cloud Integration Training

  • Cloud-based multi-inhabitant technology for continuous process integration and data integration
  • Configuration time with graphical streams and mappings
  • Unified observing and organization
  • Community commercial center

Prepackaged Integration of SAP HCI Training:

  • Prepackaged integration flows with prebuilt rationale for coordination situations, routings, and mapping for SAP Cloud
    • SAP on-premise
    • SAP cloud
    • 3rd party clouds
  • iFlows created on SAP HANA cloud integration, NW PI, or point to point

Open APIs and deployment choice:

  • Rich arrangement of open benchmarks based APIs to construct custom integrations
  • To give decisions to clients, in addition to offering our own integration technologies, SAP additionally certifies connectors created by third-party integration platforms like mule soft, cast iron, and Boomi.

Advantages of using SAP HCI Training:

  • The improved application helps better serve the business with upgraded profitability and quicker access to information.
  • Ensures complex security necessities of electronic correspondence are met.
  • Existing SAP PO content is additionally supported and can be transported in into HCI.
  • Any integration solution security is a most important area, especially when on-premise frameworks and information are presenting to the Cloud and in this way more extensive Internet.
  • SAP HCI Training gives both Transport Level and Message Level security. The connectors and transport conventions decide the Transport level security.
  • Integration flow permits to associate a wide range of uses that convey using different protocols.
  • Using the prepackaged integration content 
  • Reduce the Integration endeavors and risk of consistency.

Limitations of SAP HCI Training:

  • Right now HCI just has the accompanying arrangement of connectors; SuccessFactors, SOAP, HTTP, SFTP, OData, IDoc, Ariba, Mail, Facebook, Twitter and so forth.
  • On the off chance that you need to interface with an on-premise solution utilizing an alternate connector which is not secured by SAP, at that point you have to utilize SAP PI in between or you can create custom connector by following adapters expressed basic advances and you can make it openly accessible.

                                  Limitation HCI Training

SAP Hana Cloud Integration online training is normal that extra connectors will wind up plainly accessible in future discharges. The following is one case of making new CMIS connector by using CMIS services which are freely accessible to associate with a Content Management System.

The following are extremely simple advances,

  • Introduce programming SAP HCI Adapter Development Kit in Eclipse Web UI.
  • Import CMIS JAR document under component and dependent library record under LIBS
  • Make another Adapter venture in Eclipse
  • Create Component Metadata 
  • Construct Adapter venture and Send Adapter venture

After the above advances, the new Adapter will be accessible in SAP HANA Cloud Integration online training improvement condition and it is prepared to manufacture an interface to pull and push information from and to CMIS document repository system.

SAP CPI Training:

The SAP CPI Training means Cloud Platform Integration.The SAP service is apart from integration provides a satiric integration platform as a service Integration of SAP cloud applications with any around the system from SAP on an SAP on-premise The cloud the SAP top hat from integration provides a rich of capabilities in different areas such as security performance reliability and prepackaged integration content.

  • let’s take a look the example of security.
  • Security is key for many customers to bring the data and processes safely to and from the cloud, therefore, the SAP cloud platform integration provides several security capabilities.
  • for example on payload level
  • To encrypt and decrypt, sign and verify signed messages with difference than that such as PGP observer security XML data signature and picot c7
  • Furthermore, every customer gets their own tenants provision where they only have access to a database and also in customer data are separated from each other via different schemas.
  • Each and every customer on the top of the customer can ever encrypt the data with their own key before they persistence data on the SAP cloud platform integration.
  • There is one more additional feature in the sap c.p.i that is a rich prepackaged integration content

This content can be viewed, discovered & tested via SAP API business application on the API business application everything which is relevant for the integration namely API’s from our different cloud applications plus the rich prepackaged integration content for both SAP as well as partners.A partner can also publish their content and adopt us on this SAP API business app.

  • The customer can find their entire prepackaged integration content customer can make use of the rich connectivity options security settings and everything in a pure web-based tooling environment.
  • The SAP platform as a summary is sap’s satiric integration platform as a service to provide the integration of sap cloud solutions with any other applications
  • SAP cloud platform connectivity is a part of integration service of the sap cloud platform and it helps you as the developer to access securely remote service that runs on the internet or event on-premise.
  • Thus, you can easily consume existing API’s data even a user’s in your new business application running in the cloud. SAP recommends to use destinations and the cloud connector for better integration.
  • let’s see the reason why? They is one important reason why we recommend to use destinations is the separation of concerns. You can configure destinations outside of your application code.
  • So you have a clear separation between the application and the configuration.When the configuration changes but also when you define different roles based on if you are configuring or just consuming the destination.You usually need credentials key something to make sure that you have only the right user have access to the right data.
  • Destinations offer’s a secure store for saving such credentials and certificates in addition to that you can also reuse destinations for the different application. 
  • You have access to your destination from various tools on premise’s or in the cloud that you can easily manage them.
Conclusion of SAP HCI:

Global Online Trainings provide best online training for SAP HCI course. We provide corporate training and server access for SAP HCI Training by industry expert trainers with flexible timings. Global Online Trainings welcomes you to the future of your business, enroll for SAP HCI Training now by contacting our helpdesk!



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