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SAP HR ABAP Training



SAP HR ABAP Training – SAP HR is one of the newest drives in SAP domain for controling human resource, activities. The Global Online Trainings present best quality online SAP HR ABAP Training where participants will be able to learn and appreciate elementary SAP HR concepts and language related to Payroll and also Personnel Time Management, the Organizational Management, ESS, reporting, MSS, authorizations, info types, transactions, and different types of tables.



In today’s aggressive atmosphere SAP HR ABAP professionals are extensively in demand as professionals like streamlining and managing HR activity is a countable factor in managing small, large, and medium business organizations. Global Online Trainings incorporates the latest industry trend in their tutorials, the concern takes best care for industry grooming.  SAP HR ABAP Programming online course cost is reasonable, and here tutors are industry experts.

Intro Preview of SAP HR ABAP Programming online course:

SAP HR ABAP is used to retrieve the data from infotypes. In HR ABAP most of the programs use Logical database to choose data from infotypes by means of Get event.

Prerequisites of SAP HR ABAP Training:

  • Knowledge of SAP.
  • Good to have knowledge of ABAP.




Overview of SAP HR ABAP Training:

  • When you first hear about HR what comes in your mind is a human and you are absolutely right because SAP HR module saves anything that organisation would want to save about its employee. Maybe it’s name , DOB, joining date,salary , designation, business area or anything about its organisational structure, reporting structure and not just these may be more than that. So what is the way? The way SAP has invented is called infotypes.Global online trainings provide SAP HR ABAP training with live projects.Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!
  • Basically infotype is nothing but at the end it is a table which saves a specific type of information, since it is HR’s information so it would ofcourse be about that employees information. Now if you say specific type then you mean that when you have an info type 1 let’s say for organisational structure. So info type 1 will save anything and everything about the employees organisational structure. Then you would have personal data so you would have info type for personal data then you would have salary so you would have an info type for saving salaries. We provide SAP HR ABAP certification training by real time experts.
  • So infotype is nothing but at the end of the day a table that saves a specific type of information but if it is just a table then why do we call it as infotype because it’s not just a table. This table is going to save the data in terms of time dependency means that the data may be valid for some specific time which is again a different concept from rest of the modules and whenever you say info type you will have a table, a structure and a module pool program.We provide SAP HR ABAP training with real time scenarios.
  • What actually is HR ABAP? HR ABAP is how you programmatically use the data which is available in HR systems and use the data for reporting, for enhancing the system, for presentations how exactly we use the concepts of  HR ABAP and get the HR data from the system that is what HR ABAP is about.Global online trainings is rich in providing SAP HR ABAP online Training at flexible timings.
Features of SAP HR ABAP Training:
  • Let us see what is the difference between ABAP and ABAP HR. As you know in general ABAP we use the concepts of tables and in HR ABAP we use the concept of infotypes, Macros,Logical databases, there is a concept of authorizations. All SAP HR ABAP Trainingthis concepts seperates HR ABAP with general ABAP.We provide SAP HR ABAP training with real time use cases.
  • Personal administration deal with employee data which means employees professional information ,personal information, information related to banks, bank accounts company or personal bank account, medical , insurance, all personal  information of an employee and which will be used for an organisation for maintaining the employee data. This is all part of personal administration module.SAP ABAP Training is the programming language for numerous SAP products. It is developed by SAP for its own use and is not used outside SAP.
  • Personal administration and organisational management module shape the support for whole SAP HR system. All other sub modules in SAP HR are dependent/ included with both PA and OM.
  • In PA we maintain all personnal related data in what is called as  Infotypes. Organisationmodule is used to capture and maintain the organisation structure. And it uses various SAP system objects like Organization unit(o), Position(S) and Job(C).We are best in providing SAP HR ABAP training by professionals.
  • We need to have both PA and OM in position before we can put into practice any other SAP HR sub module.SAP is integrated ERP system where all cross functional module are incorporated with each other as well as all sub modules inside a function are also incorporated each other.
  • The InfoSet Query is a useful tool for maintaining queries within the SAP Query and is suitable for developing queries and for ad-hoc reporting.Our consultants are highly skilled in providing SAP HR ABAP corporate training.
  • InfoSet Query is appropriate for exposure in all areas of the SAP R/3 system. A special quality is the Human Resource(HR) component. When Infoset Query is used in HR for ad-hoc reporting, the name Ad-hoc query is used as an alternative of Infoset Query. Global online trainings provide SAP HR ABAP training with certifications. Join today in Global online trainings for best SAP HR ABAP Training.
Conclusion of SAP HR ABAP Training:

In Short, SAP HR ABAP is used for retrieval of employees data which uses concept of infotypes to select data.SAP HR Management allows you to use the benefits tool for custom benefits provided by an organisation to its employees. Global online trainings is rich in providing SAP HR ABAP training by industry experts at an affordable cost.For more information please do contact our help desk.


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