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SAP HR SecurityTraining Introduction

SAP HR Security training


SAP HR Security or SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management) is one of the key modules in SAP & is also known as SAP Human Resource (HR) security (or) SAP HRMS (SAP Human Resource Management System).  We have provided a brief description of SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) or SAP HR Security, which is a module of SAP that deals in human resources (HR) departments of enterprises with automation of operations. SAP HR Security also will find here useful information about SAP HR links. Global Online Trainings offers the professional training course at most reasonable package rate, to know more about SAP Human Resource (HR) Security course contact help desk today.

SAP HR Security Online Training


SAP Overview

Topic 2 : Structures & Organizational Management
  •  Personnel Structure and Enterprise Structure
  • Organizational Structure (Expert Mode and Simple Maintenance)
  • Create Plan Maintain Plan Versions, Objects, Task Description or Department or Staff, Additional Object Types, Organization Management Info types.
  • Structure Maintenance, Account assignment features
  • Configure Jobs, Positions, Reporting Relationships, Cost Center Assignment
  • Organizational Structure Report
Topic 3 : Recruitment
  •  Process of Recruitment
  • Posting an Advertisement
  • Applicant Master Data Maintenance
  • Applicant Activity, Applicant Actions
  • Employee Master Data to Transfer Applicant Data
  • Recruitment Info of Report Generation types of Maintenance 
Topic 4 : Personnel Administration
  • Maintain Personnel Action
  • Maintain HR Master Data
  •  Maintenance Info types of  PA
  • Actions of Dynamic
  • Features with Default
Topic 5 : Time Management
  • Features Maintenance Default
  • Work Schedules
  • Work schedule Rules
  • Daily work schedules and Break Schedules
  • Holiday Calendar of Maintenance
  • Time Data Recording & Administration
  • Generation &Absence Quotas
  • Attendance Quotas
  • Overtime etc
  • Time Info types Maintenance


Topic 6 : Payroll
  • Pay scale Structure
  • Maintenance of Payroll Info types
  • Maintenance of Wage types and configuration
  • Payroll Process Stages and Explanation
  • Payroll in Schema Modification
  • Creation & Form Editor of Remuneration Statement
  • Explanations & Country specific payroll process legal legislation’s
Topic 7 : Personnel Development
  • Scales & Qualifications Configuration
  • Match up the Profile
  • Appraisal Performance
  • Planning the Career
  • Planning the Succession
Topic 8 : Training & Event Management
  • Preparation of Business Event
  • Catalog of Business Event
  • Activities of Training
  • Booking & Pre-booking etc.
Topic 9 : Brief Introduction of Employee Self Service & Manager Self Service
  • Business Case Study Project Based Exercise
  • SAP HR Case in End to End Implementation in Study.
  • Live Scenario Environment Documentation- Project Scope
  • Project based Guidelines of Documentation.
  • Project in a Deliverables
  • Documentation in Blueprint Phase
  • Requests of Transport
  • Integration Testing, Unit Testing
  • Interview Guidelines

Prerequisites for SAP HR Security

Organizational Management

  • Customizing Organizing Management to Data Required for SAP HR Security
  • The Company of Organization Structure for SAP HR Security
  • Reporting in the Company or Employee Hierarchy

Personnel Administration

  • Customizing Personnel Administration to Data Required
  • Areas in Personnel for SAP HR Security
  • Sub-areas in Personnel
  • Groups of Employee
  • Sub-groups of Employee
  • specific Company Code to Assignment

Time Management

  • Customizing Time Management to Data Required
  • Organization Management for SAP HR security
  • Administration Personnel
  • Time Schedules for SAP HR security
  • Leave Management for SAP HR security
  • Procedure in the Company & Time Management Process


  • Data Required for Customizing Payroll
  • Management Organization for SAP HR security
  • Administration Personnel
  • Management of Time for SAP HR security
  • the Company in Payroll procedure
  • Taxes & Statutory compliance for SAP HR security

Travel Management

  • Customizing Travel Management for Data Required
  •     Management Organization
  •     Personnel Administration for SAP HR security
  •     Management of Time for SAP HR security
  •      The Company Procedure in Travel Management

Performance Appraisal

  • Data Required for Customizing Performance Appraisal
  •  Management Organization for SAP HR security
  •  Personnel Administration for SAP HR security
  • The Company Procedure in Appraisal


  • For SAP HR security the Benefit section allows you to use the benefit provided by an organization to its employee’s tools for custom benefits.
  • Benefits play with for SAP HR security to keep the best possible employees in a company an important role in employee retention.
  •  For SAP HR security is integrated Benefits Management with the international Payroll component.
  • However, for  integration every country version of SAP Payroll is for not supported.
  • To use Benefits for which is not integrated, a country payroll, in an external payroll service, you must provide your own interface for the transfer of data or conjunction with non-SAP payroll software.


Many sub modules integrated with each other are all these modules. The follows are as key modules:

  • Organizational Management: Personnel development includes in SAP HR Security. Organizational Management, event management & Personnel cost planning.
  • Time Management: Time management includes attendance, time recording, shift management, time schedule, etc
  • Personnel Administration: Personnel Administration includes personal & Info types, organizational structure, integration with time & payroll, etc.
  • Payroll: Payroll deals with payroll group configuration, payroll types, gross pay, primary & secondary wages, bonus, etc.
  • Recruitment: Recruitment includes hiring a maintaining HR master data, employee, etc.
  • Training and Event Management: Training & Event Management deals with identifying training needs, training cost management, scheduling training, etc.
  • Travel Management: Travel Management includes , management for travel, cost travel expenses, managing official trips, etc.


The aim of the SAP Human Resource (HR) security component is to business requirements in an effective structure for SAP HR security according to enable companies to process employee related data.  The SAP HR security module uses of data grouped together a system called info types.  Info types are identifiable through a four character numerical, info types string mirror a quantity of connected data records [e.g. info type Addresses (0006)] & a complete listing is included. You can enable for SAP HR security a retroactive evaluation of save the Employee data info types as time dependent. The info types appear which you can maintain info type, through records as an entry screen for the user. SAP HR security Info types can be in fast entry mode or processed individually.