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SAP HR Online Training:

SAP HR Training

SAP HR Training Introduction:

Our SAP HR training helps you to learn all the topics of the human resource management system. SAP HR is one of the famous modules in SAP. The other names of SAP HR are SAP HCM and SAP HRMS. This SAP HR module is really helpful to HR professionals to manage the complete process and information about the employees in the organization. Our trainers will be covering all topics practically in our SAP HR training. They have more than 15+ years of experience in SAP field. With the help of our SAP HR online training, your all HR activities can be done in an easy and effective manner. What are you waiting for? Come and join in our SAP HR training program.

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, virtual web training

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be optimized as per required).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for the best SAP HR online training.

Course Fee: please register on our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.


Who can learn this SAP HR course?

This SAP HR Online Training course is specially designed for:

  • MBA fresher.
  • HR consultants and HR managers.
  • SAP functional and technical consultants.

Prerequisites of SAP HR training:

No special prerequisites are required for this SAP HR training. Having basic knowledge of SAP will help speed up the learning process.


SAP HR/HCM Online Training Course Content:

SAP HR Training Course Content part-1 SAP HR Training Course Content part-2

SAP HR Training course conducted by Global Online Trainings is rendered by subject matter experts where latest industry updates and demands are incorporated. Course fees are reasonable and online classes are available for individuals; corporates batches can be arranged on demand. 


Overview of SAP HR training:

What are the SAP HR submodules?

SAP HR Training info-graphic

The SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) consists of different sub-modules and each of these submodules are actually responsible for the different activities in the day to day process of HR. Now let’s have a look at what SAP HCM sub-modules are. The sub-modules of SAP HRMS are personal and benefits administration, organizational management, time management, Human capital management reporting, manager and employee self-service, and payroll administration. These are basic sub-modules of the SAP Human Capital Management. All HCM activities are done based on the above-mentioned submodules. We will be covering more about these submodules in our SAP HR training.


Learn about Organizational Management sub-module in our SAP HR online training:

Now let’s have a look at what exactly the organizational sub-module is. Basically, organization management deals with the organizational structure. Different objects such as jobs, tasks, and unit are assigned to employees with the help of the organizational management submodule. It also defines the employee’s relationship with an organization. There are some reporting features which are also defined by organizational management. These are just basic details of organizational management submodule. We will be covering more about this topic in our SAP HR online training.


Learn about Personnel administration submodule in our SAP HR training:

The next important module of the human capital management is a personnel administration submodule. This type of SAP HR sub-module actually deals with the hiring process, promotion and demotion processes, and also with the termination process. All these activities can be done easily with the help of the personnel administration submodule. We can also have important data such as employee name, social security number, date of birth, and address of the employee details. All of this information can be maintained in the personnel administration submodule. Apart from personal information, organization information is also maintained with the help of this personnel administration submodule. You are going to learn all these things practically in our SAP human resource training.


Learn about the importance of Benefits Administration submodule in our SAP Human Resource training:

Now, let’s have a look at what exactly benefits administration sub-module is. It is one of the important submodules of SAP HR. It deals with benefit plans. Let’s see some of the benefit plans. Health plan, savings plan, insurance plan, and miscellaneous plans are under the benefits administration sub-module of SAP HR module. In the organization, employ gets enroll in several plans via benefit administration and also get terminated through the benefits administration. In our SAP HRMS training, we will help you to understand this topic in an easy and effective manner.


Learn about Time Management sub-module in our SAP HRMS training:

Time management is also one of the important submodules of the SAP HR module. Time Management sub-module of SAP HCM actually deals with the paid absences, unpaid absences, work schedule, double time calculation, overtime calculations, etc. Time management is very crucial for any business or organization. This time management sub-module helps us to manage the time properly. That’s why it is one of the important modules of SAP Human Capital Management. Want to learn more about SAP HR Time management submodule? Call today for the demo session of SAP HR online training.


Learn about the Compensation Management sub-module in our SAP HCM training:

  • This human resource module comprises of the process such as budgeting and allocating the budget to the various departments.
  • SAP HR also includes creating plans and reviews for compensation. So the compensation of the employee has to be reviewed from time to time and adjusted or increased as per the market standards from time to time.
  • These reviews can be done only in one particular month for all the employees based on the experience as well as the skills of the employees.
  • So it can be a onetime review means in one single month the pay and compensation review will be done for all the employees by SAP HR Training or it can be anytime review means the review will be done based on the month end at which the employee has joined the company.


Learn about payroll administration submodule in our SAP HRMS training:

Let’s see some of the importance of payroll administration sub-module of SAP HR. All different sub-modules are actually integrated with this payroll administration module. When an employ get hired, the company has to pay to that employee right? Yes, as simple as that payroll administration sub-module is a basic key to pay to the employee. We have different calculations like gross pay calculations, net pay calculations, tax calculations, etc can be done using the payroll administration module. Remuneration statements, bank transfers, the printing of employee pay cheque are also part of these payroll administration submodules. There are so many different activities that we can perform in the SAP HR payroll administration. We will be covering all these things in our SAP HR online training.


What are the data field and infotype?

The data especially individual info like date of birth, first name, and last name of the employee, etc is known as data fields in SAP HR. The combination of such data fields are known as information units according to their respective content and these information units are actually known as infotypes. These topics will be covered in our SAP HR training.


Learn about SAP HCM architecture in our SAP HR/HCM training:

SAP HR overview


  • The architecture of SAP Human Capital Management is mainly divided into three structures. They are Personnel structure, organizational structure, and enterprise structure.
  • This SAP HR module enables us to set up organizational hierarchies and employee relationships. It also used to store and also used to administer the employee information in the system.
  • Each and every employee is included in this structure, Data entry is restricted by authorizations and the validity of all employee data is checked.
  • The Enterprise structure is mainly divided into organizational structures that are based on an organization plan, Administrative structure that is based on the enterprise and personnel structures in SAP HR Training.
  • The organization plan gives you the complete model of the structural and personal environment of the enterprise. Hierarchies and report structures are clearly laid out.
  • It is also one of the foundations of organization management. The enterprise and personnel structures subdivide the organizations and employees according to factors relevant to time management and payroll.
  • These structures are stored in a customized manner. The enterprise structure for personnel administration is determined by the elements which are the client, company code, and personal area and personnel sub-area. We also provide HR Functional Online Training with the best trainers.
  • For admin purposes, the employees in an enterprise are divided into two levels which are the employee group on the highest level and the second level is employee sub-group at which all control features of the personnel structure are defined.
  • The payroll area is used to represent the unit of an organizational payroll system so all employees who have payroll run for them at the same period are assigned to the same payroll area in SAP HR Training.
  • The organization structure helps to create an organizational plan using its required units and the plan is comprehensive as well as a dynamic model of the structure with personnel environment in the enterprise.
  • This is mainly used to depict hierarchies within the plan and also the chain of command represented by individual positions with reporting structure.
Conclusion of SAP HR training:

SAP HCM or SAP HR is one of the important modules in the SAP system. It actually plays a vital role in building an organized management in enterprises. There are so many job roles available in SAP HR. The job roles are SAP HCM functional consultant, SAP HR officer, SAP HR executive, etc. SAP HCM consultants are one among the highest paid professionals in the global market. There is a continuous demand for SAP HCM consultants. The average pay scale of SAP HR consultant is Rs.5 L.P.A to 6L.P.A. Global Online trainings provides the best SAP HR training with the expert trainers. Our trainers are very experienced real-time professionals. We have a good academic background in SAP HR training courses. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. If you have any doubts regarding this SAP HR certification training, please feel free to contact the help desk.


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