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SAP HR Online Training:

SAP HR Training

SAP HR Training Introduction:

Global Online Trainings is offering you the best training on SAP HR Training /SAP HCM Training (Human Capital Management) .  This training module encompasses sub-modules like Personnel Administration (PA), Time, Organizational Management (OM), and Payroll management. Global Online Trainings offers SAP HR TRAINING OR SAP HCM online training course for professionals willing to explore their career in SAP domain. The entire course is designed on flexi-hours and on virtual platform where participants can join their classes at their spare time. The SAP HR software offers businesses and industries automation, standardization, streamlining and increased control over cost and legal compliance. 

Prerequisites for SAP HR Training:

This Online Training course is specially designed for:

  • MBA freshers. 
  • HR consultants and HR managers. 
  • SAP functional and technical consultants.

SAP HR/HCM Online Training Course Content:

SAP HR Training Course Content part-1 SAP HR Training Course Content part-2

SAP HR Training course conducted by Global Online Trainings is rendered by subject matter experts where latest industry updates and demands are incorporated. Course fees are reasonable and online classes are available for individuals; corporates batches can be arranged on demand. 

Overview of SAP HR Training:

Every Employee in the company has an organizational assignment it means the employee is unique in the enterprise’s 

Sap Hr Training


structure and in the personnel structure. The personnel admin has the areas of HR data, the necessary structures as well as the associated reporting functions. SAP HR Training does forms the basis for other areas of personnel management while also acting as an independent essential personnel management process. We also offer SAP ABAP Training with reasonable cost and feasible timing.

  • In times of increasing globalization and decentralization of IT market the centralized administration system will be key advantage by managing all personnel administration tasks with personnel admin component.
  • There is also one component that is responsible for maintaining the organization structure as a basis for reporting as well as planning purposes.
  • The recruitment process has the capability to manage vacancies, job advertisements, selection and engaging with prospective employees and other agents.
  • The time management process is the process that is used for maintaining and evaluating the time data with managing the time account and creating a input for payroll.
  • The payroll system is used for calculation of gross with net salaries, giving salary report to authorized persons by posting to financial part.
  • The human resource information system is a reporting tool which is integrated with SAP HR system and allows creating reports from inside structural graphics and all the different reports of different SAP HR Training components can be run from one screen without switching number of different applications.
  • There is also a component that deals with pension plans and insurance as well as other important benefits in SAP HR Training compliance to the specific rules of each country
  • The personnel cost planning factor allows for planning of costs, base of basic pay master data results with payroll results and simulation.

Architecture of SAP HR Training:

The SAP human capital management system basically comprises of three kinds of structure which are Enterprise structure, personnel structure and the organizational structure. The SAP human resources software by SAP HR Training enables you to set up the organizational hierarchies and employee relationships after that store as well as administer the employee data in the system. Best SAP HR Module online training from India.       

  • Each and every employee is included in this structure, Data entry is restricted by authorizations and the validity of all employee data is checked.
  • The structures of an enterprise are divided into organization structures that are based on an organization plan, Administrative structure that are based on the enterprise and personnel structures in SAP HR Training.
  • The organization plan provides you with the complete model of the structural and personal environment of the enterprise. Hierarchies and report structures are clearly laid out.
  • The organizational plan is the foundation of organization management. The enterprise and personnel structures subdivide the organizations and employees according to factors relevant to time management and payroll.
  • These structures are stored in a customized manner. The enterprise structure for personnel administration is determined by the elements which are the client, company code, and personnel area and personnel sub-area. We also provide HR Functional Online Training with best trainers.
  • For admin purposes the employees in an enterprise are divided into two levels which are the employee group on highest level and the second level is employee sub-group at which all control features of the personnel structure are defined.
  • The payroll area is used to represent the unit of an organizational payroll system so all employees who have payroll run for them at the same period are assigned to the same payroll area in SAP HR Training.
  • The organization structure helps to create organizational plan using its required units and the plan is a comprehensive as well as dynamic model of the structural with personnel environment in the enterprise.
  • This is manly used to depict hierarchies within the plan and also the chain of command represented by individual positions with reporting structure.

Modules of SAP HR Training:

SAP Human capital management system can also be defined as SAP human resource management system and it is basically developed for managing all the required functions related to the employee such as hiring process, final execution process etc. The SAP HCM or SAP HR Training comprises of various modules which are very part of it to make it more useful for any size and kind of the industry such as personnel management, organizational management, time management and payroll etc. SAP FICO Training provided by global online trainings.

Organization Management:

  • It deals with each and every details of the organization such as all the departments, jobs, positions, tasks etc.
  • In this module we are basically creating an organizational chart means we depict the company structure in the form of a chart.
  • It is used to set up the reporting structure between various departments, divisions and positions.

Personnel Administration:

  • It basically deals with all the required details of HR master data. It also records the data about reliving or retirement formalities. Best senior consultant for HCM Module Training from Hyderabad, India.
  • In this module we can perform various administrative related activities in human resources like hiring an employee and maintaining his data then update the data if any changes in pay or position.

Time Management:

  • SAP HR Training deals with the time data recording from evolution which is the important function. To perform the time data recording there are different methods are available such as swipe card, biometric or registers.
  • The time administrators are the people who are going to maintain the time data of the employees such as what is the sign-in time, what is the sign-out time to know that if the employee sign-in late or did the employee booked the overtime or did the employee worked on public holiday or day-off, so all these things are going to be take care by the admin peoples.

Benefits Administration:

  • This module is helpful for maintaining benefits plans as well as about benefit providers. There might be various benefit plans that are offered to the employees by the company. We offer SAP MM training provided by top trainers.
  • Enrolling the employees into all these varieties of benefits of their choice then what exactly the employee contribution, employer contribution in SAP HR Training and cost of the plan all these information is going to be recorded in the benefits administration module.


  • It deals with every aspects of the recruitment process. This process starts with getting the authorization of manpower by different department heads to the recruitment team by SAP HR Training.
  • So once the recruitment team receives the job requirement or description then the team will going to do advertizing part. Best SAP Security training with real time projects.
  • The Advertizing process can be done by different methods such as by using internet or various job boards or using newspapers or through different employment agencies in SAP HR.
  • Once the HR team will receive the profiles of the candidates then the processes will start such as screening, short listing etc. Once the process will be done then the offer will be rolled out to the candidates.

Personnel Development:

  • It takes care of the appraisal system of the company. As a part of personnel development process we have two major activities which are career planning and succession planning.
  • In career planning, the career of the employees will go to be planned for the next possible higher position. So this way the career of the employee has to be planned by the human resource department.
  • In succession planning of SAP HR, whenever there is a vacant position in the organization then that position must be filled with the candidate or employee who is most fits for that position.
  • So career planning can be defined as employee oriented and the succession planning can be defined as position oriented processes.

Compensation Management:

  • This human resource module comprises of process such as budgeting and allocating the budget to the various departments.
  • SAP HR also includes creating plans and reviews for the compensation. So the compensation of the employee has to be reviewed from time to time and adjusted or increased as per the market standards from time to time.
  • These reviews can be done only in one particular month for all the employees based on the experience as well as the skills of the employees.
  • So it can be a onetime review means in one single month the pay and compensation review will be done for all the employees by SAP HR Training or it can be anytime review means the review will be done based on the month end at which the employee is joined the company.

Training and Event Management:

  • It takes care of the training as well as event management activities of the company. We also have best consultant for SAP ERP Training with HCM.


  • SAP is global software but at the same time it focuses on country specific requirements. As a part of the payroll process initially in SAP HR Training, the time management should send the information of attendances, absences, compensation etc to the payroll team.
  • In this process, the payroll team has the responsibility to ensure every detail is correct such as basic payment, bonus, benefits etc.

SAP HR Training with Payroll Process:

A Payroll process can be defined as a process of calculation for the basic salary of the employees with other payments such as for over timing, shift stipend, and other related benefits or bonuses. The main factor of SAP HR  is the payroll area in which the payroll process will be performed. If you want to execute payroll run for various payroll areas at a time then there is need to execute each payroll for each payroll area.

 The Personnel number function can be used to assign a particular payroll to a particular employee means only specific person will be allowed to access only his specific payroll. The other important function is Payroll control record which can be used for controlling the payroll process. When the payroll process will be performed then the status of payroll control record will be changed automatically with each step.

Payroll Integration with SAP HR Training:

Payroll is normally integrated to these systems- FI/CO, Benefits, Time Management and Expenses.

Integration with FICO and Infotype:

Following are the key activities in SAP FI/CO that can be integrated with payroll.

  • Creation of General Ledger G/L accounts
  • Defining automatic account assignments
  • Defining primary cost elements.
  • Infotype 0001 master code assignment and organizational assignment.
  • Infotype 0027 Cost centers and cost Distribution.
  • Infotype 2002 for cost distribution and activity allocation and for time management

Integration with Time Management:

Organization Management: Organization Administration Organizational Reporting

  • Attendance
  • Conditions
  • Time Managers
  • Administration
  • Working Time
  • Workplace

Integration with benefits and payroll:

  • Administration
  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll
  • Reporting
  • Benefit plans
  • Insurance plans
  • Health plans
  • Miscellaneous plans

SAP HR Training with SAP Successfactors:

SAP Successfactors is a cloud-based solution for HR aspects of the organization. Global Online Trainings also provide SAP Successfactors Training by top consultants. The main difference between SAP HCM or HR and Successfactors is that SAP HCM is an on-premise solution by giving the HR solutions to the company. Since HCM is an on-premise, things are moving into the cloud because of the advantages of the cloud environment whereas Successfactors is completely non-technical because it developed with the function-based concept.

SAP Successfactors is a business solution used to meet the requirements of small to enterprises level of organizations. SAP HR  is a leading market based management solution known as most popular talent management solution and the main advantage of Successfactors is that it is possible to implement Successfactors both as standalone and hybrid solutions.

SAP HR Training with SAP HR ABAP:

The SAP HR ABAP explains that how you programmatically get the data which is available in the HR system and use those data for reporting, enhancing the system, presentation and so on. In general ABAP, The concept of table is used whereas in HR ABAP used the concept of Infotype which saves a specific type of information. Infotype is not just a table because this table is going to save the data in terms of time dependency.  Best Online Training for SAP HR ABAP to get addition information about SAP HR.

The HR ABAP used the other concept also such as the concept of macros, logical databases and authorization so all these concept separates HR ABAP with general ABAP with SAP HR Training.  The personnel admin module deals with the details of the employee which will be used for an organization for maintaining the employee data. The Infotype in HR is units of information which are stored for master data in HR systems.

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