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SAP ICM training

SAP ICM Training Introduction:


SAP ICM Training is a cross-industry solution that enables you to map all types of variable remuneration for employees & partners. SAP ICM provides up-to-date & clear information on earned and expected commission & incentives. ICM is a control instrument to realize strategic enterprise goals for monetary & non-monetary incentives The flexible nature of the ICM allows you to react swiftly to changing the circumstances. When the enterprise strategy is changed, this can be reflected immediately in ICM. SAP ICM Training is rendered by best subject matter experts &  the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates.Call the help desk for more details for Incentives and Commission Management online course and its details.



SAP ICM Training Prerequisites :


A good bachelor’s degree in any field would be an advantage. Awareness to database technologies & basic software knowledge is advantageous but not a must.

Incentives and commission Management Online Course Content

Topic 01: ICM Incentive and Commission Management
topic 02: Actual Commission - SAP ICM Training
Topic 03: Ending Commission Contracts Automatically
Topic 04: ICM-IM Implementation/Customizing
Topic 05: Define Permitted Categories of Business Objects
topic 06: Replacement for SAP Standard Condition Technique
topic 07: ICM-TA Transaction Data
Topic 08: Settlement Scheduling
topic 09: Define Threshold Value for Settlement
Topic 10: ICM-TO Tools - sap icm training
Topic 11: Enhancement of User Exits 9802 and 9803 - FI-AP


SAP Incentive and Commission Management online course simplifies & improves your commissions structure by centralizing the commissions management. The application that handles all the aspects of commissions management across the multiple products, lines of business & divisions. You have the functionality and need to support multiple channels, including call centers, the Web, agency management interfaces & more. You can also coordinate with the cross-channel activities to promote synergy & minimize conflicts. All without requiring the development of multiple systems.

SAP ICM Training offers comprehensive functionality for planning sales activities, promoting new business & adapting your business in response to changing market conditions. It allows you to create commission structures to map local or regional changes or to introduce new products. You can also configure  the special commission structures for sales groups such as brokers & independent agents.

With SAP Incentive and Commission Management, you can document contingent commissions, service existing commissions contracts & manage commissions changes. You can also handle treaty setup & ongoing accounting, the linking of policies to treaties, reporting, facultative contract management & complex reinsurance environments. SAP ICM Training Roles and activity-based security provides excellent controls for managing user access with a full audit trail of activities that performed. While improved data quality & reporting capabilities lower the cost of maintenance & reduce your total cost of ownership.


Benefits of sap ICM Training:

  • Many years of experience in implementing incentive & remuneration models with SAP (FS-)ICM
  • Implementation of your models
  • Analysis of sales-independent remunerations and processes
  • Comprehensive expertise regarding upstream and downstream processes
  • Conceptual design of incentive & remuneration models of SAP ICM Training
  • Taking on and performing complete implementations, ranging from the design of a suitable remuneration model to implementation & operation


Features of SAP ICM Training:

The Incentive and Commission Management provides the following features:



Definition, design & construction of commission plans including rules, agreement types, templates & services. You can define remuneration elements for performance-related entitlements, guarantees, flat rates, liability scenarios & target agreements.


Master Data:

In SAP ICM Training, Master data comprises commission contract partners, commission contracts, contract bundles & the organizational structure.


Transaction Data:

You can calculate the commission on basis of a specific business transaction or you can post it directly. There are several functions to support the processing of pending commission & mass activities. Closing & settlement activities result in commission being disbursed to the entitled recipients.



You can define the handling of correspondence between contract partners in the communication agreement, which is part of the commission contract. The communication agreement controls the communication process, where information on the individual tasks is exchanged.



Application data & mass data from the database that is no longer used is stored in archive files. Archived data remains accessible for use in analyses.


Remuneration Inquiry:

A remuneration inquiry is the customer-specific display of results from the valuation, remuneration & due date processes, which are saved in various tables in Incentive & Commission Management.


Framework for Object Assignment:

Insurance companies, for example, often change in the assignments between commission-relevant objects & commission recipients. When entitlements & liabilities are transferred, all or parts of open entitlements can be transferred to one or more commission contract partners, partially or entirely.


Workflow- SAP ICM Training:

The commission case is integrated with SAP Workflow, which means you can process pending cases & commission cases that are rejected by the interface with a minimum amount of manual effort. As soon as a pending case is created or the interface rejects a commission case, the system creates a work item in SAP Workflow & sends to the responsible commission clerk.


Enterprise Services Bundle for Commission:

You can implement your own integration scenarios or composites inexpensively & efficiently by using the services in the Enterprise Services (ES) bundle for commission. You can create, change, reverse & find commission cases and commission documents using the ES bundle for commission.


SAP ICM Training Functionalities:

 Commission Accruals Notification

You can easily determine accrued commission amounts in SAP Incentive and Commission Management online course. The Commission Accruals report lists open commission entitlements to update account reporting & support the approval process & partial release of commission payments.


Fast Track Approval

A user interface for fast-track approval of commission amounts supports the approval process & allows managers to release commission amounts for their agents. Fast Track Approval increases flexibility, allowing managers to manually adjust & entirely or partially release commission amounts for payment.


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