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SAP Information Steward Training

Introduction To SAP Information Steward Course:

The SAP Information Steward is an application for specialized departments & the IT department alike to ensure an company-wide profiling, manage meta data, &  check data quality continuously. It also enables you to discover & better understand the data the data profiling, metadata management and cataloging data assets. With the help of the SAP BusinessObject Information Steward, one can define business terms, establish validation rules, assign data ownership and can also create cleansing packages for parsing the standardization. Along with this you can assign roles, accountability and data ownership.  You can monitor  & improve data quality by surfacing data quality scores in business user applications. Register for SAP Information Steward Training now. Global Online Trainings carries out all the sessions in an interactive and informative way. Following section gives the prerequisites and course content for SAP Information Steward Online Training.

Prerequisites Of SAP Information Steward Training :

  • Participants are suggested to have Basic knowledge of data quality management & the metadata management.


SAP Information Steward Training course content

Topic 1:
  • Information Steward Vision and the Positioning
  • Overview on Information Steward 
  • Architecture, Installation, & Deployment concepts of Information Steward
  • Validation Rules (Create, bind, execute rules, view rule results) Concepts- SAP Information Steward Training
  • Concepts in DQ Scorecard (Create, bind, execute rules, view scorecard)
Topic 2:
  • Creating Information Steward Views & Working with File Formats
  • Metadata management & Metapedia concepts
  • Information Steward Administration (Task management, utilities, and user management)
  • Performance &  Scalability considerations- SAP Information Steward Training
  • Brief Overview on Cleansing Package Builder  
  • Using Cleansing Package Builder (Explore the Task Screen, wizard, design mode, advance mode & publishing)

Overview On SAP Information Steward:

Following section provides you an brief overview , in-depth knowledge will be provided as a part of  SAP Information Steward Training.

The SAP Business Objects  Information Steward provides an business analysts, data stewards, &  IT users with an single environment to discover, assess, define, monitor, & to improve the quality of their enterprise data assets through the various modules as follows: –

  • Data Insight: The use of it is to Profile data, create &  run validation rules, & can also  monitor data quality through scorecards.
  • Metadata Management : Catalog the metadata across their system landscape, analyze & understand the relationships of their enterprise data.
  • Metapedia: It Define business terms for data & organize the terms into categories.
  • Cleansing Package Builder: SAP Information Steward Training Define cleansing packages to parse & standardize data.
  • Match Review: Review results of automated matching on an regular basis & make any necessary corrections. The Match Review maintains an list of records in the My Work list tab that involves reviewers actions for match decisions. Register for SAP Information Steward Training for more details regarding course.
  • Data Quality Advisor: The Data Quality Advisor is an tool within SAP Information Steward Training , The Data Insight that allows Data Stewards to quickly assess their data quality issues & tune an solution for them.  Data Quality Advisor consists of Content Type Discovery, Data Validation Advisor, & Data Cleansing Advisor.

The SAP Information Steward 4.0 provides you an integrated environment to analyze &  improve your data quality from various perspectives such as – as follows:

  • Integrated: SAP Information Steward Training provides an integrated metadata management, business glossary, data quality assessment & data quality monitoring, cleansing package builder.
  • Perspectives: SAP Information Steward Training has various perspectives to understand & analyze trustworthiness of the data.
  • Easy & Secure: SAP Information Steward Training only provides access to an rich set of metadata & data sources.
  • One place: It provides an one place for an data steward & business analysts to collaborate & govern their data assets.

The SAP Information Steward 4.0 is categorized into four modules as follows:

  • Data Insight
  • Metadata Management
  • Meta media & Cleansing Package Builder

listed below is an brie overview about its modules, in depth knowledge will be provided upon enrolling for SAP Information Steward Training 

Data Insight: SAP Information Steward Training help in discovering & understanding data relationships, uncover data anomalies & quality issues, validate data compliance to business requirement and continuously measure & also improve data quality.

Metadata Management: It helps in understanding your complete BI environment,  by joining the SAP Information Steward Training you will learn how to  trace data lineage from a report to source & also perform change impact analysis from source to reports.

Meta Media:It enables business users to define business terms, categories & associate the terms to objects in the metadata repository. SAP Information Steward Training has an central location for all standard business vocabulary helps to promote proactive data governance.

Cleansing Package Builder: SAP Information Steward Training is mainly used by the data cleanse transform in data services to parse & standardize party as well as non party data. In cleansing package builder, the data steward users can create custom cleansing packages or can modify existing cleansing package in an business user oriented environment.

Importance of SAP Information Steward:  

While you join for  SAP Business Objects Information Steward Training  you can understand, analyze, & quantify the impact of data & data quality  on your enterprise processes, it also allows you to :

  • Facilitate collaboration among data analysts, data stewards, and IT staff
  • Improve data quality with increased transparency into origins and lineage
  • Consolidate, integrate, and audit metadata from all relevant sources, more of its uses and importance will be shared while you join for SAP Information Steward Training
  • Enhance information governance with consistent data validation rules and guidelines
  • Gain a better understanding of data quality metrics with intuitive dashboards and scorecards
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity with a single solution for data profiling and metadata management

The SAP Information Steward provides an single solution along with multiple benefits such as empower, improve and govern

Empower Business Users

It bridge gap between business & the  IT with collaborative solution for driving the information management initiatives

Govern Enterprise Information

SAP Information Steward Training enable effective data governance with the industry’s first combined data

profiling, metadata management, & with the  data quality monitoring solution. The good data governance depends on creating  the consistent rules &  guidelines about who can access, change, add, share, or integrate  the enterprise information

Improve Information Transparency

It give instant visibility into data quality levels & origins with end-to-end impact analysis & data lineage . SAP Information Steward Training analyze root cause with drill down capability from the  scorecards &  dashboards to rules, data profile, data &  business terms

SAP Information Steward Objectives:

  • Many companies they  have invested heavily in a mission critical business software initiatives. Much time & effort has gone into deploying sophisticated customer relationship management solutions,  ambitious data migration projects, adaptive supply chain software & other endeavors.
  • These are worthy but expensive initiatives to deliver anticipated benefits, such as  it’s critical to a have high quality of data. Getting clean, consistent data takes a disciplined approach.
  • This is best achieved with an integrated software solution that improves collaboration between data analysts & data stewards by providing various tools &  perspectives for understanding and analyzing the trustworthiness of enterprise information.
  • Such a solution helps eliminate the problems caused by incompatible data sources like  inconsistent rules for changing, improving or accessing data & the fact that business users & IT personnel often view data differently and don’t understand each others needs & interests.
  • An enterprise information management solution can help you proactively manage data quality problems &  reduce the risk of propagating bad data down the road. To be effective, the solution needs to be easy to use by data stewards &  business users.
  • SAP  Information Steward software can help to improve collaboration among data analysts, data stewards & IT staff. Equip them to understand, analyze & quantify the impact of data  and data quality on enterprise processes. With SAP Information Steward, you can:
  • Continuously assess the trustworthiness of information & determine whether it’s fit to use based on its quality
  • Analyze how the data quality affects enterprise processes & performance by discovering, defining & monitoring data quality levels from a business perspective
  • Identify where you can save money by minimizing the need for downstream data cleanup

Solution for SAP Information Steward:

  • The Edge edition of SAP Information Steward addresses many of the issues that can hinder the effectiveness of analytical,operational &  governance initiatives.
  • The software is designed to encourage collaboration between business & IT, minimize complexity & provide a single solution for profiling and metadata management.
  • Unlike other applications, SAP Information Steward, Edge edition  combines functionality for data profiling, metadata management &  data quality monitoring in a unified framework.
  • The solution provides tools that help your company perform data assessments, view data lineage &  improve data trace ability to support governance initiatives.
  • Serving as a lens that puts data problems in sharp focus, the software features drill-down functionality that helps you identify & expose the causes of poor data quality  making subsequent remedial efforts more focused &  more efficient.
  • SAP Information Steward, Edge edition, features a role-based user interface that meets the specific needs of your business users & IT teams.
  • Business users can easily see how their information measures up against information governance rules  & standards, while IT personnel can share data quality metrics with business colleagues &  involve them in the ownership of data problems.
  • Data quality reports can be viewed via dashboards & scorecards or through sophisticated inquiries into data origins and lineage. The software serves as a central repository for data asset analysis, metadata management, validation rules , a business glossary & data profiling.
  • SAP Information Steward Training enables all the members of your data management team to work together without having to share reports via spreadsheets or importing data from one application to another. Executives, managers &  IT experts can view &  share the  information regarding governance & data quality metrics while also tracking progress toward quality goals.
  • The rich user experience is enhanced by concise analytic tools that help your people understand the impact of poor data. With a simple, visual overview of data benchmarks  such as integrity,  conformity, completeness, uniqueness and accuracy  both the  business users &  IT personnel gain a better perspective on how data quality is impacting your organization.
  • As a single solution that supports data profiling, metadata management, data monitoring & the development of data cleansing packages, SAP Information Steward, Edge edition, gives your data stewards & data analysts the ability to view and align data in accordance with organizational goals. The software helps boost the efficiency  &  lower the cost of a data quality activities with support for the following activities:
  • Data profiling : Robust data profiling functionality enables you to measure &  assess data quality.establish appropriate data quality metrics based on your specific operational, tactical or strategic goals & to determine the impact of a data quality on your business performance. By shining a spotlight on quality problems, you can reduce the risk of propagating bad data. The software also allows you to create mapping rules for data integration, verify that data matches your business definitions & define the rules that govern data cleansing & validation. The data-profiling tools are augmented by an intuitive user interface, clear graphic representations & concise scorecards  all designed to enhance user acceptance &  utilization.
  • Metadata management : SAP Information Steward, Edge edition, enables you to consolidate, integrate & audit your metadata across many different data sources. You can trace the data lineage all the way from a report down to a source, gaining a better understanding of your complete business intelligence environment. You can also determine the impact that can change in the data source will have on a report or scorecard & with better control and tracking of data initiatives, you can increase the reuse of a key data sources & reports, which helps lower IT costs and improve decision making.
  • Root cause & impact analysis :  In combination with data profiling functionality, you can use data lineage tools to determine the origin of data quality problems. Similarly, impact analysis functionality helps you see where data quality issues are affecting downstream processes or information assets.
  • Validation rules : All the enterprise systems & programs depend on clean, correct & useful data. This solution helps you establish validation rules that can check your data for accuracy, conformity, integrity, consistency & completeness. It allows you to apply these rules continuously to ensure ongoing quality. For optimal efficiency, validation rule sets can also be reused during data migration & integration projects.
  • Glossary of business terms : Creating commonly accepted business terms like the semantics that are used to describe basic entities such as customers, products, employees & partners is a difficult task for most organizations. SAP Information Steward, Edge edition, enables you to create a business term taxonomy named as “metapedia” that integrates & consolidates metadata from many sources, linking business terms with data elements so business users can better understand data definitions. The functionality allows business &  IT experts to define and agree on standardized business terminology.
  • Cleansing package builder : Cleansing packages help your data stewards & subject matter experts create customized data cleansing solutions for any data domain. Intuitive, visually oriented tools help you generate parsing rules automatically  based on how your data stewards classify enterprise information. Data can be classified easily by dragging & dropping values, using contexts and patterns that will govern a data cleansing project. A cleansing package is then used to process the data in accordance with package guidelines provided by the Edge edition of SAP Data Services or SAP Information Steward software.

SAP Information Steward Training features a role-based user interface that enables your business users and data stewards to monitor data quality in real time and see how your data measures up to current information governance rules and standards. For example, you can view data quality reports in aggregate using dashboards and scorecards and narrow the profiling results to a specific data set or data field, to better understand business impacts of poor data. At the same time, you can proactively share data quality metrics with IT and business colleagues and involve them in resolving data problems. As a result, your business users across the enterprise can use data with confidence. At the same time:

  • Members of information governance teams can work together without having to share reports through spreadsheets or import data across applications.
  • Executives, managers, and IT experts can view and share information about governance and data quality metrics and track progress toward quality goals.
  • Data issues can be addressed proactively to prevent bad data from entering business processes or applications, and alerts go out when data quality falls below a set standard.
  • Business users gain continuous insight about data quality so they can determine whether data is fit to use for different purposes.

For more details about the course, register for SAP Information Steward 4.2 Training now