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SAP ISU DM Training

SAP ISU DM Training

SAP ISU DM Training Introduction:

SAP ISU DM Training at Global Online Trainings- SAP ISU DM means SAP IS Utility Device Management. Enhancements to the device management processes can be discussed during the SAP ISU DM Training. It also involves the creation of the project. The SAP ISU DM Online Training is provided by high professionals from various states who had good skills regarding the course.

Global Online Trainings offer best SAP ISU Device Management Online Course that includes various modules used in SAP ISU. 


We also provide SAP ISU DM Corporate Training also by experienced Trainers.With Global Online Trainings the SAP ISU DM Online Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the SAP ISU DM tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. For more details regarding the Course contact our help desk today!

Mode of Training: SAP ISU DM Online training/SAP ISU DM corporate training/SAP ISU DM Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

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SAP ISU Device Management Online Course

SAP ISU DM Online Training Course Content

SAP ISU DM Training Overview:

The complete information regarding SAP ISU DM can be explained with real time examples during the SAP ISU DM Training. This training includes the concepts about various modules. At present let us discuss about Device management in SAP ISU.

  • In the device management area, the primary focus of the development was to expand on the traditional mechanical meter capabilities and allow for the utilities to deploy the newest generation of smart meters thereby allowing for additional automation and to take advantage of the computerized AMI smart meters and the associated infrastructure.
  • A significant level of effort will be required by the utilities in the area of device management as typically the entire endpoint residential customer meters will be changed out during the AMI deployment project. This equates to 510k meters being replaced per day.
  • These developments are delivered in ECC 6.0 and pH for standard release and leverage functionality of CRM 7.0 and NetWeaver 7.1 to understand the background of the project. One must consider the overall design of the AMI solution.
  • It is represented using a diagram by two major sections. Those are the Commercial and Technical sections. The commercial portion contains the SAP ERP system and the underlying NetWeaver technology solution and provides for the ERP and ISU processes as well as the services to execute the AMI processes.
  • The technical systems provide for the metering transportation and data storage desired for the group of energy and non-energy data within the Technical Systems, the unique item in the SAP approach to AMI it includes the data unification and synchronization system together.
  • The two major entities provide our end-to-end AMI solution that maximizes their abilities of the overall components without excessive functional overlaps. We need to note that the interaction between the two systems is not intended to be completely bi-directional and synchronized across platforms.
  • Before a smart meter can be used it must be initialized to set up a bi-directional communication between the smart meters. The MDUS and SAP for utilities. The process starts when a clock enters a good receipt for the smart meter in SAP for utilities which also creates the device’s master data.
  • At this point, SAP for utilities directs a request to the MDUS system to create a demonstration for the device in its system. The MDUS sends back a confirmation message.
  • Later, when the smart meter is physically installed at the customer site, the MDUS system sends a notification back to SAP for utilities telling that this meter has been registered within a specific AMI system and that can now be used for further processes.
  • In SAP for utilities a clock technically installs the smart meter this process with which users of SAP for utilities will be familiar assigning a measurement task to a device.
  • All the above information will be explained in brief during the SAP ISU DM Training.
Conclusion for SAP ISU DM Training:

SAP ISU Device management Online Training includes many concepts. It is one of the parts of SAP ISU utilities. In present generation, SAP ISU DM is playing a vital role. So register for SAP ISU DM Training at Global Online Trainings by well experienced trainers. They also help you in clarifying the doubts after the completion of course. The SAP ISU DM Training materials that are provided during the Training also play an important role.