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SAP ISU Training

SAP ISU Training

SAP ISU Training Introduction:

SAP ISU Training by global online trainings is a training program designed for industrial requirements and the main aim is to provide a complete skill set to the applicants regarding SAP ISU. The term utility is related to a company or an organization which are engaged in providing services which are called utility services.  SAP IS Utilities Online Training by Global Online Trainings is arranged by industry aware and subject matter experts so that students besides learning can develop excellent Business insight for managing real life challenge in business administration. corporate batches are given training and insight on SAP ISU Training.

SAP ISU Training Prerequisites:

Before Joining this Training program You should be aware of:

  • SAP ISU business process knowledge.
  • Knowledge about SAP ISU middleware replication objects.
  • Middleware settings in ISU systems.

SAP IS Utilities Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP ISU Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 8 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track

SAP IS-Utilities Online Training Course Content

 SAP ISU Training Course Content part 1 SAP ISU Training Course Content part-2

Overview of SAP ISU Training:

SAP IS Utilities Online Training can be called as a SAP IS –U which is an application in the SAP suite geared specifically for Utilities Industry. SAP ISU Training also can be defined as a sales & information system that is developed to provide support for all the utility and waste disposal companies. SAP ISU Online Training

  • It also provides customer care and service with its components which are integrated with the classical components that are available in general ERP or in current version of CCS.
  • The Utility services include services for supply and distribution of electricity and water etc. The public utility company is engaged with all the four activities of generation, transmission, distribution and service.
  • SAP for utilities is an industry specific solution to fulfill the current industry requirements of utility companies.
  • SAP IS Utility is a complete ERP system designed to map the business processes by SAP ISU Training, for all the key major divisions of utilities mainly electricity, gas and water.
  • So SAP for utility solution will let you to integrate the use of alternative energy sources like solar power into the utility mix by helping the costumers become prosumers.                                                               
  • SAP ISU Training is designed to help to you for optimizing your business operations, improve the return on your assets and identify potential new products as well as deliver them to boost your growth potential.
  • SAP ISU is equipped with everything you need from smart grid analytics to energy revolution management to become the best run utility. GOT gives best online and corporate training for SAP IS Utilities Online Training by real-time expert trainers at student flexible hours.

Advantages of SAP ISU Training:

Here are some of the benefits of implementing SAP IS in a Utility company with Best SAP Ariba Training with real time projects:

  • It enables to maintain Low costs for energy procurement and optimized energy of supply chain management.
  • Lower maintenance costs, fewer accidents leading to overall improvement in the plant and grid operations.
  • Quicker response for new and changing energy policies are the next level features in SAP ISU Training.
  • SAP ISU comes with the real-time view of the customers so as to enhancing your service, marketing strategies and sales tactics and processes.
  • It also helps for reducing the processing times all through the business from the meter reading to billing and invoices. Global Online Trainings provides best real-time SAP IS Utilities Online Training by expert trainers.

Components of SAP ISU Training:

SAP ISU comes with various in-built components within it which are:SAP ISU Components Training

  • Master Data
  • Basic Functions
  • Device Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Contract Accounting
Master Data in SAP ISU Training: 

A Master data can be defined as data conceding, customer data or premise data. These remains unchanged over a long period of time and there can only be one valid version that have different validity period. The master data model in SAP ISU Training holds both the customer and property information. A master data is also subdivided in two types which are business and technical master data. SAP HANA Training provided by global online Trainings.

Business Master Data in SAP IS Utilities Online Training:

The Business data consists of the information about customer. The customer’s account is management which is driven by the contract account such as billing methods, payment methods and collection method etc. Our consultants will skilled you on SAP IS Utilities Online Training at flexible hours.

  • The contract account defines how the customer’s account is treated. For example the customer’s home and business’s accounts would have different contract accounts. Our trainers will skilled you on the SAP ISU project support at reasonable price.
  • A contract must exist for each exist for each combination of property and service where two services or multi-utility cases are supplied at the one property, then two contracts are require.
Technical Master Data in SAP IS Utilities Online Training: 

the Technical data consists of the information about properties. The installation stones of SAP ISU Training has the billing properties for one or more devices at a premise and the device location provides information on the physical device.

  • A premise is an enclosed spatial unit that is supplied with energy, such as an apartment or a factory with SAP ISU Training.
  • A connection object is a building, piece of property or other facility that is connected to the supply grid.

SAP ISU DM and Billing:

SAP DM stands for Device Management in IS utilities and it is an equipment which itself comes from plant maintenance but in order to have the device management done in the system we have the three models which are material management, plant maintenance and  SAP ISU Training. The device management component basically manages the technical data of the devices, device installation, organizing the meter readings and also the quality control or the inspection for the devices.

  • A device category is a group of devices that has same technical data and using this category we can create the device as equipment. Best Online Training for SAP ISU DM to get addition information about SAP ISU.
  • Device category is also called as material because we need to purchase the device and there are logistic functions like storage so we have to create material master first then exchange it as a device category and use the device category to create a device.
  • The SAP ISU training billing is a function which comes in between the meter reading orders and meter reading invoicing. SAP IS Utilities Online Training billing is completely different component as compare to SAP SD billing and it has its own components in SAP ISU Training.
  • The billing will enable basically to evaluate the energy quantities and values such as making a bill for electricity consumption. We also have best consultant for SAP Basis Training with RIT virtualization. 
  • Global Online Trainings also provide SAP ISU Billing Training by top consultants.which meets with international demands of billing procedure and it provides various options for billing for instance most regular billing is periodic consumption billing and again we need to maintain the different billing procedure for registered, non-registered or may be for industrial customers.
  • There are also options for making annual consumption and periodic monthly billing as well as making the billing for various divisions.


 The SAP FICA is playing a key vital role comparatively available in the current open market and also in the area of IS utilities. In IS utility there is a large number of customers to meet the requirement in a multiple ways what the current industries are looking and to meet this requirement SAP has introduced this IS utilities. As a part of SAP ISU, The FICA plays a role for handling all the financial transactions activities which are integrated with the SAP system.

  • So FICA is handling all the customer payments as well as transactions and handles as a sub-ledger system with regards all the financial postings to the customer.
  • We are providing best senior consultant for SAP ISU FICA Training with real-time projects along with SAP ISU Training.
  • It is used to perform configuration of the business processes in real time. FICA was basically introduced as a sub-ledger accounting system for insurance utilities in Telecom.
  • SAP ISU Training is a component mainly provided for high volume documents to post and it also provides functions for payable and receivable accounts in a standard way.
  • So at the level of FICA there is a sub-ledger posting done to the account and periodically summarize the posting of all these accounts then subsequently posted to the FI general ledger accounting system.
  • So that we can manage all the open items not only at the main ledger account but rather at sub-ledger accounting system. We also offer SAP IBP Training with reasonable cost and feasible timing.         


SAP ISU CRM service module is specifically having one of the channels called interaction center web client. Global online trainings will explain that where the CRM fit into the larger SAP landscape as well as the IT landscape within a client. SAP CRM system in SAP ISU can be defined as a key part of the business suit and contains a central CRM server that can be used to access the system via multiple channels. We also provide SAP ISU CRM Online Training with best trainers.

  • CRM server can also be connected to the other systems. CRM application is fully integrated with backend ERP system which is also called the ECC system and connected to the BI system which is the business intelligence or the business warehouse system.
  • It is also fully connected to the SCM system which is stands for supply chain management system and used for availability checks and demand planning.
  • The CRM middleware is the primary device for the data exchange between the CRM system and the connected ERP system by SAP ISU Training.
  • On the ERP side there is a plug-in installed that takes the data from CRM middleware and transforms that into data that ERP can understand. We offer SAP ISU Training provided by top trainers.
  • The data exchange normally include an initial transfer of customizing data, master data and transaction data to the CRM system that is followed by the component of master data and transaction data in both direction.


SAP ISU ABAP is one of the technical modules of SAP used as the industry solution for utilities and it is a programming language in SAP with SAP ISU Training. Generally ISU ABAP is used to develop different applications SAP and also for customizing as well as enhancing the existing application. Using ABAP you can implement GUI based applications and using ABAP webdynpro you can develop web-based applications. Best senior consultant for SAP ISU ABAP Training from Hyderabad, India.

  • This framework takes care of translating the ABAP programs into the web-based programs. Most of the companies that have to manufacturing have the similar requirement but every company has some part of the business which will be unique because they have some custom process.
  • So any application that requires to be customizing to meet the business requirement has to be done by the ABAP consultant. There are different types of customization for development, enhancement and modifications.
  • SAP ABAP with ISU provides the highly advanced industry solution for all the utility industry. SAP ISU Training helps to meet the requirement related to regulatory, operational and technological challenges.
  • In this rapidly evolving environment there are opportunities for companies who choose proactive growth oriented approach and this is where SAP ABAP can help with solution to optimize customer facing and resource consuming processes.


Global Online Trainings has best trainers for SAP ISU EDM Training and they will train you on your project/subject also.  SAP EDM stands for Energy Data Management and it provides a comprehensive view of the energy costs and consumption across all the facilities. One quick way to identify the inefficiencies is to benchmark that is to compare the energy intensity of his assets and processes by energy time which s normalized by the right factor of comparisonin SAP ISU Training. The SAP energy management system will enable you to view the dashboard of both actual and planned energy costs, consumption and missions.  

  • A common reason for high energy costs is loss of assets efficiency over time and a second quick way to save the energy is by proactively maintaining asset’s performance so their energy efficiency is maximized.
  • For further analysis, It allows to drill drown into the equipment level data and run the consumption profile report. The correlation report used to define the different between energy consumed and the water flow.
  • The SAP plant maintenance can be run directly from the energy management system. You can easily identify the long overdue services and can schedules a monthly maintenance for the aging assets with SAP ISU Training.
  • A third quick way to reduce energy costs is by identifying waste such as an unexpectedly high consumption in idle state. The operating parameter displays the loads on the chillers for the last time.
Conclusion of SAP ISU Training:

GOT provides the Best SAP IS-Utilities Online Training with online and corporate training from India with all required aspects and along with reasonable price. We are having the best trainers and they have years of experience in training on all modules of SAP ISU course for enterprise applications. In this training our trainers will provide valuable information and important tips. And those are pretty helpful to got job in interviews. For more information visit our website thank you.


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