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SAP Landscape Management Training

SAP Landscape Management Training Introduction:

SAP landscape Management can be very complex and create daunting issues. In traditional scenarios, the volume of data copied from Production to non-production systems such as QA and even Training systems, can take days, a week, even longer. During this time, skilled resources are consumed with a laborious and tedious process.

With Global Online Trainings the SAP Landscape Management Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the SAP Landscape Management tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online SAP training course contact reach at helpdesk of Global Online Trainings today.


SAP Landscape Management 3.0 Online Training Course Content

TOPIC 1: Infrastructure concepts
TOPIC 2: LVM concepts
TOPIC 3: The LVM landscape
TOPIC 4: Extensibility
TOPIC 5: Installation and configuration of LVM
TOPIC 6: Post Copy Automation
TOPIC 7: Using LVM
TOPIC 8: Maintaining LVM,Troubleshooting

Skills Gained

  • Explain the key infrastructure concepts within the context of SAP Landscape Management Training , including the adaptive design concept.
  • Explain SAP Landscape Management Training, its benefits and usage scenarios.
  • Understand the LVM architecture and prerequisites for an LVM 2.0 managed SAP landscape.
  • Learn how SAP Landscape Management integrates with storage and virtualization technologies.
  • Explain the installation and configuration of an LVM 3.0 landscape.
  • Explanation of SAP Landscape Management operations, system clone/copy/refresh and Post Copy Automation.
  • Gain hands-on experience configuring and using Landspace Virtualization Management 3.0.
  • Provide an overview of extensibility functionality for tailoring SAP Landscape Management Training to meet customer needs beyond out-of-box functionality.
  • Tips and Tricks for troubleshooting SAP Landscape Management Training managed landscapes.

Who Can Benefit

  • Technology consultants
  • System Architects,
  • System Administrators,
  • COE Support

Why SAP Landscape Management?

Because to stay competitive, your IT department needs to do more than just maintain your business applications. Our software automates and simplifies SAP system and landscape management – so your team can boost efficiency, lower operating costs, and focus on more value-added activities.

  • Manage your SAP Landscape Management Training in physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Get landscape-wide visibility and control across infrastructure layers
  • Automate business processes and landscape admin tasks
  • Save time, effort, and money by automating system copy, clone, and     refresh activities
  • Efficiently operate and provision SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA systems

Value Proposition:

With SAP Landscape Management Training software, you can simplify and automate the management and operations of your SAP systems running on traditional, virtual or cloud infrastructures. Some benefits you can realize include:

  • Help control IT costs and increase business agility
  • Manage your SAP landscape in physical and virtualized environments
  • Gain central management point for your SAP landscape, start/stop and mass operations
  • Automate standard, day-to-day administrative and lifecycle management tasks
  • Save time, effort and money by automating copy, clone and refresh of SAP Systems

Features and Use Cases of SAP Landscape Management Training:

The features of SAP Landscape Management Training are many and include:

  • Unified view of SAP landscape
  • Monitoring SAP resources
  • Start or Stop VM or SAP system
  • Relocate VM or SAP System with or without downtime
  • Perform mass operation like start, stop, prepare, unprepare and relocate
  • SAP System Cloning, Copy and Refresh
  • Resource Adjustment (Automatic Capacity Management)