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SAP LE Training

SAP LE Training

SAP LE Training Introduction:

SAP LE training was introduced in the SAP system landscape and it is used to group together and develop existing sub functions of logistics. Initially SAP LE is control of warehouse management  and SD kind of shipping and transportation so after LE was formally introduced shipping and transportation is now common with logistics execution and sales distribution and warehouse management though mainly belongs  to logistics execution has a lot of interaction  and interfaces with material management. SAP LE training it is a very important component of SAP ECC better known SAP.

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Prerequisites for SAP LE Training:

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office & Internet browsers.
  • To know the operational business processes.
  • Have a good knowledge on SAP applications.
  • Well known of SAP MM, SAP SD and SAP PP.

SAP Logistics Execution Online Training Course Content

SAP LE Training Business Process Overview
Decentralized Warehouse Management vs. Centralized Warehouse Management
Define Storage Bin Types, Blocking Reasons and Storage Bin Structure
Configuration, Basic Functions, and Enhancements
Sales order processing with deliveries of Outbound Delivery
Fixed Bin Putaway Strategy Configuration
Material Master Requirements
Configuration of Physical Inventory

Overview of SAP LE Training:

  • SAP ECC sits in the overall solution offering that get from SAP, secondly SAP logistics execution online training handles warehouse management, shipping and transportation functionalities and finally a safety logistics execution integrates tightly with other SAP logistics components.
  • SAP LE training cannot really function on its own but it really borrows what other supports process from other key logistics modules. SAP logistic execution we need to look at it as a member or as a component of the overall weight of solutions.
  • SAP has provided so first all under the four at the top we have SAP business suite which is a solution package for multiple industries it has components such as supplier relationship management, customer relationship management and ERP.
  • So SAP business suite is a compensation a suite of applications that can either be used with each other or even with third party systems with a very broad set of solutions and one of the those solutions or parallel components of a SAP business suite is SAP.  
  • SAP ERP now ERP basically contains reports and analyses as components such as human capital management accounting and logistics it’s based on the a safety application platform so very broad set of components in SAP ERP.
  • SAP ECC is the actual set of installable applications like material management sales and distribution financials production planning these are actual installable applications that an enterprise can use.
  •  So SAP ERP is broad but it does not refer to actual installable applications but with ECC have the actual applications that could actually install so that’s the basic difference between SAP ERP and SAP ECC so logistics execution then falls under SAP enterprise central component now with respect to the process.

The SAP Logistics Execution online training (LE) is utilized to outline logistic procedures of an organization. It covers the whole supply chain process – vendor, warehouse, production, appropriation and client. SAP LE training (Logistics Execution) contains:

  • Inbound process in which goods are gathered from the seller and set away in a distribution center.
  • Outbound process in which the products are expelled from capacity and conveyed to the end client.
  • Internal warehouse processes for instance posting changes, stock exchanges, WM stock and so on.
  • Transportation process which incorporates inbound and outbound shipments and the computation, settlement of shipment costs.
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Organization structure:

  • The positioning of ware house management within the overall systems of SAP logistics training in customizing must connect the organization unit’s specific to logistics execution to other often super ordinate organization units in order to be able to map the logistics processes.
  • The warehouse number is always linked to a storage location and a plant this means that a connection is created between warehouse management and inventory management because the storage location is the organizational unit for quantity based inventory management so the storage location is linked to the plant and warehouse number is linked to both storage location and plant. We also provide an related SAP LE videos or SAP LE tutorials.

Organizational units in SAP LE training:

Organizational units are basically enable SAP system to appreciate the structure of business on the ground business in the sap system in a specific way given these organizational units that will enable the system. VJS provides SAP LE job support by expert trainers.

In SAP logistics execution have three critical or the very important mandatory organizational that will be at work and each of them enables specific functionality within the system. The SAP LE  modules are:

  • Warehouse number
  • Shipping point
  • Transportation planning point

SAP LE with Ware house management:

  • Ware house management has interfaces with various segments they are stock administration, conveyance forms, creation arranging and control and quality administration out of these presumably the most noteworthy is the interface to stock administration.
  • Stock administration postings either trigger distribution center administration exercises or stamp their fruition in merchandise receipts and products issue forms. VJS offer SAP LE job support at reasonable price.
  • The association with conveyance preparing inside SAP LE training assumes especially noteworthy part in deals arrange handling for the most part merchandise are gotten based on outbound conveyances and if need to give a consistent supply of segments to generation that is the place the interface with creation control comes in to play at long last if likewise utilize quality administration in usage can design the interface to stockroom administration to control how products are managed in the product house on the off chance that they need to experience quality assessment.