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sap lumira training

SAP Lumira Training Introduction: 

SAP Lumira Training is great product for simple, self-services analytics. SAP Lumira 2.0 training  is a combined of Design Studio and sap Lumira training Desktop. If User actually go to with Lumira 2.0 we need to upgrade system with Design Studio to Lumira 2.0.and for Lumira need to upgrade to Lumira 1 to Lumira 2.o. Former Lumira and Design Studio Experiences can be Combined (One Product with two user interfaces). SAP Lumira Training mostly combined into two products are Lumira Discovery (Lumira Desktop) and Design studio (Lumira designer). Global online trainings provide Best Sap Lumira Designer Training with Corporate training from top most real time trainers. Lumira discovery is used to analyzing data and finding a nice dash board. 

Intro preview of SAP Lumira Training:

SAP Lumira allows you to connect to your data whether it’s on a database or contained in a spreadsheet. It helps to transform your data into visual elements like bar charts, Maps and many other formats to make understand easily.This can help provide a good overview of your business.

Prerequisites for SAP Lumira Training:

• We have good knowledge on Designer Studio and Lumira to learn SAP Lumira 2.0 training.
• SAP HANA and SAP BW (Business warehouse) knowledge is also helpful.
• We should have knowledge on web technologies like HTML5, CSS and also have knowledge on Java Script and JQuery.

Sap Lumira Designer Training COURSE CONTENT


SAP LUMIRA Training Overview:

  • In prior if we want to create dashboard we go for Design Studio and if we want to do reporting we have to go web Interface. But using  SAP Lumira 2.0 the two things are done here. i.e. the main benefit of BO Lumira 2.0.
  • SAP Lumira 2.0 training will bring a wealth of features, yet way simpler to use.
  •  It is a Self-service data visualization for everyone
  • Data limitation is not available in Design Studio.We provide Best Sap Lumira Designer Training with 100% practical.
  • Business can do their data analysis to build a dashboard with the sap Lumira discovery.
  • In this workflow starts with acquiring data and then merging and enriched. Business can start by building beautiful visualizations and then finally they can share data to collogue. We also provide Sap Lumira Designer 2.0 training by real time experts.
  • SAP Lumira discovery is used for analyzing data and finding a nice dashboard.
  • For analyzing data we can connect with data sources including SAP HANA, SAP BW.
  •  In SAP Lumira 2.0 Training, we get more improvement in Chart types. And crosstab columns are again resized.
  • Inter-operability and Deployment are also available in sap lumira  but merging sap lumira and designer studio these are applicable for both the tools.
  • In SAP Lumira we get more improvement in Chart types. And crosstab columns are again resized in SAP Lumira 2.0.Global online trainings provide SAP Lumira training with live projects.
  • With the theoretical knowledge you cannot survive in your job you should also have practical knowledge, without practical knowledge you cannot be in your job they will be terminate you. Virtual job support provides best support services for fresher and experience students. We provide online mode for SAP LUMIRA job support. We have professional trainers for SAP LUMIRA project support. For USA students also we provide support services. We are experts in complete a projects at clients deadline with a full accuracy and confidentiality.

Features Enhancements Discovery of SAP Lumira Training:

  • Experience
  • Filters and input control
  • Visualization
  •  Conditional Formatting
  • Story Layout
  • BW/HANA Online
  • Interoperability
  • Deployment

Experience: To Create any kind of story in sap lumira we need to aggregate tables actually into the picture then only it perform faster but with the help of Designer studio or BO lumira 2.0 the data will be created in faster and user-friendly.We provide SAP Lumira training with real time scenarios.Our consultants are highly skilled at Sap Lumira Designer online Training.

Filters and input control: This Filter and input controls are very user-friendly compared to lumira or designer studio

Visualization: Visualization is very looking good due to we have pre-built features are available in lumira. Due to customization in a design studio, we can change the chart as we want with the HTML and CSS.

Conditional Formatting: This is not available in Designer Studio but is available in SAP Lumira . But after the merging both the tools are applicable.Story and Layout: This is also not available in Designer Studio but is available in Lumira. But after the merging both the tools are applicable.Interoperability: Once dashboard is done by the data analyst and that created dashboard is reused by another dashboard creation for the same functionality.

BW/HANA Online: BW/HANA Online is available in Designer Studio but this was not available in Lumira. But after the merging both the tools are applicable. VJS provides best SAP Lumira job support by expert trainers.We also provide Sap Lumira Designer corporate training by experts.

New Features of SAP Lumira Training:                                                                                                                                                 

SAP Lumira Training

Geo Map Enhancement: Clustering capability of marking and Bubbles. Support data selection for data projection

Export to pdf Enhancements:Support for export of Geo maps, much-improved chart quality. Configuration options for header footer and appendix content.Select pages and crosstabs to print.

Composites:Designers can create own reusable components without low-level JavaScript programming, similar to app development. Composites are a pre-built object. We provide Best Sap Lumira Designer Training at affordable price.

Adaptive layout container:Adaptive layout container with support for different layouts for small, medium, large and extra large screen sizes. Our trainers will skilled you on the SAP Lumira Project support at flexible hours.


The SAP BODS TRAINING,BODS means business object database services. SAP BODS is software tool mainly designed by business object .the basic uses of this tool is LTE ( Extraction Transformation and Loading) this tool pulls the data from any devices like a system, database, iPod, Android and applying the modification on the data and applying programming logic to enhance the extracted data and load the data into any other system or database. The mainly LTE tool uses to modification of a data …i.e. SQL Server to Oracle DBA And it has another tool.We are best in providing SAP Lumira training by professionals.

  • Data Ware Housing.  It is designed and developed in particular format to enable data analysis report and it is developed by using data from various Data Base or to any other data sources
  • Data MigrationThe data migration is a moving of a data from one place to another place is know as migration and the data is also modified while moving to another place
  • Business intelligenceThe attribute which Marge’s the data warehouse systems and reports. It’s implemented on analysis of the organization business functionality like performance improvement. We provide Best Sap Lumira Designer Training at flexible timings.
Sap BO training:

The SAP BO training is a basically it’s a tool like a reporting tool and analytical toolWith the help of this tools we can able to generate the report .the business object is all about providing the right information in the right context to the right person at the right time .it gives in turn to your organization insight they need to achieve real business agility.

  • Business objects allow to transform the data in the database into information that allows to make better decisions 

Key advantages of utilizing business objects for reporting is that it enhances the decision making by ensuring that all object and divisions will be using the same report designed to common standards which include most relevant and factual data within business objects users are able to share information among district division and at the headquarters level we also have the ability to save reports

  •  The universe can represent any specific business areas, process or department. and this universe is lies between reporting tool and backend database.
  •  The universe is a semantic layer that maps the data structure found in the database i.e. tables, columns etc .., in business terms.

In business object they not going to connect to the backend database directly we have a middle layer in between which we call that as universe designer and in this layer we extract all the schema or the structure of the table that are required in order to generate the reports.

Re-worked Bookmark Concept of SAP Lumira Training:

  • Control for a designer to configures what is captured in a bookmark (ex: selection of data sources, global script variables, components)
  • Support for personal and global bookmarks.

Conditional Formatting

  • Create new rules.
  • Enable on all data sources.
  • Rules based on measure values or dimension members.
  •  Consistent UI, covering crosstab and chart.


  • Export data to Analysis Office
  • Consistent dimension/member handling throughout an application.
  • Locking entire row/column for a planning application.
  • Dynamic lay outing via API Move Components

Importance of Best Sap Lumira Designer Training:

Why is it important to change your data from rows and columns of numbers and texts? Well, most people have an easier time understanding visual charts and cues. These visual elements allow you to closely  follow your activities with greater ease. So you can spot trends identify patterns, understand changes and uncover elements that may have been missed if left in their original state.Global online trainings provide SAP Lumira training with certifications..For more information please do contact our help desk.

SAP Lumira  helps you uncover things that may need your attention and help make the right decision. As an end user you want to be able to create visualisations, dashboards, infographics and stories quickly. Without burdening your IT department or taking any special training or educational classes. Now with Lumira almost anyone can drag and drop dimensions and measures into the visualisations section and use the menu functions to get their visualisations looking the way they want. So let’s see how that works? First you have to acquire the data, now you can acquire the data from sources like Microsoft excel or CSV files, if your company is a bit bigger you might use databases like Microsoft SQL server or it can even use SAP HANA.We provide SAP Lumira training with real time use cases.

In all these cases the processes will be very similar and can be done from the home screen. After you have acquired the data you can prepare and cleanse it to ensure it’s quality as well as making sure you are only using the data that you need. Using the summary functions in the data view screen allows you to quickly spot spelling errors, redundancies and other things that may affect your overall numbers. This Lumira function is particularly useful, if your data includes variable data entries that are easily misspelled or have different ways that they can be entered. We provide SAP Lumira training with real time use cases.

SAP Lumira will automatically create measures with quantitative values in your data such as  revenue profit, number of orders etc and dimensions with quality values in your data such as products,regions and dates. You can use these measures and dimensions to help create your visualisations.Global online trainings is rich in providing Sap Lumira Designer certification training.

You can also add titles, additional text and incorporating company logos in using company colours. Give it a professional unique look and feel. Now you can get out there and start visualizing your data with SAP Lumira.

Conclusion of SAP Lumira Training:

Are you creating visualisations?With SAP Lumira it’s easy just drag and drop atleast one measure and dimensions on to the work area and you are done with your first visualisation. You can add ofcourse more measures and dimensions to that graph but it’s just that simple to create visualizations that can be understood by almost anyone. You can easily take it a step further by inserting more charts to create additional visualisations on the page and create your first dashboard.Join today in Global online trainings for best SAP Lumira Training.Please don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Hurry Up!!

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