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SAP MDG Training

SAP MDG Training Introduction:

SAP MDG Training stands for Master Data Governance. It is required for expandability and adaptation to customer specific requirements, this course will give you an overview of Master Data Governance Architecture. SAP Master Data Governance provides domain specific master data governance which helps you to centrally change, create, and distribute master data. With Global Online Trainings the Master Data Governance 9.X Online Training is coordinated by best industry experts and the SAP MDG tutorial is prepared with best industry updates.

The training is available for individual and corporate batches for offering participants best professional insight over modules. Join The Course in order acquire detailed knowledge about Data Governance. The training is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this SAP MDG Training course; contact our help desk today.

Mode of Training: SAP MDG Online training/SAP MDG corporate training/SAP MDG Virtual Web training.

Duration Of Program: Can be optimized as per required(30 Hours).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for best SAP MDG online training.

Course Fee: please register in our website, so that one of our agents will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 10+ years.

Prerequisites for SAP MDG Training:

To learn SAP MDG Training the person must have  Knowledge on

  • Basic Java
  • Basic  SQL,Oracle
  • People who are very keen to learn SAP MDG with any graduation.

SAP Master Data Goverenance Online Training Course Content

SAP MDG Online Training Course Content

Overview of SAP MDG Training:

SAP MDG Online Training offers advanced users to understand and enhance the required skills to not only perform basic configuration. 

  • Master data is very critical entity for any organization. And it is very essential for any organization to maintain the master data.
  • Previously there is no proper master data in organizations and it is not maintained centrally.
  • So it is difficult to find whether the master data is present in both the branches of an organization or not.
  • Later, the need for master data at central level has taken very seriously.
  • Every transaction that is performed by you is done on the master data.For example consider tax. Tax is the very critical thing.
  • If there is a mismatch between the branch 1 and branch 2.Then it results in tax issues. Because countries are very strict regarding taxes.
  • In present scenario, most of the organizations are global. That means they have branches across the globe.
  • For example, consider that your company has branches in both India and Australia. So that your branch in India supplies some product and your branch in Australia also supplies some product.
  • The master data must be similar and constant across both the branches. That means master data has to be same across the globe.
  • Best Master Data Governance 9.X Online Training is provided by experts at Global Online Trainings. We also give SAP MDG Certification after completion of course along with SAP MDG Material Pdf.
  • Global online trainings provides best SAP MDG training by SME trainer and also we also give job support for SAP MDG. Virtual job support provides best SAP MDG online job support by highly skilled consultants.
Categories of data in SAP MDG Training:

When considering a data in an organization, SAP defines a data into two categories. They are master data and transactional data.

  • Master data:  When you start engaging with a customer, then you want to define a customer with his name, address, contact details, postal code and other details which are called as the legal details. That means these details will not change in a short period of time. So these attributes of a customer is defined as the master data.
  • Transactional data: When you purchase or order some product at some price and later you return that product and order other product. Then these details are said to be as transactional data.
History of SAP MDG during SAP MDG Online Course:
  • In 2005, SAP acquired a product from some other company which was called as SAP MDM.
  • So Master data management was the solution from SAP to maintain your master data in a central system.
  • Central system  is having a data from different systems called third party systems and placing the data into a central system.
  • And then creating and maintaining the data in a central system then integrate these data with various other systems.
  • But the concept of central management data system came up with a solution of SAP MDM.
  • MDM is a C, C++ product. As MDM product is not a SAP’s own product it needs a separate server to be hosted and it is not tightly hosted with the ECC system.
  • Later SAP came up with a SAP MDG solution. Master data governance, which replaced the SAP MDM system.
  • The idea behind MDG is that, SAP wants a central system where the customer can maintain his master data centrally and govern it.
  • It is easy for one to learn SAP MDG Training if he learn SAP MDM Training. SAP MDG  is a next generation of MDM.
Benefits of SAP MDG Training:
  • SAP MDG Training allows you to publish quarterly and annual financial statements on time.
  • Increased efficiency of corporate groups due to more reliable and accurate data through the reduction of manual maintenance.
  • Better enterprise performance management through access to data that supports performance comparison between subsidiaries and local branches.
  • Accurate, comprehensive reporting as a result of consistent master data and hierarchies throughout the corporate group.
  • Efficient compliance with International Financial Reporting standards.
  • Generally accepted accounting principles and other regulation through a governed master data process with auditable data, data changes and audit trails.
Learn about why MDG is required in SAP MDG Training?


In SAP MDG Training, let us consider an example .A customer may have multiple business system. So it is possible to use same master data on different systems. Consider that they don’t have MDG and then they will maintain the master data on each system.
The idea behind MDG is, we will have central system where customer can create their master data and later distribute their master data on the old system. So consider that they have a central system where they can maintain their master data with high quality. They can even check the duplicate data.
Segments used in SAP MDG Training:
MDG is distributed into three segments. They are: Data modeling, process modeling and UI modeling.
Data Modeling:

Data modeling means data dictionary. Without the data model you cannot even write a single report. So data modeling acts as a base for MDG. The data model is the key for MDG.MDG inherits the data model from SAP ECC. It contains all the tables and the relationships between the tables. When the data model is activated then MDG tables will be generated.

Process and UI Modeling:

The design time tools and interfaces for data modeling, process modeling and UI modeling etc are launched from the MDG customizing transaction MDG IMG. But, MDG framework is not standalone. MDG is present on top of the ECC system and uses several technical components from the underlying ECC system. Several design time tools are launched from the MDG IMG are provided by these technical components. Once the solution is modeled MDG framework will again use those underlying technical components to generate the corresponding code base.

Key-Features of SAP MDG Training:
  • Central maintenance of Financial Master Data – Achieve consistent financial master data across the organization.
  • Data changes and Auditable data – Introduce a governed master data process for compliance with applicable regulatory standards.
  • Automatic distribution to subsidiaries – Boost efficiency and increase quality of data throughout the enterprise.
  • Data Automatic workflows – Involve stakeholders early in reviews of Financial Master Data to achieve more complete data of higher quality.
Key facts about relationships in MDG – SAP MDG Training

Following are some key facts about relationships in MDG.

  • A relationship brings together any two entity types.
  • 4 types of Relationships
  • Relationships are directional
  • Relationships affect MDG design time and runtime behavior
  • Cardinality is an important property in Relationship definition
  • Name of a relationship is relevant in some cases.
Best practices of implementing SAP MDG Training:
  • SAP MDG is an enabling technology. It’s all about process automation but you have to orchestrate your business process for data creation.
  • SAP MDG Training is arguably to market integrated & ATC (active data governance) application. Its governance capabilities for creation, and replication, and maintenance of master data upfront of Line-Of-Business applications.
  • MDG can also be configured to leverage consolidated master data from SAP Netweaver MDM.
  • SAP Master Data Governance comprise of applications to Governance Master Data for line of Business processes – SAP MDG Training.
  • Master data governance is process optimization and process automation. So change management is really important factor.
  • SAP MDG Training can be used to create, maintain, and replicate master data across domains, aligned with business processes and business rules across lines of business replication to SAP and non-SAP system.   

SAP MDG Online Corporate course is provided by Global Online Trainings with best trainers who are 100% student friendly.

With the help of SAP MDG, it will be easy to learn about Business Planning also. So we also deal with the SAP BPC Training as it is one of the leading online training organization because of it realistic performance toward the client. My virtual job support team helps to you for solving all the technical queries in your SAP MDG project.

Components of SAP MDG – SAP MDG Training

Companies are struggling to get their data under control and data continues to grow exponentially. At the same time IT budgets are being reduced .Understanding data governance and its core components can help any organization drive better value from its data. 

The SAP MDG solution has the following key components – SAP MDG Training

  • Data model realization
  • Workflow definition and User interface mapping to workflow process steps
  • Data distribution schema and integration with target ERP systems.
  • Security and authorization setup
  • Initial data load into the MDG hub.
Key technology components for Master data governance – SAP MDG Training

There are three key technology components for data governance. They are: backup, Archiving and ediscovery.

  • Backup: The first core component of SAP data governance is backup. If the data is deleted accidentally. Then it will negatively impact your business. For this reason it is necessary to have a backup for the data in your organization. In addition to backing up data organizations must make sure that they can easily recover and restore data from their backup whenever it is needed.
  • Archiving: Archiving is another essential component of  SAP data governance. Nowadays data is present in many forms like video, audio, word documents, images, tables, instant messages, emails and many more it might include structured information. Such as database or unstructured information such as email and files on a desk. Archiving is essential for capturing, indexing and searching all of your different types of data both structured and unstructured. So data can be readily available whenever needed.
  • And finally, ediscovery: ediscovery is the process of gathering electronically stored information which is needed for litigation or for a legal investigation. Proving that the complete data has been produced and then it has not been tampered with is essential. Organizations must prove that they have data governance standards. Even the best archiving and backup solutions provide little value if process adherence can’t be proven in court. Increasing regulatory requirements have made archiving vital components of data governance.
Goals of SAP Master Data Governance:

Accuracy, Consistency, Completeness, Availability and Security (ACCAS)   are the goals of SAP MDG Training. 

Conclusion of SAP MDG Training:

SAP Master Data Governance Online Training provides the in depth knowledge about data governance and it has many benefits. The trainers at Global Online Trainings are user friendly and they provide you the best knowledge.

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP MDG Training  with latest version- SAP Master Data Governance 9.X Online, corporate Training with real time examples by top industry experts having best experience. We do the best to provide best SAP MDG job support, and if you want to learn SAP MDG job support just go through with my help desk.


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