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SAP MDM Training

SAP MDM Training Introduction:

SAP MDM Training (Master Data Management) is a centralized collection of Master Data for the enterprise. MDM system take master data from every application in an enterprise and assign it to a central repository from which it is cleaned, synchronized and disseminated.SAP NW MDM is a component of SAP’s NetWeaver product group. It is used as a platform to consolidate, cleanse and synchronize a single version of the truth for master data within a heterogeneous application landscape. 

Global Online Trainings – the SAP MDM Training is coordinated by experienced faculty and the SAP MDM tutorial is prepared with best industry updates for offering participants best professional insight over modules. The Master data Management 7.X Online Course is available for individual and corporate batches. To know more about this online, corporate SAP  MDM  training course contact reach at help-desk of Global Online Trainings today.


To learn SAP MDM Online Training at Global Online Trainings the person must have 

  • Knowledge of XML technologies (XML, XSD, XPATH)
  • Knowledge of Web service technologies (WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI)

SAP Master Data Management Online Training Course Content

SAP MDM Training Course Content

What is MDM?

Master data can be defined as data that is not connected to a particular transaction but is used for many instances within an enterprise. Such items are customer information, product descriptions and vendor lists. Master data is the key information required for operation of any business. It is core information related to customers of an organization.

SAP MDM Training Overview:

  • SAP MDM training can result in efficient & clean data that better support key requirements and business processes, & can help an enterprise reduce costs, such as meeting compliance standards.
  • SAP NW MDM stand for SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management is a component of SAP’s NetWeaver product group. Master Data Management getting software up and associated change management issues and running can be a daunting task not to mention managing data governance.
  • MDM Data Manger (client) is the primary client of the MDM Server. SAP MDM Training includes master data harmonization for cleansing data, central master data management for a single enterprise repository for master information and content consolidation for organizing data.
  • SAP MDM Training allows users to store, manage and update data consisting of text, images and other rich content, to create taxonomies, and relationships.SAP MDM TRAINING
  • Master data management (MDM) is a central repository. That means it is a centralized collection of master data for the enterprise.
  • MDM systems take master data from each and every department- the sales department, marketing, finance and code banking.
  • It takes the master data from all the four departments and places the master data in a central location in a cleaned, synchronized and consolidated area.
  • We provide  SAP BPC Training which helps you to  meet the planning and consolidation requirement for an organisation. 
  •  In master data, if there is a change in any particular person or particular material. Then immediately the change will be reflected in MDM and from MDM the change will be passed to respective target system.
  • In initial process the change will be reflected in all the systems. This is the case where you will make use of master data.
  • And if you don’t maintain the master data properly then it is very difficult for the high level management of the organization to improve the organization performance. It is a free data for any organization.
  • Most of the companies have a challenge that master data is often scattered throughout the enterprise systems.
  • For example, the customer data and the product in an organization is selling are all spread across multiple applications which make it harder to maintain also that will not be able to get a full picture of what that information looks like at any given point in time without a system like MDM.
  • Master data management system basically decomposes information and hosts that information in a single depository. This allows us to have a single view of the master data which is accurate and up to date.
  • This also helps us in using this information. So we can control its quality and improve the quality of it and also manage the changes effectively in one place.    
  • In modern organization, there are thousands of customer records across departments which are underutilized or not connected at all. This creates a challenge for IT to keep data sync in secure. We are giving training for SAP MDM, and also giving job support for SAP MDM. These virtual job support helps to you for solving any queries in your SAP MDM project.

A recent study says the reason for CRM projects to fail is due to poor data quality and strategy.

For example, consider John is a sales representative. He uses an in-house customer database to look up customer purchasing data to often find a disconnected number or a duplicated contact with different numbers. Where in accounting and customer support their separate databases may have more accurate contact data. But none of that data is synced with John CRM to make matters worse. But there is an abundance of unstructured databases with customer data.

IT is not aware of in return. John’s productivity slows down as he cannot contact customers to understand their needs or to upset and eventually gives up on his CRM and reverts to a personal spreadsheet and this is not limited to the front office. It occurs in every area of the organization.

Why organizations need to adopt MDM?

  • This can be explained with following banking example.
  • A bank will have different departments like sales, marketing, code banking and credit card. Assume that all the four departments are using different applications which are developed under different technologies.
  • In that case, if a person got a credit card by interacting with the credit card department and later, if he misuses that credit card. Then the credit card department will keep that portal on hold. And later the portal will be blocked for performing any further transactions.
  • The bank people will note that he is a fraudulent user. So that the person is not able to do code banking in that bank. But, he is able to contact with marketing department because the other departments in that bank doesn’t know that he is a fraudulent user.
  • So he can access the other services from other departments in that bank.
  • MDM is used to overcome this problem in an organization.  

Companies today need to manage an increasing amount of information and comply with increasing numbers of data standardization and governance requirements. All of this is happening at the same time as more and more users are requesting self-service access to the information they need to drive their business.

MDM Console – SAP MDM Training

MDM console is a kind of MDM administration components. Using this you can be able to create different kinds of tables and page on top of it data will be maintained. Apart from the table creation and its maintenance it can also be utilized for security purpose. If you want to restrict people to access your master data this can be done using MDM console. It also allows you to maintain a backup copy of master data, can transport the master data from one environment to other environment. This type of activities can be done using MDM console.

MDM Clix – SAP MDM Training

MDM Clix is similar to MDM Console. But, the difference is about the environment or a platform. Here the platform means if you are working with GUI based operating system, like windows there you will opt for SAP MDM Console for creation of the tables and page. Whereas, if you are working on command line based environment, then we will use Clix.

99% of people are using MDM Console instead of MDM Clix.

What is the role of SAP MDM Training?

  • The purpose of SAP MDM Training is it takes the data from different systems and will be uploaded into relevant MDM table which are maintained centrally.
  • So, once the tables are ready the next activity is uploading the data which was extracted from different source systems. That means importing the data from different systems to MDM.
  • So, after importing the data then we need to remove the errors, maintain data consistent and we need to remove the duplicate data.
  • After this process if you do a change for a material or customer or a vendor then, the change must be reflected to all the other systems instantly. This is said to be as distribution.
  • In real time the distribution must be in online for any change. It could be a modify, it could be a deletion or blocking. So importing, organizing and distribution can be used in MDM Client components.
  • So, in client components for importing the data from different systems to MDM we use a client called MDM Import Manager.
  • For organizing the data that means removing the errors, duplication from the imported data we use a client called MDM Syndication.

Governance of SAP MDM Training:

  • Governance of data is the process of defining the rules that has to follow, and data stewardship makes sure that the data follows those rules. You might compare this to the legislature that makes laws and the police that enforces them.
  • Process driven MDM allows easy and early identification of roles and responsibilities of all stakeholder which is sometimes very difficult because of shared nature of data and people issues.
  • SAP MDM Training is without effective governance for initiative will run into roadblock due to internal politics and data ownership issues.
  • Need for governance mechanisms on master data assets will span multiple groups forcing business units to develop co-ordinate processes to resolve data quality, security and accessibility issues.
  • MDG is a next generation of MDM. We are providing best SAP MDM job support by highly experienced consultant, we are helping to you for doing project.

 Benefits of SAP MDM Training:

  • The purpose of SAP MDM Training is to improve operational effectiveness, value creation and risk mitigation.
  • MDM contains less data volume and the database design is in normalized form in MDM. The ownership in MDM can’t be managed by IT.
  • Business owns the success of Master data management solutions.
  • Master data is the foundation for almost any business related process. If you don’t have master data where it is required or if you have a bad quality of master data, then you will be in trouble because your process will break and your analytics will lead you to the wrong conclusions.
  • The extension of master data becomes much more important.So Master Data Management 7.X Online Course gives you more information about the need of MDM in business.
  • We also provide SAP MDM certification after completion of course. SAP DMS Training is also provided by us.Which helps to connect different documents to various SAP applications & other objects.

In the context of SAP MDM Training, we have basically three different elements that are really relevant in terms of digitization. They are:

  • Segment of one- As a consumer you want to be treated as an individual and don’t want to be as a segment of a thousand people. So you have to know your customer.
  •  Lot size of one- You want to offer your consumers a very specific service or product that really suits their specific needs and nobody else. So you have to design your products differently. So you have to combine services and physical product and you want to tailor the way that whether the consumer is really liking to consume the service.
  • Velocity- The velocity that you have in order to deal with data.

SAP MDM Training is best served by understanding how substantive data improvements or the creation of MDM’s single view of a master record will benefit business processes. In other words, a successful SAP MDM Training implementation needs to be a single purposed collaboration between IT and business.

MDM is critical for all companies and therefore it is relevant to the c-suite. Master data management capability defines a company’s ability to use its own internal data for driving its business results. Previously in an organization there are a lot of issues. Like issues with compliance, issues with business performance, issues with driving profitability, driving margin, driving growth. These are the issues due to poor master data management. So these are the reasons that master data is critical to every business.Join Master data Management 7.1 Online Course at Global Online Trainings.

MDM Server component:

  • MDM can take the data from different source systems to MDM. where source systems mean Oracle system, SAP system or people server system. But, here to maintain the data we need to have a data base.
  • But MDM doesn’t have its own database. So it is internally utilizing the RDBMS only. Here RDBMS could be Oracle or SQL server. But user feels that he is working with MDM server. Where the MDM server is internally interacting with underlying data server for storing and retrieving the master data.
  • SAP Master Data Management cannot directly interact with source and target systems. Without direct interaction or communication with the source and target systems, MDM will take the help of a middle ware called XI. So XI will take the data from a system and it will give the data to MDM in a file format.
  • From that file the import manager will import the data to MDM. XI will take the data from source system and it will give the file to inbound port. From the inbound port either the import manager or import server will pick the file or they will upload the data to MDM server.
  • In the same way if you want to send the information to any target system then MDM Syndication manager or syndication server will distribute the data in a file format to a outbound port. Inbound port is used for receiving the data and outbound port is used for sending the data. From the outbound port XI will pick the file and XI will send the data to respective target system.

USES of SAP MDM Training:

SAP MDM Training is used to,

  • Identify risk
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce information errors
  • Control access to information
  • Manage client privacy

Global Online Trainings offers best SAP MDM Online Corporate course training with talented faculty for both individual and corporate batches.We also provide many other SAP Courses.Learning SAP MDM will be an added advantage for you to learn SAP MDG Training. 

Many of the employees who have got recently job regrading to SAP MDM, they are struggling to survive in the job, because of some technical problems. We do the best to help your project, virtual job support gives best SAP MDM job support by real time experienced professionals.

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