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SAP MII Training


Introduction of SAP MII Training:

Are you looking for online training, You are the right place!!! Global Online Trainings provide the best training with the server and also the materials which will help you the follow the session accurately. why SAP MII..?? With the help of SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) it is simple to achieve more reliability, high speed performance, less mistakes and more transparency. SAP MII Training is helpful for a company in linking the top floor directly with the shop floor. This helps the manufacturing integration to improve the information flow in the company. If we observe SAP MII Online Course, it helps you reliably produce to target, reduce costs and improve quality and it enables you to link all of your enterprise master data with your manufacturing processes. SAP MII Training is more useful in any business. Virtual job support is rich in providing job/project support by senior consultants at flexible timings.


Prerequisites to Learn SAP MII Training:

To learn SAP MII Training at Global Online Trainings,the person must have knowledge on:


  • SAP PP,
  • And people who are working in Manufacturing Industry.

Why Choose us…??

100% best online training and training given by certified working professional. Our training make you productive, here you get more info about SAP MII online training by certified professionals, surely you get all the technical skills about SAP MII and will benefit with job placements in Big companies. Duration of the training 30 hours (Can be customized as per requirement), join today for SAP MII training.

SAP MII Online course content:

SAP MII training course content

Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Overview of SAP MII Training:

  • SAP MII uses your existing IT infrastructure, so there is no need to replace and it can be deployed in a matter of weeks.
  • There is no better way to gain visibility, improve responsiveness and drive performance for your manufacturing operations than SAP.
  • SAP MII Training- SAP MII can aggregate all the manufacturing systems into a single interface and a single version of truth. It provides a direct connection between shop floor systems and business operations.
  • So critical manufacturing data is visible in real time, including the latest details on orders, materials, equipment status, costs and product quality.
  • In general, it is proved that some customers have reported a reduction in non-productive activities of up to 85% with SAP MII, it will be helpful for you to become an adaptive manufacturer, responding dynamically to constant change, its complexity made simple.   
  • In order to improve in the information flow, the material flow and the financial flow will also be improved. This in turn decreases the cost and increases the cost depending upon the situation.
  • To know more about this online training, join us for advanced SAP MII training by certified professionals.
What is the latest version of SAP MII..??

The latest version of the SAP MII  Training (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is the 15.1, the latest version of come with updating features, and it runs with SAP NetWeaver Java application server. SAP MII 15.1 using Software Update Manager (SUM). Because of the latest version 15.1 the SAP MII is now combined with SAP HANA.

Why this latest version SAP MII 15.1…? means it gives analytical performance and it helps to gives simple system landscape. The SAP MII 15.1 it includes with the updating technology Internet of things (IOT) and PCo (Plant Connectivity).


what is happening on the industry floor..??
Landscape of SAP MII:
  • SAP MII provides the information on what is happening on the industry floor. If the manager dashboard is provided by SAP MII, it shows how fast and well you will hit the targets.
  • By checking their dashboards the company can decide how much new lot of parts to move into the production. To solve the problem the managers quarantine the suspect parts immediately and make sure that productions aren’t disrupted further.
  • This with the help of SAP MII is possible, and the parts quarantined so quickly then no material will be going into the scrap.
  • SAP Manufacturing integration and intelligence is the key of your business to continue the quality of your business. This can help you in achieving your goals for productivity, quality and efficiency. 
Efficiency of SAP MII:- 

In the architecture, the SAP MII platform is implemented by NetWeaver so within the SAP MII environment you can build your own MES functionality. SAP MII will communicate with the enterprise systems because it is integrated with the SAP connection framework. SAP MII is most helpful to your business, with SAP MII you can become an adaptive manufacturer and respond dynamically to constant change.

SAP MII at work:

On an everyday manufacturing process like Quality Management as a part is convey by the system.SAP MII will pull the part number and quality specs as well as the part image. The operator simply touches the location where they find the defect on the part. By simply touching the screen two times, the operator can identify the exact location on the part where the defect occurred and the type of defect present. The system also automatically records the time stamp and operator information. It can even record the machine settings at the time of the defect. The detailed information captured by MII will be available for analysis. All the quality data captured during the production process will be available immediately. And since SAP MII details the time, location and circumstances of the defect, the engineer can determine the root cause and can take corrective action. Some customers will have reported returns of as much as 20 times; by providing this kind of visibility and simplicity.


Quality management in SAP MII Training:

  • The quality management is conveyed by the system SAP MII shows the part which you want, and the operator simply touches the location and by clicking on that picture two times, the operator can identify the exact location where it has the defect and the type of the defect present.
  • The system also automatically records the time stamp and operator information and it will record the Machine settings.
  • Then the detailed information by SAP MII will be then available for analysis. We can find the root cause and take the correct action.
  • SAP MII training will help you by reducing the cost and improves the quality. It also enables you to link all the enterprise master data with your manufacturing processes. sap mii training infographics

We have Multiple Options for SAP:

  • Manufacturing integration and intelligence is the part of the sap manufacturing suite.
  • SAP has many offers in that space of manufacturing. This system has specifically for discrete industries.
  • SAP Manufacturing integration and intelligence is a big platform it’s relevant for all industries too and which you can easily create your own platform in manufacturing applications by SAP.
  • SAP MII allows you to manage all operations and if you have SAP related background you will have reference to a production order.
  • SAP MII is helpful to provide bills of your company.

In this SAP PP training we have the utilities of the plant fundamentals which are allotted to organization to control region relegated to the customers and then they control the organization in the plant which is utilized in between various modules. There is a concept like repetitive manufacturing products, this remain unchanged for long time. For the product there is no particular stoppage there is no fixed quantity, so there will be of one particular production of one period of time.

Here the total quantity is created in an exacting period of time. That is the total quantities of the products are produced by a certain period of time and maintains a certain rate. In this training you will get the knowledge about the integration of the current positions and processes of the data which is kept inside the plant. There are some modules that will be helping us to integrate like, materials management, sales distribution, etc…


The best SAP MII training with real time trainers will be shared in Global Online trainings…


SAP MII in the Batch Management:- 

We have SAP MII Rapid Deployment Solution for the batch management, Nowadays we need to bring manufacturing into line to gain real time insights.

  • SAP MII RDS(Rapid Deployment Service) have the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding in manufacturing performance. It is a fixed price offering of the integrated software solution and services.
  • A fixed price and scope means that you can reduce risk and define a predictable path to realize your manufacturing. The SAP MII training RDS improves customer’s satisfaction and optimize return on assets and lets you quickly and affordably achieve excellence in manufacturing execution performance plant to ERP integration.
  • This is the best manufacturing processes for batch manufacturing. The SAP MII Training enables you to optimize performance and reduce risk and achieve your manufacturing goals.

“”Want To run the finest Business so, run SAP””

Manufacturing with SAP MII:- 

To research something in your manufacturing field you need to go through various systems, to retrieve the data you need the help of MII without that is not easy to find. Whether that is an SAP or Legacy system. The user is going to use one face one way that will have the proper necessities for that particular machine. So that the person doesn’t have to search for a particular thing.

SAP simple logistics or sap s4 HANA is the next level of the existing platform that transforms the business performance to the new platform that is based on the new data type that is built on the memory technology. Through this SAP Simple Logistics training there is a simple way to analyze the reports by the new technology in advanced technologies, there will be no problem to the real time applications that will accelerate your business processes, and here analytics and the applications are on the same side.

It is a digital era that integrates offerings between the different departments in the company related to your customers and the suppliers that is connected to the global workforce to all the resources. This training helps you and is beneficial if you also have knowledge on SAP MII Training. So join SAP MII Training at Global Online Trainings. We also provide SAP MII Training materials during the course.


What SAP MII Training can do for you?

  • Commonly many factories or companies have architecture First you will have ERP, central ERP which contains all the data. Here the MII can integrate three levels PCS MES and ERP. Where the MII will collect the data from the PCS level. The MII will provide dashboards and MES functionality.
  • MII is about integrating data by data exchange between the enterprise systems and machines. MII will take the information from ERP about the production schedules maintenance orders and all to the systems and it will send the aggregated actual to the ERP system.
  • This SAP MII training, will enable you to run your manufacturing data operations more efficiently. VJS gives best SAP MII job support with all the aspects at flexible hours.

SAP ME Training is a complete adviser and provides applicant through an in detail practical perceptive of the SAP Manufacturing Execution, Global online trainings provide SAP ME training for individual as well as for corporate batches. In this training you will get the SAP ME functionalities and the Administration and a development, it is available for the individuals. This is a corporate course and online course available for everyone no matter where you are, you can enroll in this training. All the trainings sessions are given by the professionals, there will be live interactive sessions and intensive ways of learning methods are offered. SAP ME Training helps you to better understand about SAP MII Training. Virtual job support is rich in providing job/project support by senior consultants at flexible timings.We provide job support extensively for USA students at an affordable cost.We have a good team from India who are excellent in the technical perspective.


Advantages of SAP MII Training :

  • You can manage all your interfaces and shop floors dashboards with in one system and one tool to rule them all. For management dashboards and operator screens to control and execute production processes SAP MII training makes it possible.
  • As well as MII has a graphical programming environment to build the business logic, this makes easy to develop the interfaces or data visualizations.

Insights offering by MII- SAP MM Training:

  • The connection with SAP ECC there is already built business content available in the MII environment regarding the production quality and management and this content can be adopted to your business needs.
  • SAP MII Training makes business systems and shop floor systems easy to work. By combining different applications, makes the process more efficient into one or by bridging the gaps between the different applications.

“”We have best trainers to guide you for this SAP MII Training and many other courses, in our Global online trainings and as well as, for both individual and for corporate batches also””


Conclusion for SAP MII training:

There was a huge demand for SAP MII employees in India and US,UK. SAP MII training is an SAP application for synchronizing manufacturing operations with back-office business processes and standardize data. If you looking for Opportunities in SAP MII, register in my website will you get more information. SAP MII has a great future keeping in mind…!!!!SAP MII for beginners, by expert level instructor.


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