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SAP MM training

Introduction of SAP MM Training:

SAP MM Training is one of the most important SAP Modules where MM stands for Materials Management. It is one of the module of SAP ERP software. SAP ERP is most widely used business software offerings by SAP. It is having the Modular structure to have a unique blend of Specialised Processes controls in respective Modules or domains along with integration with other domains/modules. SAP MM Training is one of the most used modules which represents Procurement Processes and Inventory Management process in the business. 


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Pre-requisites SAP MM Training: 

  • Formal Graduation in any business stream.
  • At least 2-3 years of process knowledge in Supply chain ( Procurement or Inventory Management ).
  • SAP MM End-user / Project Team members.
  • Graduates-with Plan to peruse career in Supply chain domain.

SAP Material Management Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP MM Training

Course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP MM online training course content :

SAP MM online training course content

Global online trainings offers best SAP MM online training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.



Knowing about SAP MM training in future is good.

SAP MM training has huge scope in future.

So, Do you want to learn SAP MM training?


In this page you will get the information about  SAP MM training in detailed and how it will used in the business procurement process.


What is SAP MM training ?

SAP MM training stands for SAP material management training. It is one of the modules in SAP ERP software. SAP MM application module supports the procurement and inventory functions occurred in the daily life business process.


SAP material management module is totally integrated with alternative modules within the SAP R/3 System like Finance (FI), controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Quality Management (QM), Plant Maintenance (PM)SAP PP training (Production Planning module), and Warehouse Management(WM). If you want to know more about this course, register with Global online trainings.


Overview of SAP MM training:

SAP MM Training stands for SAP Material Management. SAP MM modules coordinated with other SAP modules like Controlling, Sales and Circulation, FI, And Warehouse Management, and etc. Materials requirements are distinguished either in the client divisions or by means of materials arranging and control.


But wait there’s more information about SAP MM training,


What is the basic procurement process in the SAP MM training?

The procurement management of materials in enterprises involves multiple channels and methods. Generally speaking, part of the procurement of enterprises comes from external suppliers, and some of them come from other branches under their own company.


In these procurement processes, the department functions involved is procurement, warehouse management, and invoice verification.


Procurement of SAP MM Training:

 Stock material:
  • Stock Material is a type of material which maintains the stop never business and never the company.
  • Procurement of stock material modules are requesting for quotation (RFQ), quotation processing, create the purchase order with the ref, purchasing info Record (PIR), Conditions, Valuation Class, etc.
  • Stock as on date can saw by utilizing t code (transaction code) MMBE additionally giving points of interest like storage location, plant, material code, and so on.
 Consumable materials:
  • Consumable materials are materials that are procured directly for an account assignment object (for ex: the computer system, stationeries like pen, pencil).
  • Procurement of consumable materials is not managed on a value basis in inventory management and it can be procured without a material master record.
  • Consumable Materials a type UNBW (not evaluated materials) and NLAG (non-stock material) are used for creating the material master record.

 SAP MM training organizational structure:SAP MM training organizational structure

Every organization has some framework or some structure is outlined in keeping with that the entire business runs. Enterprise structure is that the structure that represents associate degree enterprise in SAP ERP system. So it is a part of SAP ERP software.


 It is divided into numerous structure units that for legal reason or business connected reason area unit classified along.


Enterprise structure defines various levels in an organization. These levels are placed according to some hierarchy. Each level has some specific practicality related to it that in a much combined approach describes the operating of a corporation. Also enterprise structure defines numerous structure units that area unit gift in associate degree enterprise.


SAP MM training consist of Company code, Plant, Storage location, Purchasing organization and Purchasing groups.


Organizational Elements in the Procurement Process:

  • A client is a unit with SAP that is self-contained both in legal and in terms of master data and transactional data. From a business point of view, the client could represent a corporate group, master records and set of tables with its own data.
  • The company code is represented separate independent accounting unit code. It can be profitable for individual vertical and created company unit code. For example, a company within a corporate group, its balance sheets and profit and loss statements are created at this level. 
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  • The plan is organizational logistics activities plant; it is having two types’ activities plants there manufacturing activity plant sand analogical plants. The plant logistics unit that structures the enterprise from the perspective of production, procurement, plant maintenance.
  • A storage location is an organizational unit that allows facilitates the differentiation of stocks of materials with a plant and inventory management on a quantity level is carried out in the plant at this level.
  • Purchasing organization is an organizational level that negotiates for purchase with vendors for completing purchasing contracts. Organization unit with logistics that subdivides the enterprise according to the purchasing requirements. And purchasing group is the key for a buyer responsible for certain purchasing actives.
Listen here some important points about SAP MM training,




 Let us take a Business example for SAP MM training:SAP MM training overview



SAP MM training plays a crucial role in business process.

The procurement management of materials in enterprises involves multiple channels and methods. Part of the procurement of enterprises comes from external suppliers, and some of them come from other branches under their own company. In these procurement processes, the department functions involved is procurement, warehouse management, and invoice verification.


Here is the regular external business procurement process:


 External material procurement is basically based on the following recycling process:


  Demand Determination → Source Determination → Supplier Selection → Purchase Order Processing → Purchase Order Monitoring → Goods Receipt → Invoice Verification → Payment.


Demand determination:

The relevant person in charge of each department under the enterprise can use the purchase application in the system to manually create the material requirements for the procurement department. If MRP purchases are set in the system, the SAP system can also automatically generate purchase requisitions.


 Source determination:

As a buyer, you will have some information on the source of supply. You can use this source information to create some RFQs and then enter the quote information after the inquiry. In addition to this, you can refer to purchase orders, contracts and conditions that already exist in the system.


 Vendor Selection:

The SAP system simplifies the supplier selection function, but uses market price comparison as the selection criteria. For un-selected vendors, the system can automatically send a rejection letter.


 Purchase Order Processing:

Similar to a purchase requisition, you can create a purchase order manually or have the system automatically generate a purchase order. When you create a purchase order, in order to reduce the input operation, you can copy through other documents, such as: purchase requisition, quotation. You can also choose the way of the framework agreement to make purchases.


Purchase Order Monitoring:

You can monitor the processing status of purchase orders in the system. You can determine if the purchase order has been delivered and is checked for invoices. You can remind the supplier to ship as soon as possible.



When the delivery arrives, you can refer to the purchase order for the goods receipt. You can check if the arrival quantity is the same as the quantity, material, etc. on your purchase order. When you receive the goods, the system can give the purchase order and update the purchase order history.


 Invoice verification:

When entering an invoice, you can refer to the previous purchase order or delivery note to calculate the invoice amount. The available quantity of purchase order and receipt data can be used to refer to the quantity and price difference of the invoice.


 Payment process:

The payment process is primarily concerned with the part of financial execution.


 Features of SAP MM training:

Here are the features of SAP MM training.

  • SAP MM training is one of the modules of SAP ERP software that deals with material management and inventory management.
  • Material Management method ensures that there’s a shortage of materials or any gaps within the provide chain method of the organization.
  • SAP material management hurries up the procurance and material management activities creating the business run power tool with complete time and value potency.
  • It deals with managing the materials (products and or services) resources of a corporation with the aim of fast productivity, reducing prices and increase improvement and at the same time are versatile to accommodate changes in day to day life.

Who can learn this course?

This course is suited to all professionals with a basic university degree like BA, BBA, B.Sc., MBA, Engineering, M.Tech and then forth—provided the degree is obtained from a recognized university. Knowledge of basic laptop handling skills is clearly welcome.


This course is appropriate for those desirous to frame a career as SAP practical configurators, consultants or SAP practical analysts within the field of Materials and producing. They should have previous information of vital business processes relevant to producing, production management, Inventory Management, designing material management and plant management in addition.


This course is also helpful for project members, business analysts, purchasing controllers and staff handling the departments of material planning and inventory management; as an add on module for enhancing their skills.


Along with the on top of mentioned academic and job-specific qualifications, they must possess sensible team player skills, effective communication skills and also the disposition to perform with totally different time schedules and in adverse conditions. Global online trainings will provide the best online SAP MM training course.


What is the future scope for SAP MM training?

After victorious completion of this certification course, candidates might aim for well paid jobs with totally different profiles like SAP MM consultant SAP MM Plant Maintenance analysts.

An expertise of SAP Mm full life cycle implantation, effective analytical and designing skills, and knowledge of 2 – 4 years on real world comes is most popular by firms providing good opportunities for the stated job profiles.

While the beginning pay figure for these job profiles in India is 55000; the figures begin rising with the expertise of getting handled a minimum of one Life Cycle Implementation of SAP. 


Conclusion of SAP MM training:

SAP MM Training is coordination of all modules, the concepts are exceptionally pertinent to each other in light of the fact that essentially its administration range of abilities gathering, it’s from assembling the product, services, goods to achieving the client.


We are the best online training providers; we just don’t teach you the technologies rather we make you understand with live examples, the sessions we conduct are interactive and informative. As it an Online Trainings, the timings will be according to the candidate feasibility. As our trainers are real time experts they will help you in giving training at very high level for real time projects. Our Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server. Learn SAP MM training online at Global online trainings.

FAQs of SAP MM training:

1. Do you provide Instructor led Live Training or Recorded Sessions?

Yes, we will provide Live Instructed led training with real time experienced trainers.


2. What is the mode of Training?

The mode of training is Online Training through GoToMeeting.


3. How much Duration of the Course?

Duration will be 40-45 Hours.


4. Do you provide any material?

Yes, we will provide trainer self-prepared materials.


5. Do you provide Authorized SAP MM Certification?

No, we don’t provide Certification but trainer will guide you how to get the certification.


6. How is the life of SAP mm consultant?

Opportunities are really high. If as a MM consultant u get a Job in some manufacturing plant then your respect will be really high.


Because dependency on SAP MM training is actually high and people are extremely passionate about SAP connected routine things.


In Current GST implementation scenario, there is shortage of SAP MM consultant who can guide companies. Companies are paying very high to those who know all things about what configuration needs to be changed in SAP after GST coming in.


So in all, Life of SAP MM consultant is Very good if you put yourself at right place.


7. What are the features of SAP MM online training?

  •  Material Management method ensures that there’s a shortage of materials or any gaps within the provide chain method of the organization.
  •  SAP material management hurries up the procurance and material management activities creating the business run power tool with complete time and value potency.

8. What would be the best way to learn SAP MM training?

The best way to learn SAP MM training is online training. Knowledgeable consultants are giving training in online only. Global online training is the place to find online training for SAP MM course.


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