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sap mm training

Introduction of SAP MM Training:

SAP MM Training is one of the most important SAP Modules where MM stands for Materials Management. SAP ERP is most widely used business software offerings by SAP. It is having the Modular structure to have a unique blend of Specialised Processes controls in respective Modules or domains along with integration with other domains/modules. SAP MM Training is one of the most used modules which represents Procurement Processes and Inventory Management process. And represents Purchase to Pay ( P2P) & all Inventory Management ( SAP IM ) processes in any type of industries. SAP MM includes requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipts, accounts payable, inventory management, BOM’s, master raw materials, finished goods and etc. SAP Material Management online Training preparing for Global Online Trainings is done on virtual intelligent stage & on flexible hour plan so that on-work proficient can achieve this course while doing their customary administration. 

Pre-requisites SAP MM Training: 

  • Formal Graduation in any business stream.
  • At least 2-3 years of process knowledge in Supply chain ( Procurement or Inventory Management ).
  • SAP MM End-user / Project Team members.
  • Graduates-with Plan to peruse career in Supply chain domain.

SAP Material Management Online Training Course Details:

Course Name: SAP MM Training

Mode of training: Online Training and Corporate Training (Classroom training at client location)

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Timings: According to one’s feasibility

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP Material Management Online Course CONTENT :

sap mm training course content

It is being used in various types of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Process industries
  • Retail
  • Infrastructure
  • EPC
  • Oil and Gas
  • Services Providers

Overview of SAP MM Training:

  • SAP MM Training stands for SAP Material Management. SAP MM modules coordinated with other SAP modules like Controlling, Sales and Circulation, FI, And Warehouse Management, and etc. Materials requirements are distinguished either in the client divisions or by means of materials arranging and mm training
  • SAP MM Training has two business activities there is manufacturing activity or off the screen on services activity. SAP Material Management online training is most of the organizations that keep running in extensive and vigorous store network procedures would discover MM extremely helpful in their everyday business operations.
  • SAP MM Training is coordination of all modules, the concepts are exceptionally pertinent to each other in light of the fact that essentially its administration range of abilities gathering, it’s from assembling the product, services, goods to achieving the client.
  • ERP is basically an integration of Business Processes. ERP using system is standardization of system across locations and it’s for overall control organizations. SAP ERP material management module is mapped all Procurement Business Processes.
  • The Purchasing System embraces data from the requisition and the quotation to enable you to make the purchase order. Vendor scheduling understandings and contracts are likewise upheld and as with purchase demands, you can produce pos or have the system create them consequently.
  • SAP Material Management online training gives an exhaustive answer for materials management inside the integrated supply chain. SAP Document standard makes a few reporters in material administration and financial accounting module during, E2E ventures in acquisition cycle. We provide the best SAP MM Online Training with corporate by top trainers. We also provides SAP PM training, to know the basics of this training it will be helps to understood SAP MM training.
  • It is very difficult to endure in the new job with lack of practical knowledge. It will take more time for support if you have less skill set. For that people, virtual job support provide Best Best SAP Material Management Online Training with job support top trainers from India for fresher. We have well-known consultants who have strong knowledge and have years of experience in SAP MM. Global Online trainings provides best online training and corporate training as well as job support by real-time faculty. 

SAP MM Training covers all above industries specific Business process from provides training in below area’s for your career in fast space where IT and Consulting Industries are heading towards:


Goals of SAP MM training:

 Generally targeted role after this training SAP Material Management Online Training lead Functional Consultant for various

  • SAP MM Implementation Projects
  • SAP MM Support project
  • SAP MM Business analysis Role

During this SAP MM training Industries expert Functional consultant from TOP Notch IT Consulting companies e.g TCS, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini we ensure you will transform resource as SAP MM Functional consultant Role. Which required following skill for roles

SAP MM Functional Consultant:

 SAP MM Online Training we ensure you will have required skill in following Knowledge Area’s

  • Business Process ( Requirements Gathering )
  • SAP MM Configurations – SAP MM Solution’s
  • Project Scenario based Integration with SAP –FICO, SAP –PP, SAP – QM, SAP –WM
  • SAP MM Front end Testing as per business requirement
  • Integration testing with SAP and Non SAP System for interface Validations

Objectives of SAP MM training:

Mostly Objective of SAP Material Management Online Training to provide Resource necessary industries specific Content to acquire/adapt following roles/Positions :

  • SAP MM Functional Consultant
  • SAP MM Support consultant
  • SAP SCM Consultant
  • SAP MM Business analyst
  • SAP MM Project Manager
  • SAP MM Core Team Member
  • SAP MM Power user / Super User
Which content Knowledge areas:
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Configuration ( Realization )
  • Unit and Integration Testing’s
  • System And data Migrations
  • Continues support
SAP MM Training system follows:
  • SAP Material Management online training is one of the modules of SAP that arrangements with material and stock administration. It manages to deal with the materials assets of an association with the point of quickening profitability, lessening expenses and increment change and at a comparable time be flexible to suit changes in everyday life.
  • SAP MM Training accelerates the obtainment and material administration exercises influencing the business to run smoother with finish time and lost productivity. GOT gives best SAP MM Online Training with Corporate training as well as job support by experts.
  • SAP MM training manages the Procurement Process, Master Data, Account Determination and Valuation of Material Requirement Planning, Invoice Verification.
  • SAP Material Management online training process guarantees that there is never a lack of materials or any holes in the production network procedure of the association. Invoice Verification’s items can be posted with reference to Purchase Order, Goods Receipts, and Vendors Invoice. Global online trainings also gives online training for SAP WM training, if you learn this course just contact us. We provide best online training from India with flexible hours and reasonable price for many courses.  

Master Data of SAP MM Training:

Master data is the central information that is fundamental to operations in a particular business or specialty unit. It stays steady finished the time yet we have to refresh it on general premise. In SAP MM Training, Master data will be used transaction data, it can have two important master data Material and Vendor. Material Master Data is different views are basic data, materials planning, purchasing, storage, work scheduling, quality management and etc. Vendor Master Data is basically three different types of view, there are

  • General data (ex: address, communication, control data, bank details, etc)
  • Company code data (ex: account management, payment transactions, correspondence, etc).
  • Purchasing organization data (ex: purchasing data, partner roles, etc).

Purchase requisition: In SAP MM Training, the Purchase requisition is either made physically by the office dependable or naturally by MRP utilizing reorder point planning. Purchasing changes over the purchase requisition into a demand (request) for citation, Purchase request, or layout understanding. The R/3 framework supports you when you enter information (data) by transferring data in the material ace record into the purchase requisition. VJS offer SAP MM project/job support at reasonable price.


Procurement of SAP MM Training:

Stock material: Stock Material is a type of material which maintain the stop never business and never the company. Procurement of stock material modules are requesting for quotation (RFQ), quotation processing, create the purchase order with the ref, purchasing info Record (PIR), Conditions, Valuation Class, etc. Stock as on date can saw by utilizing t code MMBE additionally giving points of interest like storage location, plant, material code, and so on.

Consumable materials: Consumable materials are materials that are procured directly for an account assignment object (for ex: the computer system, stationeries like pen, pencil). Procurement of consumable materials is not managed on a value basis in inventory management and it can be procured without a material master record. Consumable Materials a type UNBW (not evaluated materials) and NLAG (non-stock material) are used for creating the material master record.


Consumption-Based Planning of SAP MM Training:

Consumption-based planning is based concerning the past use regards and uses the guess or other quantifiable strategies to choose future requirements. CBP gets the trigger when the stock level falls underneath predefined reorder centers. Procedure open for MRP is reorder point strategy, the forecast based masterminding, and time organized materials orchestrating.


Source of Supply in SAP MM Training:

Purchasing order that can be the source of supply, it can be source called different types of data that require a purchase order. Source of Supply is subdivided into three types are Info Record, Outline Agreement Item, Plant. You create to purchasing Info Record as the source in the system and this PIR will be used as a reference for all future purchasing order. Source Determination materials are more than one Source of Supply and it is always unique for manual and automatic Purchasing documents. Source Determination process is using source list and Quota Arrangement. GOT is best online training. We provide best individual batches for corporate training as well as will provide online job support for SAP Material Management Online training at 24/7 support. 


Movement Types of SAP MM Training:

The Movement Type is a three digit key for identifying a goods movement and it has important control functions in Inventory Management. For example, it plays a central role in the following operations – updating the quantity field, updating the stock and consumption account, it is determining the screen structure of the document entry. You want to familiarize yourself with the customizing behind Movement type.


Pricing Procedure of SAP MM Training:

Pricing Procedure of SAP MM Training is a vendor price for a material is often made up of different components, and the vendor may be offered to sell material at a certain price but additional factors may affect (ex: prices, tax, surcharge, discounts, freight costs etc). Pricing Procedure is controlled via a customized Pricing Procedure and Pricing Procedure conditions are applied in order to arrive at the net & effective purchase prices in a purchase order. We utilize evaluating the system to decide these all conditions into one method, where we can discover the sub add up to for net sum. We will provide best real-time online training for SAP all modules like SAP PS, SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP Security, and etc.   


Condition Technique in purchasing – SAP MM Training:

The condition technique is a generic way within SAP to search for the correct price or output or tax etc., and components are the procedure, type, access sequences, and records. In Purchasing, the condition technique is used to determine the total cost a purchase, which usually consists of a gross price minus any discounts, plus any freight changes take.  Pricing in SAP is controlled using the Condition Technique and Condition Technique in purchasing are maintained different types of Schema group and Conditions.


Organizational Elements in the Procurement Process:

  • A client is a unit with SAP that is self-contained both in legal and in terms of master data and transactional data. From a business point of view, the client could represent a corporate group, master records and set of tables with its own data.
  • The company code is represented separate independent accounting unit code. It can be profitable for individual vertical and created company unit code. For example, a company within a corporate group, its balance sheets and profit and loss statements are created at this level. 
  • Global Online Trainings offers best & unique quality SAP EWM Functional online Training for professionals keen to work in goods movement.  
  • The plan is organizational logistics activities plant, it is having two types activities plants there manufacturing activity plant sand analogical plants. The plant logistics unit that structures the enterprise from the perspective of production, procurement, plant maintenance.
  • A storage location is an organizational unit that allows facilitates the differentiation of stocks of materials with a plant and inventory management on a quantity level is carried out in the plant at this level.
  • Purchasing organization is an organizational level that negotiates for purchase with vendors for completing purchasing contracts. Organization unit with logistics that subdivides the enterprise according to the purchasing requirements. And purchasing group is the key for a buyer responsible for certain purchasing actives.

 SAP MM TRAINING Key benefits:

You will be having following benefits of SAP MM online training:

  • Industry Scenarios based SAP Material Management Online training.
  • Detailed Training in the Business process, SAP MM Configurations, and SAP front-end training.
  • Content-based Training which will help to drive to match your job aspiration in fastest growing technologies and knowledge domain.
SAP MM Training interview questions:
  • During training each topics wise interview specific questions and explanations will be provided
  • Each scenario wise important questions will be explained
  • Dump of important questions will be provided.

SAP MM market demand (client & resource point of view):

  • Across globe, more than 70 % ERP Implementations are SAP Implementations 
  • ALL SAP Implementations will have SAP MM as core modules Niche – Knowledge area where we can contribute from beginner to Industries expert based on our expertise and level
  • SAP MM Consultants are Highly paid jobs
  • SAP MM Consultants is the most rewarding career.
  • SAP MM Global carrier.
 Why Global SAP MM Online training:
  • Not only Promises, we delivery as committed.
  • Learn from basic to advanced topics – Way Advanced than our Competitors.
  • Professional Training Notes & Guidance
  • Training on Latest Syllabus & Latest version of Technologies
  • Interview Prepare Sessions.
  • Other Speak, We Deliver,
  • Experience all this by having online Free Demo and meet our experienced consultants.
  • Our Trainer is more than 5 End to end implementations experience.

We also provide the related course of SAP MM Training is SAP PS Training. More information about SAP PS online course click here SAP PS Training.

Conclusion of SAP MM Training:

Global Online Trainings is offering best SAP Material Management Online Training along with corporate training by real-time expert trainers at student flexible hours. In this training, our trainers will provide valuable information and important tips. We also provide corporate training individual batches as well as job support. Our team will be available 24/7 online support. GOT provide online and corporate training for many courses with reasonable price and latest industry updates by expert real-time trainers. We also provide classroom training at client premises noida Bangalore, Gurgaon, hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. 


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