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SAP ODATA Training



SAP ODATA which stands for Open Data Protocol, it is based on the REST architecture; where through the URI’s (Uniform resource Identifier) these are represented. In addition, through the HTTP code you can operate these. Global Online Trainings offers best SAP ODATA training for professionals and offers them excellent insights. We offer the entire classes on 100% interactive platform for the participants. Here subject experts with adequate hand-on knowledge on their real project completion will be preparing the tutorials. With the SAP ODATA Training, we will also provide suitable professional courses for working professionals and students. For more information, you can contact our help desk.

Prerequisites of SAP ODATA Training: 

SAP ODATA provides very good self explanatory documentation to learn and working practically will help you to enhance your knowledge more.

Having knowledge in these modules can enlist in the SAP ODATA Training.

  • SAP UI5,
  • SAP Fiori,
  • SAP Basis and 
  • SAP EP.

SAP ODATA Training Course Content


Overview of SAP ODATA Training: 

This is the open data protocol to do business over web servers by exchanging the data. The customer can interact through this servers and they can update the data or control the data. This is the open data protocol to do business over web servers by exchanging the data.

  • In the SAP ODATA training, you learn in brief, how the customer can interact through these servers and they can update the data or control the data.
  • ODATA is also called as the ODBC for web, it has the uniformity of the data, here in this ODATA to retrieve the entity there is a URL scheme. This has many ways in like the Service route URI the ODATA will specify the URI.
  • It also provides a metadata of the data source; the full structure is available for a data service. There are many types of keys in the ODATA. There will be navigation in between the category and the products.
  • For example, you have the business, and have so many kinds of products for that purpose you will have a filter there, so you can search the products that needed and then you can execute. In these ways, you can find the possible ways and find out the correct way. Some properties related to the particular database.
  • In SAP, we have the parsers, which is the part of the libraries. This will build the data from the from the XML document, where this can be used directly in the mobile applications, the best SAP ODATA Training by global online trainings. 

SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP) can successfully combine enterprise applications, information, and services from SAP and non-SAP sources into a single system; SAP EP Training is available in our global online trainings.

Uses of Open Data Protocol: (SAP ODATA Training)

  • The data is stored in the separate application, so it is difficult to access to users. There are many websites are proceeding through the restful web. However, it will be difficult to create the multiple data sources.
  • Different data storing will be happening on the different process, to write a single application that will be targeting different data sources.
  • To find the related resources, each of the websites will be having the documents. There will be a separate code to deal with the particular set of data.
  • Every server, uses the different kind of data, to target the multiple sources, ODATA will simplify the semantics. Therefore, the clients can combine from multiple sources.
  • There are many advantages in the ODATA, for large number of applications, there are some tools they provide the good experience in the business analysis, SAP ODATA Training certification is also provided.
  • Through the ODATA, you can handle your data. the servers serve the data, the clients relate with them, and then they can update the data.
  • Here the protocol is based on the HTTP server; there are HTTP headers like GET, Patch, post and delete these interact with the data.
  • Here many libraries are interacted and have created, besides the parsing and generated the and stored the databases or files.
  • The HTTP based protocol and the client side communication is used completely different libraries. This protocol can be consumed by any kind of protocol.
  • The server side applications expose their data through the service endpoints and refer as the ODATA products.
  • In the ODATA the collection of the software’s are referred to the ODATA ecosystem. SAP Basis training
  • Through the training you can learn the exploring the protocol and the ecosystem, libraries, the protocols versions also provided.
  • In this ODATA the data is in the form of silo, and you can easily consume the data and can be simplified user interface.

SAP Gateway uses the SAP ODATA to get the correct data to the right place. To increase your business potential you need SAP ODATA. Now a days we have the digital things everywhere, we will be expecting fast actions and to access the data anywhere and on any device, you will learn SAP ODATA Training by the best trainers. SAP FIORI Training will have browser support, integration and it is open standard, for every SAP application there should be a SAP FIORI, SAP FIORI training is provided in global online trainings.

  • The applications are used and the technology is invisible, SAP uses the data, it has the tools like Web IDE and the service builder that are helpful in the creation of ODATA and the services. The SAP gives the reliable support and the run-time support and integrates SAP UI5, you can learn this in the SAP UI5 training.
  • Whereas the Java developers will be having the Olingo ODATA server library, those are in two versions the latest version is in the smaller.
  • You can build apps on the SAP using the ODATA and run on HANA, you can access the data, and you can easily retrieve the data from the database.
  • By using the SAP ODATA, you can develop your business and business experience maximum.

SAP BASIS Training classes training module are prearranged on virtual platform and with flexible timing are available for offering all its participants tremendous benefit of using their time to follow the training for better career experience. This SAP BASIS component works as the connection in the middle of the computing infrastructure, which is like operating system, the databases.

Conclusion of SAP ODATA Training:

  • The SAP will enhance your business process and it will make business process and core functionality very solid. There are many issues in the SAP in the starting period, but with the upgrades they were cleared.
  • Customers always need smart design of software’s; these are the new technologies like ODATA, SAP NetWeaver Gateway.
  • The ODATA is the three tier architecture like Database layer, Application layer and the Presentation layer; you can find these in the SAP ODATA training in the Global online trainings, more than 60+ students are trained in this SAP ODATA Training.
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