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SAP OIL AND Gas Upstream Training


SAP OIL AND GAS Upstream Training Introduction:

SAP OIL AND Gas Upstream Training with all sub modules. We are also covering Sub modules JVA Training(Joint Venture Accounting), PRA Training(Production and revenue accounting), PSA / PSC, RLM Training(Remote Logistics Management) in SAP OIL AND GAS Upstream Training. Upstream refers to operation stages in the oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production.In current generation SAP OIL AND GAS Upstream online training is necessary to learn for SAP Functional consultants, As industries or delivering very efficient productivity with SAP OIL & GAS. Every operation of a business will be effective, efficient and enhance with SAP OIL & GAS module.

The SAP for Oil & Gas solution selection allows you to be globally integrated while remaining regionally focused. As a result, you can forge stronger associations with partners, progress decision making, and enhance organizational flexibility. SAP for Oil & Gas solutions maintain processes related to the exploration, development, and production of crude petroleum.


SAP OIL AND Gas Upstream Training Course Content:

1.SAP Joint Venture Accounting (JVA)

  • Fundamental understanding of JVA principles
Understanding of FI, CO, Material and PS related to JVA
  • Concept of FI for JVA
  • Concept of CO for JVA
  • Concept of MM for JVA
  • Concept of PS for JVA
  • Accounting Principles
  • Understanding of Process
  • Master data required for JVA
  • Integration with other module
  • Details Configuration related to the Master data
Day to Day Processes
  • Posting of Transaction
  • Configuration for posting
  • Display and Change document posting
  • Operated Accounting
  • Other Transactions
  • Preparation of reports based on transaction posted
Periodic Processes
  • Cutback detail process with customization
  • Month End Processing
  • JV Billing detail process with customizing
  • Detail discussion on reports related to JVA
Summary - Project Preparation

2. SAP Production & Revenue Accounting (PRA)

Unit 1 PRA Overview
Unit 2 PRA Ownership
Unit 3 PRA Production
Unit 4 PRA Contracts & Pricing
Unit 5 PRA Product Control
Unit 6 PRA Balancing
Unit 7 PRA Contractual Allocation
Unit 8 PRA Master Data
Unit 9 PRA Upstream Graphics
EX 1 PRA Master Data
EX 2 PRA Ownership
EX 3 PRA Production Master Data
EX 4 PRA Production Daily Transactions
EX 5 PRA Contracts & Pricing

3. SAP RLM (Remote Logistics Management)

Basic customizing settings for RLM
Supply chain
RLM goods receipt
RLM shipping

4. SAP PSA/PSC (Production Sharing Accounting or Production Sharing Contracts)

Activating PSA
Basic settings
PSA ledgers
Carry forward balances

SAP Oil and gas upstream Training overview:

  • Upstream refers to operation stages in the oil and gas industry that involve exploration and production.
  • Upstream operations deal primarily with the exploration stages of the oil and gas industry, with upstream firms taking the first steps to first locate, test and drill for oil and gas.
  • Later, once reserves are proven, upstream firms will extract any oil and gas from the reserve.
  • Oil and gas companies can generally be divided into three segments: upstream, midstream and downstream.
  • Most large oil companies are known as “integrated” because they combine upstream activities with midstream and downstream operations, which take place after the production phase through to the point of sale.
SAP Oil and gas Upstream
  • Upstreamis the first part of the oil and gas process.
  • It primarily involves the exploration for crude oil and natural gas fields, as well as its recovery and production. This sector is widely referred to within the oil and gas industry as the E&P (exploration and production) stage.
  • Common areas within the upstream process include searching for oil deposits, either underground or underwater, the drilling of exploratory wells and, if deposits are found, the operation of these wells to bring found deposits to the surface.
  • Upstream is a highly scientific area of oil and gas, with Geologists and Geophysicists involved from the outset to seek out where deposits may lie.
  • Aside from these roles, potential jobs within the upstream oil and gas sector include Platform Installer, Petroleum Engineer and Pipeline Engineer.
SAP Oil and gas Downstream
  • Downstreamis the final, and most varied, part of the oil and gas process.
  • This could range from the refining of crude oil and processing and purifying natural gas, through to sales, marketing, product distribution and retail, and everything in between. It also includes the manufacture of petrochemicals and plastics.
  • Many products derived from crude oil are manufactured during the downstream stage, including diesel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrol, fertilizers, antifreeze, pharmaceuticals and even cosmetics.
  • Downstream is undoubtedly the sector in the oil and gas industry that provides the closest connection to everyday consumers, meaning jobs in this sector are incredibly sought after and diverse.
  • Typical roles involved within the downstream process include, but are not limited to, Hazard Analysts, Tax Accountants, Maintenance Supervisors and Oil Traders.

Pre requisition for SAP Oil and gas upstream Training:

  • Any Graduate or post graduate can learn this course.
  • SAP MM, SD, FICo Professionals & Other SAP Module Professionals if will take this training they will get more benefit.
  • This is very Hot Demanded module in Present Market.
  • After completion of this course Very attractive and competitive Package you will get.
  • All attendees should have a basic knowledge of crude oil.

Oil and gas companies face numerous challenges in upstream operations:

  • Missed production and revenue targets impacting enterprise value
  • Increased complexity in upstream production management
  • Growth in high well count for unconventional resources
  • Untapped value production potential in existing assets
  • Greater regulatory scrutiny of production reporting
  • A fragmented technology landscape preventing effective integration of process and data.
SAP Oil and gas upstream Training outline:
  • Course Name: SAP Oil and gas upstream Training course
  • Duration :  35 Hours
  • Mode of Training : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch : Regular , weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material in form of PDF Or WORD
  • Sessions will be conduct through WEBEX, GOTOMEETING OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements Good Internet Speed, Headset