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SAP Operational Process Intelligence Training

SAP OPI training

SAP OPI training Introduction

The SAP OPI training budget around end-to-end business processes & management of work instead of functional units has been discussed as highly beneficial for a long time: “Companies of all sizes have achieved extraordinary improvements in quality, cost, speed, profitability, & other key areas by focusing on, in virtually every industry, measuring and redesigning their customer-facing and internal processes”. SAP OPI training generates business value and determines customer success, End-to-end processes is the backbone of daily operations. This process is an aggregation on a macro level referring to entire processes as well as for visibility is required for a micro level referring to individual process instances. Global Online Trainings offers the professional training course at most affordable package rate: to know more about SAP OPI training course contact help desk today.


SAP Operational Process Intelligence online training

Topic 1: Enterprise Buyer
  • Buyer procurement processes Enterprise
  • Buyer scenarios Enterprise
  • Enterprise Buyer in Roles
Topic 2 : Backend Integration Principles
  • Buyer architecture Enterprise
  • Elements of an e-procurement scenario
  • Principles of Integration
  • configuration
  • communication in System
Topic 3 : Organization
  • Elements & maintenance of an organizational structure
  • Administration of User


Topic 4 : Workflow
  • SAP Business Workflow
  • Usage of workflow
  • Approval options
Topic 5 : Master Data
  • product master, product category, Business partner
  • Replication of master data
Topic 6 : Catalog Management
  • scenarios & Catalog definition
  • Product catalog, catalog interfaces (OCI/OPI) & supplier catalog
  • Content Management for SAP Catalog
  • Components of Requisite
Topic 7 : Self-Service Procurement
  • Shopping cart
  • Back end follow-on documents
  • Assignment of Account
  • Confirmations
  • Invoices
Topic 8 : Sourcing
  • processing of purchase orders & Purchaser roles
  • Contracts & Conditions
  • Sourcing
  • auctioning & Bidding
  • list of Vendor
Topic 9 : Service Procurement
  • external services (temporary labor) of Procurement
  • Integration with service procurement in SAP backend system
Topic 10 : Plan-Driven Procurement
  • Procurement for Plan-driven
Topic 11 : Administration
  • Principles of Integration
  • Concept of ITS
  • Tools of Monitoring



Hardware and software

Hardware Requirements

You can find the respective SAP HANA hardware & software requirements in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) a complete list of all SAP HANA components at SAP OPI training.

Software Requirements

Hardware partners are recommended for use on SAP HANA only by your software installed. The SAP HANA appliance does not install additional software on SAP OPI training.


SAP OPI training utilizes SAP HANA’s technology, power & speed, That Powered by SAP HANA is a solution. It SAP OPI training utilizes provides transparency into business operations that support them in making tactical and strategic decisions & business users with process intelligence.

SAP OPI training unlocks the data by empowering everyone involved in the business to & harness volume, potential of large amount of processes, thereby aligning technology & business. This SAP OPI training aims for resulting in efficient business operations insight into actions, & higher operational responsiveness.

SAP OPI training enables business scenarios that illustrate end-to-end business processes you to model. Business scenarios observe whether performance is on track & to match your business use case which comprises one or more processes that you can optionally correlate. From various SAP back-end systems you can acquire visibility on orchestrated business processes:

  • SAP Business Suite on Process Observer
  • SAP Business Suite on Business Workflow
  • SAP BPM (Business Process Management)
  • SAP Process Integration