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SAP PI Training

SAP PI training

Introduction to SAP PI Training:

SAP PI training is used for incorporating both SAP and non-SAP applications and also used for both inner and outer process integration also used for significant configuration, Checking and error handling which runs on SAP WAS, which is the common platform for all sap applications. PI is an enterprise service bus that is mainly focussed on integrating systems and is most excellent for integrating with sap systems. Here the main project groups in PI are A2A that is application to application, B2B business to business, ETL that is extract, transform and load, Managed file transfer.

Global online trainings will provide in depth knowledge on SAP Process integration online training. We also provide classes on weekends and weekdays based on the students demand.

Mode of Training: We provide the Online mode of training and also provide corporate, virtual web training.

Duration Of Program: 30 Hours (Can Be Customized As Per Requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP PI training.

Course Fee: Please Register in Website, So that one of our Agent will assist You.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.



Who can learn SAP PI Training?

  • Basic Knowledge on Java
  • SAP ABAP Consultants
  •  SAP functional or technical background

SAP Process integration Online Training Course Content

SAP PI Training Part1SAP PI Training Part2

Global online trainings offers best SAP PI TRAINING with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.


Overview of SAP PI Training:

  • SAP PI 7.1 was released in September 2007. SAP PI 7.1 is the key building block for eSOA that is service oriented architecture. Enhancement has been made to existing features to enable better performance and support, allowing for high volume processing and it will run with java 1.5 versions.
  • In terms of functionality SAP PI and PO provide similar set of features. SAP PI has been in the market for the past 10 years and SAP PO was released about 5 years. SAP is advising customers to upgrade to single stack installation since most of new features going forward will be implemented in SAP PO. As per SAPs product availability matrix (PAM), PI 7.4 as well as PO7.4 was supported till 2020
  • Upgrade to PI 4 in this possibility the software of the physical server is upgraded to 7.4 now all the combinations continue by means of mutually the stack they are ABAP and JAVA besides there will be nominal changes to the configurations. The Upgrade possibility will be the easiest and fastest way to go to 7.4 but will give us marginal return of investment. But most of the features accessible in PI 7.4 are comparable to 7.4 but SAP is advising consumers to migrate to SAP PO since majority of the upcoming asset will be in SAP PO.
  • From PI 7.31 SAP has providing the probability to improve and conserve PI objects not only from the swing client but also from the Eclipse.

Why do we need SAP PI Training?

  • Apart from legacy Systems, throughout a huge establishment, SAP ERP doesn’t comprises one system though many combined systems i.e. CRM, SRM and FICO etc.
  • To handle with such complexities SAP PI Training introduced method integration a platform to supply one purpose of integration for all systems while not touching existing complex network of legacy systems.
  • This is a solid middleware by SAP to create consistent end to end joining amongst SAP and non-SAP applications inside and outside the organization limit.
  • SAP PI underpins B2B likewise as A2A trades, bolsters synchronous and offbeat message trade and incorporates inbuilt motor for arranging and execution mix forms.

What you will get from SAP PI Training:

  • You will have the capacity to manufacture your own particular joining utilizing SAP PI Process Integration. From fundamental record to-document situations, to web benefit to-web administrations situation. You will likewise take in the most widely recognized mix designs in this hands-on preparing on SAP PI Process Integration.
  • The address instigates through a small introduction to SAP PI Training, SAP Net Weaver, SAP Process Orchestration and proceeds by a short prologue to SAP Net Weaver PI 7.4 Training Process Integration. After that the SAP hands-on preparing initiates and you resolve originate learning by doing it.
  • After you finish this course you will have the capacity to comprehend the useful side of SAP NetWeaver PI Process Integration Online Training.

What is SAP PI Training (process Integration)? 

  • SAP PI Training is intended in such the simplest way therefore on benefit the participant to realize competitive benefits in beginning / enhancing a career in SAP PI. The participants can learn to set up eventualities and understand and configure the various choices with that a back-end system will be connected to the SAP netweaver method Integration. The class teaches the new functions of SAP NetWeaver method integration. You’ll be protected by hands on exercises designed to support you in excelling as SAP method Integration. We provide SAP PI 7.4 Training and SAP PI 7.X Online Training version of this course by expert trainers.
  • SAP has renamed SAP Netweaver Exchange Infrastructure – SAP Netweaver XI – as Sap Netweaver process Integration (SAP Netweavwe PI). SAP Netweaver method integration (SAP PI/XI) is SAP’s enterprise application integration (EAI) software, a part of the NetWeaver product group used to facilitate and people of external parties. Before the present version, SAP PI was referred to as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI). Like alternative NetWeaver elements, Sap PI is compatible with software system product of different companies. SAP calls PI an integration broker because it mediates between entities with variable necessities in terms of connectivity, format, and protocols. Global Online Trainings Provides latest version of SAP PI Training with material and videos.

SAP PI training is nothing but a System application and products process integration (SAP PI Training) which is a middleware middleweight are nothing but which are very much useful in order to connect to end systems. A Middleware concept is transforming one particular system formatted data into another system formatted data and tries to connect to both the systems strongly and consistently. We also provide latest 7.x version of SAP PI Training.

If you not have technical skills on SAP PI Global online trainings understand your problem and improve your technical skills. We have group of technically endowed trainers having years of experience, who will help you in solving your technical problems at any time. We have real time trainers and our real-time experienced professionals who are expertise in different technologies as well as domains will accept all types of confronts and provide better solution to solve the problem for SAP PI. We also provide SAP PI project support and give to you in time what we have said.

Middle is totally comes under that particular concept rather than we are stopping at only a middleware section where we are trying to integrate the systems we are going a step ahead and saying that these are enterprise application integration (EAI).

  • PI as a middleware all the systems within the landscape will be connected to PI and we will try to exchange data within the architecture of within the landscape or outside the landscape using PI itself whenever we are trying to interact within the landscape then it is called application to application or internal integration.
  • Whenever we are trying to interact with outside systems like this then it is called external integration or business to business. Global Online Trainings provide SAP PI Online, Corporate training by experience trainers. Also provide SAP PO, SAP XI trainings. Learning SAP PI training will be an added  advantage for the individual to learn SAP PO training.

SAP PO training is comparable to the SAP PI .Where the SAP PO coaching uses the bpm because the receiver for the services to receive the message, act like as sender additionally. SAP method Orchestration online training can combine sub method to induce the business method. SAP PO training is middle layer within the method, SAP PO training can integration layer and it’ll transform the information from presentation layer to service unable that is backend method.

SAP method Orchestration 7.x online training is that the combination of the SAP PI, BPM, and BRM. It’s advanced of the SAP PI. SAP PO training designed on the SAP Netweaver. Abstract service interface will be used between the bpm and PI. Global online trainings provide SAP process Orchestration 7.x online training videos. Online SAP PO training can cover all the portion of the content.

In order to do some integration we require some tools so those are called as components. We are having four components in PI,

  • System Landscape directory
  • Enterprise Service repository
  • Integration directory
  • Configuration and Monitoring
System Landscape directory:

We will store all the integrated applications, all the SAP systems will be stored on the System Landscape directory (SLD) then only we will there with the internal systems we will work on the other systems.

Enterprise Service repository:

In this Enterprise Service repository (ESR) we will desire the message types. we will desire how are the message need to be and what types of mappings it need to be use all the things will be designed under this repository.

Integration directory:

This directory is alternative mechanisms where we will design how the message flow need to be, like what is the source scheme, what is the destination scheme, what type of representing it must need to use while analysing the communication all this things under integration directory. Global online trainings provide the best SAP PI training and also provide documents for the SAP PI training which are prepared by our top professionals.

Configuration and Monitoring:

 PI is divided into two types one thing with total configuration part, where we will configure sender system, receiver system, mapping and these things will be configure on this part. And another one is central monitoring part the main use of PI is database. For other integration modules in this particular database are missing that is the main drawback within the other integration module to this module. Each and every message will be store at you can monitor it has reached the system anything can be done in this monitoring part.

Following  fig, illustrate the architecture overview, more in depth   concepts you will come across  SAP PI Training:                                          

What is sap netweaver?

  • Netweaver that is a technology platform well I repeat it’s a technologySAP PI TRAINING platform these two key words technology platform actually explains everything. Technology platform is an ecosystem in which we can solve pecific problems with the components in an ecosystem well I use a jargon called ecosystem right so when i say ecosystem that it can include for various applications development tools servers and managers security uses industry standards and manage the application life cycle like installation of create patches restarts monitoring etc.

A technology platform could be a collection of technologies capabilities to address specific business needs so SAP Netweaver is a technology platform so it has collection of software applications that provide different capabilities the first capability is a portal capability that’s basically the series of tools to build with applications it has analytical and the reporting capabilities so it has its own database it has some nice UI to build reporting and analytics dashboards on top of it using those data in from the database it has tools to integrate system to exchange the message that is CPI NPO tool test applications then it actually handles the whole logistics itself in line as a security and the identity. It is actually embrace the industry standard technologies like web services XML bpmm and many others. Global Online Trainings also provide SAP Process integration Online training by expert trainers.


SAP PI Training dual stack:                                               
  • Version 7.4 was released in April 2013 and PI 7.5 was released in November 2015. With 7.31/7.4 Single Stack ESB capabilities are introduced with Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) and added richer connectivity options.
  • Existing features have been enhanced for better performance, and support is provided for high volume processing.
  • Solution Manager introduces centralized monitoring.
  • NWDS (Eclipse)- based editor to create and edit design data.
  • Contact-based search is provided.
SAP PI Training uses the following installation options:

Dual Stack: ABAP and Java

Single Stack or a standalone engine – Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)/ Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE).

Single Stack Java installations can be:

PI only Java: Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)

Decentralized Adapter Engine (DAE)

Po (Process Orchestration): Combining AEX, business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Management (BRM).

 Advantages of SAP PI Training in a Business organization?
  • Get the best business Strategies and processes done right.
  • Improves the product insights and productivity.
  • Minimizes the cost / very economical.
  • Low chance of Risk.
  • SAP helps in controlling the rising expenditure of an organization.
  • Restructures the business process and its leading efficiency.
  • In SAP PI training you may learn to watch in higher easy and obtainable options like message, performance, and element observance and then on, all are often used to track and rectify the errors.
  • SAP PI Training supports varied SAP elements like Benefits and security of SAP PI TRAINING:
  • IDOC, BAPI, PROXY RFC etc. that is needed whereas integrating, you may explore additional concerning it in SAP PI Training
  • Adapters and mappings are additional friendly and simple
  • You may also come upon Asynchronous and Synchronous communication concepts thoroughly as a part of SAP PI Training.
These are the applications now use in SAP PI Training:
  • XAPPS (such as XRPM, XIEP)
  • ICH (SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub within SAP SCM)
  • BI (SAP Business Inventory for Global Spending Reporting)
  • R/3 Enterprise (for Industry Standard Support)
  • CRM (SAP Customer Relationship Management, for Extended Order Management)
  • SBO (SAP Business one
  • Auto-ID Infrastructure

Integration Process (BPM) Concepts:

What is BPM (Business Process Management)?

Business Process Management is a procedure driven approach for enhancing business execution it joins data innovation with administration philosophies.   

Business Process:

The business process is essentially a standardized way to convert a set of inputs into a desired output.

Process flow:

The input to the process is provided by one or more suppliers this is often in the form of information the customer can be an internal customer like a manager at the bank who applied for the loan even another of as a customer that is consuming the information created by the first process any entity the demands and consumes process output is considered as a customer.

Pillars of BPM:

The three mainstays of bpm is innovation individuals and procedures every one of the three perspectives need to work for a BPM task to be a win the business procedure should be fit for reason and really fulfill the requests of the considerable number of partners.

Benefits of BPM:
  • A good BPM implementation will increase the visibility of making it easy to monitor and control the critical business processes of the bank.
  • It provides management with an increased ability to identity for bottlenecks making improvements we need it and reassigned resources to meet customer demand.
  • It also provides an increased ability to identify further areas of optimization that will improve customer satisfaction or lower transaction costs.Benefits of SAP PI training
  • Good BPM systems normally contribute significantly to reduce lead times the customer hears about the decision of the bank within days rather than weeks.
  • BPM ensures better definition of the duties and the roles of the employees of the company. Global online trainings offer SAP PI project support at reasonable price and given at flexible hours.

It’s also good tool for fraud prevention auditing and assessment of regulatory compliance.

In SAP PI Training we provide good information on SAP HCI training which has the time period business method integration. HANA Cloud Integration is SAP middleware within the cloud. SAP HANA cloud platform primarily it’s a platform as a service product that corporations for example freelance software vendor’s startups and developers will use to form and check Hana based mostly cloud applications.

SAP HCI Online training may be a cloud based, mostly technology it a new organically designed technology by SAP that has varied capabilities. It offers a spread of accessible application information and infrastructure services that you’ll use to develop and check your applications. SAP HCI training facilitates share knowledge across a multitude {of different|of numerous} systems talking varied protocols and help integration processes that span across various systems.


Conclusion for SAP PI Training:

Since SAP PI Training and SAP PI training items all in all are exceptionally point by point themes we will incorporate all sort of accommodating material. From SAP help records to whitepapers to well order aides as a piece of SAP PI Training. The average salary of software engineer as a senior developer can be up to $127,381. Global online trainings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers we also provide project for the course with reasonable price at flexible timings.

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