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SAP PM Training

Introduction to SAP PM Training:

SAP PM Training by Global Online Trainings will give you the ability to understand that the plant is one of the most important of all units because it usually represents a production unit of the company and also represent a storage unit as in material management. Our online training team will provide help for the people who are eager to pursue this course for exploring their career worldwide by covering each aspects as well as areas of the SAP PM Training with the real-time business scenarios. SAP PM Stands for Plant Maintenance and it is one of the functional modules of SAP. The plant at which the operational systems of a company are installed is called the maintenance plant and if the maintenance work is planned then it is also called as planning plant. SAP PM by best SAP Plant Maintenance Online Course can be easily integrated with other SAP modules such as materials management, production and sales management, personal management etc.



Mode of training: Online Training, Corporate Training and Job Support

Duration of course: 30 hrs

Do you provide materials: Yes, If you register with Global Online Trainings, the materials will be provided.

course fee:  After register with Global Online Trainings, our coordinator will contact you.

Trainer experience: 12 years+

Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track


SAP Plant Maintenance Online Course Content :

SAP Integrated Business Planning online course content part 1SAP Integrated Business Planning online course content part 2

Who can learn SAP Plant Maintenance online Course?

  • Business process Owner
  • Industry Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • SAP PM Consultant

SAP PM is an essential part of the logistics function. It is completely integrated with other components including Materials Management(MM) and Production(PP).

SAP PM Consultants can also learn below courses:


The SAP LSMW (Legacy system Migration workbench) is a tool that supports to transfer data migration from non – sap to sap systems. So SAP PM training will make use of this tool for transferring data.

Why SAP PM Training?

In this challenging and growing IT environment, every organization needs to maintain the mechanism in the new development and to maintain its reliability it require various other services which involve the different types of business processes such as error or bug reports and orders of repairing as well as maintenance services in SAP Plant Maintenance online Course.

  • So the various functionalities can be performed and managed using SAP plant maintenance module.
  • SAP PM Modules are integrated with other SAP modules that could be helpful to perform various functions.
  • It helps to explore the organizational infrastructure within the maintenance workflow which could be helpful for exploring as well as managing objects to be maintained in a detailed manner.
  • SAP PM Training also helps for planning as well as processing maintenance tasks in detailed manner like inspection, repair, constructing and modifying technical system.
  • It also used to set the log-term goal for projects by processing external resources and scheduling for resource to improve the capacity with the cost planning.
  • The functionalities of SAP Plant Maintenance online Course Components are always active to provide comprehensive software solutions for all the maintenance tasks that will go to be performed in the required business process.
  • SAP PM Training comes with the feature of automation function which is used to record all the maintenance works along with the equipment history that is running in the company.

Learn about Functions of SAP PM Process in SAP PM Training:   SAP PM Training Overview

Repair: Measure and restore the stable condition of the system technically, maintenance the organization. Purpose of maintain the process in several levels and it is not necessarily all the implemented system application process in sap pm training. It is possible to repair for many planning stages such cost, working schedules, resource plan and permits the authorization process in SAP PM Training. To possible orders & shop papers with minimum value of entries and it is possible to react immediately for the damaged events production will be shut down.

Inspection: It helps to establish the technical system in its actual condition for maintenance. Global Online Trainings provide best SAP Plant Maintenance online Course with best consultants.

Maintenance preventive: It can be defined as a measure which is ideal condition for all technical system. The main purpose is to manage the high availability with reliability for all the technical systems of SAP PM Training. Examples for the plant maintenance production that includes a long term business process.

The detailed explanation will be given during the SAP PM Training by high professionals to the individuals who are interested in SAP Plant Maintenance module.

Learn Details about Architecture of SAP PM in our SAP PM Training:

The Plant maintenance structure consists of various organizational levels and the top level have the general organizational units in logistics. The client is the highest element of all the org units because it corresponds for example to a corporate group that may have several subsidiaries under it and each subsidiary can be set up as a company code.

  • Each company code has its own financial statement and balance sheet. Within the plant is most popular factor because it handles production unit as well as planned operational units.
  • The two entities maintenance plant and maintenance planned plant could be the same org unit or could be a different org unit depending on the business processes.
  • The location unit subdivides the maintenance plant according to special criteria like site, building or coordinate. A maintenance plant can also be subdivided into plant sections based on responsibility for production.
  • In SAP Plant Maintenance online Course the units of capacity in plant maintenance or PM are managed as maintenance work centers and at the bottom the maintenance planning plant is the org unit in which maintenance requirements are planned.
  • These requirements can either come from your own plant or from another maintenance plant assigned to this maintenance planning plant. The planners within this planning plant are defined by maintenance planner groups in SAP PM Training.
  • In most of the org structures maintenance measures are planned in the same plant where the maintenance requirements occur and maintenance orders are executed by workshops from the same plant as well as spare parts are stored in the same plant.
  • A work center is an org unit where work can be carried out and used as responsible work centers in the master record of the equipment and functional location with SAP PM Training.
  • As responsible work center for task lists or for maintenance items or for other headers and operations of an order and it is belong to master data for providing the capacity required to perform a task.
  • SAP PPM stands for SAP Portfolio and Project Management and it delivers role-based interaction with the seamless integration to real-time finance, resources and analytics with SAP PM Training. In this process the project starts with initiation of the project then it goes to the project planning and then project implementation stage.
  • The term project management for customers consists of three disciplines on that customers are seeking to implement their requirement to build the project.
  • Enroll for best SAP PPM Training in order to gain the knowledge that is required for project development. 
  • The portfolio management is about identifying project needs or requirements, understanding the financial demand to a project, the risks, and benefits associated to the project.
  • It also checks that do we have the resources available in our organization to do the project. Once you get this approval for the project with the budget assigned then it should go to the project management department.
  • The project management phase is where the detailed planning of the project, work packages and milestones processes are done. Then you can start monitoring and executing of the project.
  • The third discipline is the resource management which is about understanding the recourse demand on a high level and actually Identifying individual as well as bulk resources in the organization and assigning these resources as well as work packages.
  • It helps for managing a lot of timing and the confirmation of tasks as well as efforts worked on the project. These disciplines will be helpful to manage the whole range of different project types.
Importance of SAP PM Plant Module in SAP Plant Maintenance online Course:
Work Center:
  • Thy basic data of a work center contains general data such as work center category, description responsibility and usage.
  • The work center links also provide the connection between the work center and other objects within the SAP system.
  • You can link a work center to the following objects or things like a cost center, qualification, position or with people.
Functional Location:
  • The functional location is one of the technical objects which are essentially hierarchically ordered structures that represent a technical system or a building or a part of it.
  • You can structure the functional location according to special criteria or technical aspects or functional criteria.
  • Some example could be functional or could be polymerization function location or condensation functional location etc.
  • The aim of creating a function location is to structure a technical system or building into units that are relevant for SAP PM Training.
  • In doing so the functional locations are every often taking on the function of the location where individual objects can be installed and in such cases it is possible to view removal as well as installation locations.
  • This could be from the point of view of the installation location and also from the individual installation or removal object.
  • The functional location is typically used in the implementation to perform maintenance tasks, maintain technical data and evaluate it over a long period of time or for cost of maintenance tasks to be recorded as well as to check the usage condition.
  • In SAP Plant Maintenance online Course, The next technical object is equipment and one of most important entities in the PM module. Equipment can be defined as a single object which is maintained like an independent unit.
  • The term equipment is used to correspond to a single object such as a pump, motor or boiler etc for which the process of maintenance tasks are executing and recording.
  • Equipment can be installed at functional locations and can also be linked with the material and the equipment master record needs to be created for a technical object.Global online Trainings provide best SAP PM Training by our highly skilled consultants. We also provide the classroom training and Corporate Training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune
  • The master record helps if you need to manage individual data for the object, record breakdown plan or preventive maintenance tasks in SAP PM Training and if you want to evaluate the technical data for the object over a long period of time.Are you interested in learning more about this course? Then Global online trainings is best in providing SAP Plant Maintenance online Course at an affordable price.
Bills of material:
  • The bills of material are used for different purposes across the SAP landscape such as costing bill of material, design bill of material or a production bill of material.
  • Instead of defining one single bills of material, each area has their own bills of material such as for production there is a separate bills of material and for costing there is a separate one in SAP PM Training.
  • The bills of material are uniquely defined per area by their usage depending on the enhancement path.
  • The bill of material for plant maintenance differs from the other parts in that it only contains items that are relevant to plant maintenance.

SAP MM stands for SAP Material Management and also known as procurement to pay term which means procuring a material from the vendor or from any source and up to paying them with SAP PM Training. So this whole process is known as SAP MM. It can be defined as a material management function of SAP which is a part of SAP Logistic area. 

  • It is one of the important part or modules in SAP ERP software where the application module supports procurement as well as inventory function occurring in daily basis of business operations.
  • We also provide training services for SAP MM Training with all the related aspects by top trainers.
  • The MM modules is a management tool which contains all the configuration related components like master data, configuration file and all the information about transaction to finish the process.
  • The SAP MM can be divided or categorized in different parts such as inventory management, service master, material master, product catalog, logistic invoice and so on.
  • The SAP MM is also linked with the other SAP modules such as production planning, quality management, plant maintenance and so on.
  • If you are running a business then you need to map the business organizational unit in SAP and it will help you for managing resources information and activities in a designed way.

 Overview of SAP PM Training:

  • SAP Plant Maintenance is an integral part of the company, it provides business with a comprehensive software solution for all business maintenance activities. SAP PM Training enables users with a numerous possibilities that help them to tailoring individual requirements and it has numerous links to other enterprise areas. The independent nature of the SAP system enables to use external systems that are integrated with the PM element, such as computer aided design, geographical information system, control & data acquisitions systems.
  • Sap pm training supports cost efficient maintenance such as preventive maintenance or risk based maintenance. Global Online Trainings provide best SAP Plant Maintenance Online Training with best consultants;which helps to acquire more knowledge about SAP PM Module. SAP Plant maintenance certification will be provided by the trainer after the completion of SAP PM Training.  Global online Trainings provide best SAP PM training and also we provide best SAP PM job support by professionals at low cost.

Conclusion for SAP PM Training:

In Short, SAP Plant maintenance is integrated with other SAP logistics modules like SAP MM(Materials Management), SAP PP(Product Planning), QM(Quality Management), PS(Project systems) that can perform SAP PM help representing organisational structures within maintenance. It also help in representing and managing objects to be maintained in a detailed manner.Planning and processing maintenance tasks in a detailed manner,inspection, preventive maintenance. Trust me, Learn SAP PM and move up in your career by enhancing your skills and become key user in your organisation. There is a huge scope in the market with the sky-scraping packages. So what are you waiting for? Join today in global online trainings and book the slot for S4 HANA PM  training. Hurry up!!


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