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SAP PO Training

Introduction to SAP PO Training:

SAP PO (Process Orchestration) Training tells about the relationship between the PI and BPM. Interactions occurred between PI and BPM that happens with the interface services. The interface services should have some important rules that is the operations which are performed should be only one to be used and the operation name should be match with the interface name. Service interface from the PI to BPM and the BPM to PI. Global Online Training will provided the SAP PO training with the professional trainers and the class should conducted separately for every student.SAP PO Training will also available in online and the training will given with the advanced version of SAP PO . You can enroll for the trainer. We provide SAP Process Orchestration 7.x Online Training with the trainers written materials. Experts trainers will give training on SAP PO corporate training in Hyderabad. SAP PO Training adaptor training will also given.

Prerequisites of SAP PO Training:

  • SAP PI/XI 7.4 can learn here.
  • SAP PI 7.5 training can learn here.
  • SAP HCI Consultants can learn, people who have good knowledge on SAP, they can learn SAP PO.

SAP Process Orchestration 7.x Online Training CONTENT


Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP PO Training Demo video:

Overview of SAP PO Training:

  • SAP PO Training is similar to the SAP PI .Where the SAP PO  Training uses the BPM as the receiver for the services to receive the message, act like as sender also. SAP Process Orchestration Online  Training will combine sub process to get the business process. SAP PO Training is middle layer in the process, SAP PO Training will integration layer and it will transform the data from presentation layer to service unable which is backend process.
  • SAP Process Orchestration 7.x Online Training is the combination of the SAP PI, BPM, and BRM. It’s advanced of the SAP PI. SAP PO Training built on the SAP Netweaver. Abstract service interface will be used between the BPM and PI. Global Online Training provides  SAP Process Orchestration 7.x Online  Training videos.
  • Online SAP PO training will cover all the portion of the content. Global online trainings provides best SAP PO training and also we provide job support for SAP PO. Why this job support means, if you got job after learning this SAP PO course, you are facing any technical quires in SAP PO project. We do the best for support to solve the all the technical problems.

 What is SAP Netweaver PO (Process Orchestration):

  • SAP Netweaver PO is an the integration and the operation platform that will united the people, business and the information process.
  • SAP Netweaver is collection of component to keep together to address specific challenge.
  • SAP Netweaver is platform of collection of components, framework and server for system to develop the operations and the components are PI, PO and XI.
  • SAP Integration are develop on the SAP Netweaver.
  • SAP Netweaver has two server based on java and abap.
  • It manages the security and existence management.
  • It based on one platform that is ESA. SAP wills assumption that the new product will release in yielding with the ESA.

SAP EAI (Enterprise Application Integration):

SAP Netweaver Process Integration is an the SAP ESI software the main purpose of the SAP Netweaver Process Integration is to convert the data from the company enclosed and the system  and those of third person.

SAP PO and PI Stack support Information:

  • SAP PI is the single stack support before that version it is double stack base i.e. java and ABAP stack. The message should be process in both stack
  • SAP PO Training is single stack base only it has only java stack on the other hand if any one want to use double stack it has option to use after that they complete base only java stack.

 About SAP PO 7 version Stack support:

Before the latest version of the SAP PO training has the strong base on hana and move towards the hana, cloud, integrated solution. After that new version of SAP PO 7.5 has no dual stack base.

sap po component

SAP PO Training Component:

SAP PO Training components there are three features they are

  • SAP PI (Process Integration)
  • SAP BRM (Business rules management)
  • SAP BPM (Business Process management)
SAP PI (Process Integration):
  • SAP PI in this merge will go through the adapters. It provide single merge to all the system without any contact actual complex network. It built in the engine for designing and executing the merge process.
  • AEX (Advanced Adapter Engine Extended) is also known as SAP PI the main difference between them is PI can be installed on java, hana but AEX is java installation only.
  • AEX will have some tools and components; AEX will connect system and act as integrated system.
  • AEX is an message exchange for the services.
  • It will provide security for the system.
  • Conversion of the contract between the provider and the user.
  • Monitoring tools have for the end to end monitoring the system.
  • Version management is easy to develop the environment.
SAP PI Openness and Interoperability:
  • SAP PI is built with the open source like java, xml and soap.
  • SAP PI provides easy to develop their own J2EE for users with the help of Adapter development kit.
  • In SAP PI its an easy to define the mapping with the java, Abap.
  • When conversions and any mapping rules we to open the PI box and to buy the SAP PO Training  developer and the support person, to update the values for the mapping rules.
  • Any changes want to be done then we want to enter the PI person to update all those values. SAP BRM will provide URL to functional users; in that URL we can maintain the mapping rules, logics we can accept that links and automatically updated into the PI box.
Role of SAP BRM:

SAP BPM will have some rules for the process ,SAP BPM will follow the rules of the SAP BRM which is required for the process rules of BRM is not matching for the BPM then it has right to change the rules for the process required and it is separation from process.

Benefits of SAP BRM:
  • Separation of logic and the data because logic in BPM, rules in BRM.
  • Achieve of rules and observation if any BPM want to change the rules of their business can change.
  • Real time update rules are there.

SAP BPM is to handle the complex situation in SAP PI like separating messages, opposed system in order to stop the process for message for a minute.

Role of SAP BPM:
  • SAP BPM request will be approval to the movement and the SAP PO Training  Portal will send that request to the AEX.
  • AEX will see the resources for the movement based on the resource only the process will go on, there will be manage approval and auto approval based on the resources it will continue after that process will complete when confirmation message is send back to the SAP Portal.
Benefits of SAP BPM:
  • SAP BPM support to human centric that means it will wait for inputs given by the user.
  • If any changes are necessary it will flexible alter the adapt quickly.
  • AEX and SAP BPM will separately handle where AEX will handle the connectivity, SAP BPM will handle the business process.


  • SAP PO  Training it has OData appliances where it can expose it service to Clouds but that ODATA provisioning option is not in the recent developed SAP PO Training in that place adapter are there.
  • HCI will conform cloud and uncloud application, where PI will conform to some application and in the some condition it will use cloud also.

Difference between SAP PI Training and PO:

SAP is an tool which is an software in integrated tool help to transform the message between two systems. Integration is wall from XI- PI-PO.

Integration tools


Integration tools for SAP PO and PI:

There should be some features for the SAP PO Training  and PI integration tools;

  • Connectivity:

The connectivity should be in the form of http or ftp to specifically tool should join to the system based on the contract.

  • Routing:

Routing tells once the message has received, the received message has to forward to system that is for one system or two system.

  • Transformation:

Data should be transform in some form where the data is in xml form that data should be transform in the xl, csv file.

  • Runtime:

Runtime should be cache, monitoring and security for develop the code are deploy the code for maintain the whole server.

  • BPM:

BPM will do the multiple works in the same time it will execute the series of code at a time.

All this integration tools will done in SAP PO Training, PI but in different manner.

XI (Exchange Infrastructure):

XI has supported on dual stack of SAP Netweaver like java and abap. Three layers engines are AE, IE and BPM.

  • AE engine which takes the connectivity portion, it will connect the system and exchange the message.
  • IE engine which has the routing, transformation and break time to run the message most of the done heavy carrying of the message processing will be done.
  • BPM handles the series of execution for the message process to complete the process.

PI (Process Integration):

PI introduced new engine called AAE which has the capability of convert the message end to end without integration engine during the run processing time. The drawback is it will support few connections only. AEX is an integration tool but there is no BPM.

PO (Process Orchestration):

 PO has the single stack java it has BRM and it is sequence of AEX, BPM and BRM.

SAP HCI Training:

SAP HCI  is an integration utility and it is an the cloud based technology . SAP HCI Training for process integration approve you to organize business forms spreading over different companies, organizations and departments  which inside an association. Sap HCI  is important for learning the SAP PO Training. Virtual job support provide best SAP PO online job support by senior most consultants. We are providing best SAP PO project/job support by highly skilled consultants at low cost.

Dell Boomi Training:

Dell boomi is hosted in a cloud it is cloud services itself. Where it is single integration platform.Dell Boomi Training is necessary who want to do project of SAP PO Training.

Sap PI Training:

SAP PI training  it is also an System function and device integration (SAP PI Training) which it  is a middle way but this are useful to connect the users.SAP PI Training is the basic of the SAP tool ,so for learning SAP PO Training we should know about this SAP PI Training.

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