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SAP PP Training can be for any industry type, so production planning function of SAP is a part of logistic area. It is the one of the ERP modules in the ERP software and it’s also a core module. A SAP PP training module supports planning and production functions occurring in day-to-day business operations. SAP Production planning modules consists of all master data, system configuration and transactions to complete the planning and production process. SAP PP online training will be organizing the manufacturing facilities for the finished product that needs to be delivered to the customer on a specific plan date. Best SAP PP online training tutorial by Global Online Training is based on latest research, live project, & best possible industry update. This SAP PP Module Training is advantageous to students and also for on job professional at their flexible timings. 

Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP PP online training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 11+ years.

Prerequisites for SAP PP Training: 

  • You should have basic knowledge on SAP MM and SAP QM to learn SAP Production Planning Training.
  • SAP FUNCTIONAL Consultants can learn this course.
  • Production In-charge, Production Engineer and Production Control Plan can learn SAP PP Training.
  • SAP PP Online Training will be helpful for Production optimization and SAP manufacturing.


SAP PP Training Course Content

Overview of SAP PP Training:

SAP PP training is the way toward adjusting anticipating and client request with assembling office to make creation and acquirement plans for completed items and parts assets that implies relying upon the gauging of the materials and the client request. SAP PP online training incorporated with various modules they are FI, HR, CO, SD, HR, QM, PM, MM and PS.Our consultants are highly skilled at providing job support.

Learn about SAP PP organizational structure in SAP PP Training:

In SAP PP training organizational structure, here we additionally utilizing plant fundamentally have plants are allotted to organization codes organization are assigned out to controlling region relegated to customer once more, the customer here the controlling region the organization code and the plant usually utilized between various modules. SAP oil and gas training covers the EXG, MAP, HPM, TD, TSW, and MCOE sub modules. The industry solution for the SAP oil and gas industry, it is featuring tool and automated processes. SAP IS Oil and gas training is the leading integrated solution for the entire value added chain of the SAP oil and gas Training industry from the well head to the gas station.

SAP PP Training: Order to cash-cycle

The customer sends an order and the order will be received by asset department sales and distribution, they will create a sales order in SAP SD system then material management module will do some planning.

SAP MM will purchase order for vendor to deliver the raw material and then vendor will be receive a purchase order and they will supply as the raw material and then production planning in this receive raw materials and once the production is done will send the goods to the customer will ship the goods to the customer and finally once the goods are delivered to the customer the data will flows to finance department so that invoices will be sent to the customer and also the vendor will be paid for the raw materials.

Learn about Manufacturing types in SAP PP training:

Basically SAP PP model perspective we have three types of manufacturing in SAP PP training system.

  • Repetitive pp training
  • Discrete manufacturing.
  • Process industries.
Repetitive manufacturing:

Repetitive manufacturing in this type of manufacturing products remains unchanged over a longer period and are not manufactured in individual defined lots that means continuation production is going on for a specific product there is no stoppage, no lots sights ,no fixed quantity, no changes so only constant production of one particular material over a long period of time.

So repeat that means repeat instead a total quantity is produced over a certain period at certain rate. That means one constant production of a product and the total quantity is produced over a certain period and a certain rate. The more detailed information is provided during the SAP PP Training by top trainers from India.

SAP Simple Logistics Training as SAP S/4 HANA, is the next generation platform that is revolutionizing business performance for SAP customers the platform is based on the new type of data base which is built on in memory technology.

Discrete manufacturing:

Discrete manufacturing, in this write includes changing the succession of work center through which the items can go amid generation however it’s a work center implies machines in this assembling one item can be experiencing diverse machines. The order of work center or the machine is determined in routing which can  often be very complex ,so will create all the out data in routing, Routing is a master data.

Routing is defined that whether this process this product will going through which machines. They can be waiting times between the individual work centers.We provide best project support in the industry.

Process industries:

Process manufacturing this is used mainly in a process industry where in process is usually batch managed, it is basically where the product is manufactured in batches. In this type of manufacturing, copy the process described in a master recipe and adjusts it to the actual production run. It is principally intended for the synthetic, pharmaceutical, nourishment and refreshment ventures and in addition clump arranged hardware industry.

Many of us like challenges in our project which will let you out your potential in resolving the issues in your project right? So we need a little bit of guidence  or support to face those challenges hence Virtual job support team as been come up with a solution for this by giving the job support or project support that helps in giving the right solution.

Detail about Master Data in SAP PP Training:
Material Master:

The material master in SAP is used by different areas of a company so different area means here that the material master is not only used by SAP PP training but it’s used by other departments as well as SD,MM,PM modules and also the accounting side of SAP.

So have a common material master record that will be used by different departments of a company including SAP pp online training (Production Planning). In material master data have different views, views means the type of data that can store over there.

Org levels of material master:

Data in the material master record has a hierarchical structure that covers the following organizational levels:

  • Client
  • Plant
  • Storage location

The hierarchical structure of the data makes it easier to organize information on materials throughout the company and minimizes data redundancy

Role of Bill of material (BOM) in sap pp training:

A Bill of material is a complete formally structured list of components that make up a product or assembly. The list contains a description and object number for each component together with the quantity and unit of measure.

Structure of BOM:

BOM has a header and items, items can have different more than one item. So header easier can have a material number here header quantity the base quantity have status here lot size. Items are different can have item number one and two and so on every item has a different features, different unit of measure, different quantity and again some different setup.

Importance of Work center in sap pp training:

Work center in sap pp training means any machine in company or it can have different definition now in simple words it can be a machine but it could have different definition. A work center is a location that defines where production activities take place according to order requirements. Work centers are also called machine centers or capacity centers.

Work centers can be defined as individual or multiple machines, people, tools and so on. Work centers are used in routings and production orders. Work centers also used to collect capacity for statistical evolutions.

Work center that can use in sap that can be integrated with different parts. Work centers are used in routing, routing describes of production cycles so if need to manufacture a component so need to define in the routing that from work centers.


Routing means basically then want to define what are the different operations that a product will be going through during the manufacturing process.

Learn about MRP (Material Requirement Planning) in SAP PP training:

The main purpose of MRP is to guarantee material availability. MRP determines also what material is needed; what quantity of the material is needed.

Reorder point and safety stock:

Safety stock this should covers excess material consumption that may occur during replenishment lead time as well as the normal requirement when the lead are delayed, Safety stock is a part of reorder point. Basically maintain the safety stock in master record and the purpose of the safety stock is basically to have some stock in hand just in some emergency or there are some unexpected requirements.

The safety stock reduces the stuff available for the planning. Safety stock partially available that means want the system to use partial quantity of the safety stock.

Importance of Demand Management in SAP PP training:

In real time scenarios, whatever sap pp training (production planning) is doing is either sales orders and planning but it could be some companies want prepare the product before receive the sales order, In this demand management it has two tasks ,the first one is make to stock production, and other one is make to order production. Make to stock production that means we can manufacture the product before receiving the order, make to order production is only depending on the product and the business when customer place an order than only will manufacturing the product.

Planning strategy 20:

Planning strategy 20 this is the pure make to order and then can also select indicator for the indicator in to collective indicator.

Planning strategy 24:

Planning strategy 24, in this scenario what happens is so as the name is saying is pure make to order strategy that means the production will only start as soon as receive the sales order.

SAP PP Tables:

There are millions of tables in SAP, the purpose of this is whenever the ABAP create a new report they will fetch the from the tables so all the reports that are written, all the transactions that created in SAP

Planned independent requirements reduction in SAP PP Training:Planned indepdent requirements reduction

Planned independent requirements reduction, here start with the planning there will be entering the planned independent requirements in MD 61 and then the production will start and from the production the sales order will be goods issued so whatever sales are out there they will be delivered to the customer and after the goods issue for the sales order finally the planned independent requirements that we entered here that will be reduced at this step and finally we will start all over again so that’s the cycle goes on.

SAP PPM Training is to achieve the product its required to keep the all the projects with the enterprises. For the SAP PPM Online Training there will be some rules for delivering the final product where the strategy management, planning, program development, project approval, project design and schedule, project construction& closing. 

Conclusion of SAP PP Training:

Now a days, we have high demand for SAP PP training, SAP PP, QM and EWM are somewhere in the range of few specialty abilities which can be extremely high paid.  Global online trainings provide best SAP PP training by our highly skilled consultants. We also provide the classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore Gurgaon, Hyderabad Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. SAP PP module supports planning and production functions occurring in day-to-day business operations. SAP PP plays important role in manufacturing, sales and distributing products, SAP PP is the ERP component, it can helps to many companies for distributing and manufacturing goods.


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