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SAP PS Training



SAP PS Training stands for SAP Project Systems. SAP PS is a project management tool that assists throughout all the phases of a project. It has the high level of integration with other SAP functions such as Logistics, Accounting, and Human Resources. SAP Project Systems online course ensures that the necessary business processes are handled quickly and efficiently, it provides structures that allow mapping projects, flexible and with the appropriate structures using suitable tools and reports in PS. SAP Project Systems online course is rendered by the best subject matter experts and the tutorials prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as for corporate batches on demand. 

 Prerequisites of SAP PS Training: 

Who can learn SAP PS Training?

  • SAP MM Consultants.
  • SAP Functional Consultants.
  • SAP PM,QM,CS consultants can also learn SAP PS Training.
  • People working in Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Oil/ Gas/ Petroleum industries and interested to switch into SAP can learn SAP PS training.


SAP PS Training Course Content Part1

SAP PS Training Course Content Part2


Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. Global online trainings offers best SAP PS Training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.


Overview of SAP PS Training:

SAP PS Training is incorporated into the existing structure by making assignments to the organizational units in accounting and logistics. The SAP PS Training used different organization elements are controlling area, company code, business area, profit center and plant at Project level.

SAP PS Modules Training

SAP PS Modules

SAP Project Systems online course is used to manage budgets, plan cost, collection annual cost, and report on projects as with all SAP modules and it also interacts with all of the other modules.

You can plan and monitor dates, revenues, budgets, materials, resources and so on. SAP PS Training is a component part of SAP ERP and PLM which is product lifecycle management in addition to PS, SAP offers other products for efficient program and project management. SAP Material Management capable integration makes PS a key player in the coordination cycle, including the capacity to deal with Services by means of Service Masters.  A Clearly and precisely structured project is the basis for planning, monitoring, and controlling the project. SAP Project Systems online course includes

  • Work Breakdown Structure                     SAP PS Training Elements                               
  • Network 
  • Activity 
  • Milestones
  • Project definition
  • Project Builder

Work Breakdown Structures: WBS elements are the objects that are actually used for planning and updating the actual data because the WBS structure is presented hierarchically. The data can be summarized and displayed for the corresponding higher – level WBS elements when you create a WBS and you also have to create a project definition.Global online Trainings is the best place to learn SAP PS Training by industry experts.

Network: the network map the flow of the project, the basic elements that go to make up a network include activities and relationships. That describes the tasks and temporal dependencies between the various tasks in a project.

Activities: Activities are linked to each other by means of relationships, these results in a causal and temporal activity sequence. In this way network from a quantity structure for planning dates costs and resources. SAP Project Systems online course supports different activity categories such as internal processing, external processing, service activities, and costs. You can create activities and maintain data for them in the project builder.

Milestones: Milestone is events that are particular significance or importance to the project flow. Milestones are assigned individual WBS element or network activities and trigger a particular action when appropriate event is reached.

Project definition: The Project definition is a framework for all the objects created within the project. There are various ways of creating and editing a WBS and the project builder is one of the most popular ones.Global Online Trainings Provide SAP PS Training material which is prepared by top industry experts.

Project Builder: The project builder is a user-friendly and intuitive tool, it can use to create the project and the WBS structures and the activities. You can use the project builder to maintain any object in SAP PS Training.

We provide SAP PS training after taking the course, you may get the job in any company then after that if you are facing any technical skills. Our trainers provide job/project support. Virtual job support is the best for SAP PS job support. Our support service gives support from essential with a step-by-step process at a reasonable price with applicant’s flexible timings by the top expert consultant. Trainers have 15+years experience.

Master data in SAP PS Training:

Master data used as a template to create standard or operative project definition and it can form the outline of the project. The basic organization data contains which is valid for the entire project, such as controlling area, business area, company code, factory calendar, and plant.

SAP PS Structure Training

SAP PS Structure

SAP Project Systems online course is the collection of substructural elements representing the hierarchical view of the project. Following are the essential structure put together in a hierarchical view to form the project structure

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Network 
  • Activity

WBS elements describe the Hierarchical view of the entire project (work packages), Network (with activities and relationships) defines the flow of the project, and Activities are the basis for calculation of dates, costs, and capacity requirements.

Project Management in SAP PS Training:

  • SAP Project Systems online course offer SAP Project Management and it is used for C project and for SAP cross RPM which is resource and Project portfolio management.
  • C project is collaboration projects and it can be used independently of PS but also in combination with peers for efficient program management. C project is a Web-based, flexible and easy to teach tool trainer to suit the requirements of development consulting and IT projects. In addition to the functions offered by C projects for structuring, Planning and implementing projects in different integration scenarios.
  • SAP cross RPM is used for strategic management of the entire project portfolio to this end data from different project management tools, for example, Microsoft project, c project. SAP PS Project System module Training can be consolidated with controlling data from ERP financials and monitored with special dashboards and SAP business warehouse. VJS provide best SAP PS job support by experts.
  • The merging of data from different project management tools in SAP cross RPM facilitates uniform system-wide resource planning for all the projects. We provide best SAP Project Systems online course with online training, corporate training, and server access by Industry real time trainers.

SAP PS Training Phases of Project Flow:

  • The project is about creating a turbine, the starting point of this project would be a customer inquiry and later on a sales order for constructing a turbine system. It has following up with a billing document to actually do the billing so these three steps are at the highest level in addition to the controlling related aspects for developing and constructing the turbine system.
  • It is also important to consider a number of logistical requirements in terms of material availability, material procurement, capacity availability etc. A high degree of precision is required during a planning and coordinating complex projects. While planning the projects you will schedule the deadlines and dates, make resources available and assign budgets.
  • The realization of a involves different phases. Large projects require a high degree of precise planning and coordination. During the initial phase of the process, dates must be defined, recourses must be made available, and financing must be provided.
  • A clearly and precisely structured project is the basis for planning, monitoring and controlling your projects. As a rule, a project is structured according to two points of view in sap ps training: structure and process. The various phase depicted above represent an ideal project flow in practice, individual project phases can be left out, others may overlap or be carried out in parallel.
  • In SAP PS Training, the network acts as a quantity structure for planning dates, cost resources, and material requirements automatically. In general, you would be expected to do activities such as creating a customer inquiry in sales and distribution, creating a project with WBS structures for a large project.
  • SAP Project Systems online course simplified terms the project can divide roughly into the following phase’s concept Realization, Preliminary Planning, Detailed Planning, Approval, Actual Implementation and Finally the Closing. VJS give SAP PS job online job/project support at reasonable price.

Basic Data of the SAP PS Training:

  • A work breakdown structure is a model of the project that demonstrates the undertaking deliverable the basic in hierarchical shape. The work breakdown structure in this way speaks to the basic association of the venture and gives a stage, capacities, or item product-oriented description of the project.
  • SAP PS Training at Global Online Training-The individual components of the work breakdown structure are called WBS components. You can separate the WBS components further, contingent on the undertaking stage. SAP PS Training preparing work breakdown structure is the agent reason for cost, income, and installment arranging, time planning, and spending designation in the project.
  • The network depicts the time succession and conditions of occasions and exercises in a task and thereby speaks to the course of the project. A system comprises of basics components: enacts and connections. SAP Project Systems online course exercises shape reason for arranging, breaking down, and controlling dates, costs, and the faculty, limit, materials, recourses and administrations that are required for doing a venture and its undertakings.
  • SAP Project Systems online course preparing exercises are relegated to the WBS components, for instance, the dates and costs characterized in the individual exercises are totaled at the WBS level and can spending plans of the WBS components A Project can comprise of a work breakdown structure and, if important, a few networks. We provide best SAP PS Online Training from experts.We also provide SAP Project Systems documents which are prepared by our top professionals.

Structures and Master data of SAP PS Training:

  • The project is structured according to follow two points- structure and process.
  • Hierarchical structures are used to represents the structure of projects in SAP Project Systems online course. They enable the following Top-down estimates and Bottom-up estimates
  • SAP PS Training is a Project Management tool, which provides with support in all phases of the project, and the high degree of integration between SAP PS and other SAP functions, such as SAP Real estate, Logistics, Accounting, and HR.
  • SAP Project Systems online course provides structures that can use to model and organize projects flexibly.
  • The entire project structure and master data involve headed by project definition. The WBS element structure this is Work Breakdown Structure and the network header followed by network activities under this project definition. The activities are with relationships, so the usage option of work breakdown structure and network to structure products we can see under one project.
  • The functions of this work breakdown structures for hierarchical structure needs cause revenues, payments, budget, account assignment documents, assignment of orders, and monitoring.
  • The work breakdown structures thereby represent the structural organization of the project and provide a phase, function, or product-oriented description of the project. We provide SAP PS Online Training with 24/7 support.

The project is entrusted with special attributes – SAP Project Systems online course:

  • They are for the most part complex, unique, and include a high level of risk.
  • They have exact objectives which are concurred between the contractual worker and the requesting party.
  • They are restricted in term and are cost and limit seriously.
  • They are liable to particular quality prerequisites.
  • several divisions are involved in a project.
  • They are generally of key significance for the business doing them.

SAP PS Life cycle structure:

Operating Structures :Here we will be planning the hierarchy levels ,and assign the WBS under WBS networks and will be assigning networks under activities ,assigning the material components and will be structuring the project.

Planning :Here we can establish the relationship with the activities. In planning we can cover both time and cost.

Budgeting: We do planning here. So ,once we are done with the planning we will knowing how much cost occurs for each and every activity. Once the project managers or budgeting engineers submit the cost to the management they will approve it this entire process is called as budget

  • Activities are only cost incurring objects they will never ever take care of revenues even budgets cannot be assigned to the activities.
  • Budgets and revenues can only be assigned and revenues can only be generated from the WBS. Once we are done with budgeting we need to release the budget.

Execution: In execution actual screen gets captured here. Actual’s will be captured from PO, especially from materials.

Closing Operations: Once the execution has done closing operations comes into picture nothing but we may close PS projects. Once the project has been executed for a couple of years, we will reach the project soon.

SAP PP(Planning and Production):

SAP PS Training at Global Online Trainings- It is good to have knowledge on SAP PP  Training.  It is one of the Logistic part of SAP.It is one of the important modules in SAP ERP software we can say it as a core module.It supports planning and production functions occurring in day-to-day business operations.It is the process of arranging, calculating and customer demand with developed facility to create production and procurement plans for completed products and component resources.Global online Training is rich in providing SAP PS Training and many more courses at your flexible timings.

SAP MM(Material Management):

SAP PS Training at Global Online Trainings- It Is Important to understand the concepts of SAP MM Training.  It is one of the major efficient module in SAP.This module mainly deals with acquirement process, master data, catalog management, material requirement arrangement, Invoice confirmation etc.

SAP Simple Logistics or SAP S/4 HANA:

SAP Simple Logistics Training is the next generation of ERP .In 2015 SAP Announced its next big thing that was S/4 Hana.It is very very fast in memory database it can consume and process very very high volumes of data.It comes witha  beautiful user experience.In SAP PS Training we provide knowledge on SAP Simple Logistics as well.

Global Online Trainings provide best online training and corporate training by top industry trainers. We provide best SAP Project Systems online course with reasonable price at flexible timings for the participants.



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