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SAP QM Training

sap qm training

Introduction to SAP QM Training :

SAP QM training is joining with different modules is one of the key parts of quality management. We can utilize the quality procedure in different SAP modules like Material Management, Production Planning. You can get to the information kept up in the framework identified with client, seller and supplier master. Utilizing SAP QM, an institutionalized procedure can be executed. SAP QM module portray the main quality management reason so quality word is critical to every association.Global online training is best in providing SAP Quality Management online Course by industry experts.


Mode of Training: We provide online mode of training and also corporate, job support.

Duration of Program: 30 Hours (Can be customized as per requirement).

Materials: Yes, we are providing materials for SAP QM online training.

Course Fee: Please register in website, so that one of our agent will assist you.

Trainer Experience: 15+ years.

Prerequisites for SAP QM Training:

Basic knowledge in these streams can enroll in the SAP QM training,

  • SAP knowledge,
  • SAP functional consultants,
  • SAP MM consultants.



Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website

SAP QM Training Demo Video:

Preview of SAP Quality Management online course:

What is Quality management? Any product which is fitting the purpose you can say that is a quality product which is serving our purpose. So similarly in the manufacturing industries we come across various events where quality management is required. Quality management is an integrated module with PP (Production Planning), QM (Quality Management), PM (Product Management), and MM (Material Management). So everywhere quality management is integrated.

Overview of SAP Quality Management Training:

SAP QM is Quality Management. SAP QM is used in the manufacturing industry; there we come across many events, where Quality is needed. The Quality Management is required, and it is related with PP (Profession planning), MM (Material Management) and so on. So, everywhere Quality management is integrated with SAP QM .

Steps that is common in the manufacturing industry!

Here, how you will check the quality is, the persons who purchases the material will check the quality and have some specifications. There will be some inspections also. Then we also have plan maintenance that is calibration, it will be integrated with the plan maintenance. There are some equipment in SAP QM like weighing machines and all. There are some standard measurements at the departments; here our equipment should be calibrated with those equipment’s. Then there will be a certificate that will be valued for some period of time. This is the way quality management gets integrated with many modules. Here the quality is checked in various things like any raw goods in the manufacturing department. In the SAP we have to check the quality before we choose material once. We should be able to say which type of material it is also. Then we create MASTER INSPECTION CHARACTERISTICS (MIC) those are qualitative and quantitative. We need to prepare some Sampling procedures, catalogs as a Master Data. Then inspection lot is generated either manually or automatically. So, once you record the result then you will have to give Usage decision that is you want to accept this or reject the material.If you want to learn more about this course, we also provide SAP QM corporate training by real time experts.

Who can learn SAP QM Training?


  • The sampling procedure is the combination of sampling type and the valuation mode. Then the sampling detection process, in the Inspection Lot is created then determination have to be taken place. Otherwise you can’t do any other process further.
  • The percentage and manual sampling procedure you can maintain in this process. This is the thing is going in the Inspection. Here about the sampling type and the valuation mode.If you are passionate in doing certifications, we provide best SAP QM certification training at flexible timings.
  • Do I have your attention? The sampling type is that which determines the sample you have taken. There are fixed samples like which the samples are almost fixed like limited pieces. Then the full inspection, where we are going to have 100% check, that is entire stock.
  • Then sampling scheme and percentage are the last. So, the sample procedure is the combination of Sample type and valuation Mode. The sampling type is that which determines the sample you have taken. There are fixed samples like which the samples are almost fixed like limited pieces.If you want to learn advance topics on this course, we are best in providing SAP QM online Trainings. For more information please do contact our help desk.
  • Then the full inspection, where we are going to have 100% check, that is entire stock. Then sampling scheme and percentage are the last. So, the sample procedure is the combination of Sample type and valuation Mode.
  • There are different types in the Inspection in SAP QM like in the beginning that is incoming, in process and final. There are different kinds in the SAP system.
  • For better understanding, if we are starting a business you need a quality management. So, there will be a quality management view. There will be an inspection set up in SAP QM. Then you can select which type of setup like incoming or in process or final.You might be wondering, we provide SAP QM training with real time scenarios.
  • When that is done, system will know that to perform the quality for that material. Then the creation of MIC will be progressed. Where there will be Quantitative and qualitative. Finally the inspection will be coming up, that gives the information about the quality. There will be some limits like the pH has 1-14 limitation.If you are passionate on learning, Global online trainings provide SAP QM training with live projects.
  • You need to prepare predefined set of alerts to the system. There are some inspection plans that the QM person checks the quality of the particular material. This is called as the Inspection plan that is Procurement in QM.
  • In the industry there will be very strict to inspection, or else it will be directly rejected the material to the vendor.
SAP QM Training – Material Master:
  • In SAP QM  if you go for procurement process, so need to create some masters. That is you have to configure the material for quality, then create a inspection plan for that material and then and then create the inspection criteria characteristics for that material.
  • Then we should decide which type of sampling have to adapt for particular material. Whenever that process is completed, system automatically will pop up the inspection parameters. And it is mandatory to enter all the details in the SAP, and then only the material will be credited in our factory stock.
  • SAP PM Training will explain about the tool known as the Plant Maintenance and it is a software tool which is used to maintain composition of actions. SAP PM contains actions such as maintenance, analysis, repairs and some other maintenance.
  • SAP PM Software tool can do repairs and maintenance in an organization. It can identify and perform service management for all kind of assets. SAP PM consist of Technical management, maintenance planning and work order in SAP QM.
  • SAP PM is useful for integration with other modules like production management, planning, sales and distribution. To maintain current data automatically as per requirement the above modules are useful. To divide maintenance format, to define technical objects in a system SAP PM is useful. 
  • Individual object system is using by SAP PM, to maintain objects in an organization independently based on technical system format. IN SAP PM Software tool master data can able transform from one location of function to another location by using data transfer function. To avoid breakdown, repair SAP PM is using the Maintenance Planning with SAP QM.
Learn Control Key in Quality management in our SAP Quality Management online Course:

It controls some operations, some situation in SAP. The quality person checks and If it has some defect, he will not pass the material to the Production. He just holds that material to the quality area. In that case, accounting person is informed by entering the details in the system, that material is rejected. What’s the bottom line? The system gets the information automatically. If the quality person rejects the material and the accounting person is not able to do payment to the vendor. There are different control keys and their parameters also.
In the real time scenario, the vendor sends some material then vendor insures our factory that material is sent with proper quality, there is no defect but also our store person should again check. The store person should that the inspection report is correct or if not the system will not accept GRI and the control keys are helpful here. 

Customer Certificate:

Here the quality controls the material moments, it is the part of external procurement area. For example, if the sales person creates the sales order and send the material to the customer then we have to produce the certificate to our customer, and then if it is conformed then stock gets credited in our sales stock.

Delivery block in control key:

There are some parameters in this block. If the vendor person always sends the defected material, we need to warn the person then that quality person will directly block that vendor without going to the quality master. So, delivery block is to block the vendors. To learn more about this course, we are best in providing SAP QM training by professionals.

Learn about QM System in SAP QM Training: sap-qm-online-training

The QM has its own master data, as its production material master is having the MRP views; the quality management has its own master data that is master data view. There are some inspection rules are available.
Inspection view, Rejection during the process, Inspection after production, etc…

No of setups are available in the QM system, means its master data and when we create inspection plan for particular material. The inspection plan is automatically generated in the SAP. So, the quality person checks the inspection lot as per sampling procedure. If there is any defect in the material, then the quality person will reject the material. The Vendor blocked for quality reasons, the quality person sets some inspection criteria and the vendor not satisfies the criteria it directly blocks the vendor. The person should not even book a purchase order also.
Some industry has some batch management process and some industry has the serial number process according to the industry type. No one can force that quality is mandatory to smooth the transactions.

How to use QM function with PP?

If a factory is running on pp module and now want to implement QM module because production process is very slow, so should use QM. We have to just integrate that product with production by maintaining some master.

SAP PP Training Provides a main tool in ERP to plan, execute and goods movement which is known as Production Planning. With SAP QM Training, SAP PP is made for production, maintenance and manufacture department managers. This course mainly designed for beginners who has no knowledge of SAP PP, but is can understandable.

  • As per organization type SAP PP sub modules are changed. Manufacture and storage locations within plant are defined by organization structure. Main objects In SAP PP consists of master data like materials, types of materials, planning and routing.
  • To make a product master data is to be related with material requirement. In SAP PP routing means activity sequence and routing is very important for production cost calculations time management.
  • Work-center in SAP PP contains scheduling, planning and production data in SAP QM Training.If you want to learn advance topics of this course, we are good in providing SAP QM implementation training by industry experts.
  • In the process of production required material and components list are related to material master data.
  • In production Planning Independent Requirement (PIR) is performed by SAP PP, it gives inputs for planning. In material master data PIR is defined as planning strategy.
Prompting for QM procurement key:- (SAP QM Training)

There are number of control keys available, if you set the control for particular material then live system gets stuck suddenly. Accounting person is not even able to do the invoice. In this case you have to see in QM procurement key. There are no of inspection lots are available in the SAP. We have to create our own inspection type. Assign the inspection types to the material. These types of settings are available in the QM.

Tasks of QM in procurement area:SAP QM Training

In this case when the quality person checks the external material that comes from the vendor and he founds the number of defects. Then he communicates the vendor. In SAP he has to record that incident, quality notifications available in the SAP that you can learn in SAP QM. In the quality notification the quality person just put the material saying that the material is defected.

What are codes? – SAP QM Training:

Code is nothing but a description of the character. Here we have two types of qualitative and quantitative. Then Catalog is the outline of the code groups. Under the catalog then there are the code groups which you can come across in SAP QM Training.

SAP WM Training by Global Online Trainings comes with the Warehouse Management which is used to provide basic information for tracking and controlling of materials movement in warehouse. SAP WM provides flexible and automatic support in material movement and stock accounts with SAP QM Training.

  • To optimize material movement and stock account SAP WM is best solution and cost effective also. That means in any company which is already using SAP, implementing SAP WM is less cost.
  • In many organizations it is proven that SAP WM is very easy to control. In any company the maintenance of WM is very easy.If you want to learn advance topics on this course we provide SAP QM training with real time use cases.
  • SAP WM can handle complex warehouse problems like custom-designed storage, bin designed storage and bulk storage.
  • The actions like material deliveries, stock transfers and stock difference are handled by SAP Warehouse Management.
  • SAP QM can process multiple stock movements and deliveries at same time. Material handling and stock summary displaying can be controlled by Warehouse Management tasks.
  • Maintaining records updates with stock handled by SAP WM. In this architecture of Warehouse Management order transferring and management is comfortable.
  • The best SAP Quality Management Online Training is provided by top experienced trainers with real time examples.Which helps you to  know in brief about SAP QM.
Learn Inspection for the Quality material in SAP QM Training:

The purchase order is done for this. The inspection lot will be created with the inspection lot, then after the result is recorded. Here the result is negative then that means the material is defected. This will be considered as the trash and kept a side. If the result is positive then the user decision will be done and it means the Inspection is completed.
So, when SAP is implemented in the company or industry, first you need to gather information of previous data or raw material was used in that company. Similarly we have two more things to do like; semi finished and finished goods to be known. And then there are three types of Inspection like Incoming, In this SAP QM Training, you will learn the process that finally the things to do before the inspection are, we need to choose the quality for that material for inspection. Then we will create Master Inspection. The sampling procedure is also done and it is very important to proceed further, know more in the SAP QM.
When you are going to do the SAP implementation to the business, you need to check with the inspections that you are going to do and then you need to list out all the things, SAP QM Online  Training helps you in this process.

Learn Importance of Control chart in SAP QM Training:

You can go to the SAP menu path to the Quality Management and in the quality management and there will be quality control, then in that you can see the control charts. You will see more options in the control chart for inspection characteristic for inspection lot. Here you need to enter the details of the plant or organization. To know the specific master inspection characteristics check the fine tab. You need to enter the details and then you will get the information of your organization.
And here you should select the particular characteristics that you need. Here the important thing is to put on the date that you have created a master inspection characteristic and up to which date this is valid. Fill the following details and execute it. You can also optimize the width in the settings. At last you need to save the control chart.

Planning is required for the production cycle. So, PP is also necessary for manufacturing. Even it is integrated with other SAP modules like Materials Management (MM) and Plant Maintenance (PM). You can have a glance on these in our SAP PP Training and SAP MM Training.

Learn about Quality Execution in SAP QM Training:

In this quality planning, we have the Inspection plan for a material that will be inspection lot with SAP QM Training. In this the inspection lot should be created. And then the Quality person will come and check the material to take the sample. Then the quality inspection will be done. The results will be recorded and the usage decision will be done, if the material is rejected then it is moved to the blocked area. This is the daily process that is done in the industry.If you are interested in doing certifications, Global online trainings provide SAP QM training with certifications.

Here, SAP FI module is used for reporting a company’s financial position. Account Payable recorded payable transaction related to the vendor, either automatically or manually by the organization. You can see that it covers the company balance sheet, profit and loss statement, where you will find the related information in the SAP FICO Training.

We have best trainers to guide you for this SAP QM Training and many other courses, in our Global online trainings and as well as, for both individual and for corporate batches also.


Conclusion of SAP QM Training:

SAP QM is widely used in businesses that implement and run quality control processes. It is an integral part of several key business processes. Thus you can easily take your career to the next level after completion of this Course. So that was about SAP QM. Are you ready to be a part of SAP QM? If yes, then start today, the world of QM needs you. For more information please do contact our help desk. Global online trainings provide SAP QM training with live projects. Trust me; there is a good scope in the market for next 10 years for SAP QM Training. Join today in Global online trainings for best SAP QM Training. Hurry up!


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