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SAP Recipe Management training

SAP Recipe Management Training Introduction:

Enroll with Global Online Trainings for SAP Recipe Management Training and  use this component to create & manage the master data for process manufacturing. The central object of this component is the recipe. As a part of the training you will learn how to use it, describe the manufacturing of products or the execution of an process. The Recipes comprise of information about the products & the components of an process, the process steps to be executed, &the resources required for the production. The Recipes are used at different enterprise levels. They serve as an basis for enterprise-wide investment decisions as well as for site-related long-term planning, or the conversion of a process in a plant. The recipe types of recipe management enable you to create an general description of the requirements or the concrete procedural instructions depending on your needs. By making the data of enterprise-wide recipes more concrete, site & plant specific recipes are derived from them.

SAP Recipe Management Training Course Content

An overview of PLM
The role of Recipe Management within the PLM & NPDI solutions
An overview of EHS basis data
Tools & its use with Recipe Management
New product development using Recipe Management
Recipe creation & editing using basic & advanced functions
Management of recipes using versions & ECM
Nutritional Data & Diet Suitability
Recipe Transformation from Product Development to Production
Preview of new Trial Management functionality