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sap s&op training


SAP S&OP Training Introduction:

SAP S&OP Training is a purpose-built application used to optimize the sales and operations planning process by balancing supply and demand in a profitable way. SAP S&OP Training process typically repeats in monthly cycles, and involves Sales, Marketing, Finance, Demand Planners, Supply Chain Planners, and Executives. S&OP Training is powered by SAP HANA for accessing information in real time. SAP S&OP Training add-in for Microsoft Excel can be used to view and change planning information.

SAP S&OP  Hana Training by Global Online Trainings is arranged on best virtual interactive platform and classes are arranged on flexi hours for providing best suitability for all participants for utilizing their spare time. Classes are done for corporate batches as well as for individual professionals.

SAP S & OP Training course overview:

If you have a immature integrated business planning process this next generation sap s and op application is purposely build to support your end to end planning process. the trainees will experience not only profitably align supply ingredients but also allow the functional goods with any organization
Basically you will see the three unique capabilities that are complete model real time what if the scenarios planning social collaboration these 3 enable organization is to more ardent and make better and faster decision in response to change sap s&op comes with the sap out of the box integration and modeling so you can get started quickly as a part of your business or the part of your process allowing you to drive business execution.

SAP S&OP Hana Training Course Content

Getting to the Know Sales & Operations Planning
  • What is SAP S&OP Training?
  • S&OP Solution Fit
  • Product Differentiators
  • Architecture of S&OP Solution
  • Positioning with the Other Supply Chain Solution Areas:
  • S&OP Standard Demo o S&OP Out of the Box Models
  • Getting the Familiar With SAP S&OP Solution
  • S&OP Web UI
  • S&OP Excel Add-in § Configuring S&OP Add-in Connection
  • Familiarize with S&OP Excel Add-In
  • Generate the Planning Views Of SAPMODEL1
  • Business Scenario modelled in the Training exercises
  • Sales & Operation Planning Account Setup
  • User Management
  • Process Modelling
S&OP Supply Review – Complete Configuration
  • SUPPLY Model Configuration
  •  Data Integration for Supply Key Figures in Custom Model
  •  Upload to the S&OP
  •  Excel Planning Views
  •  Collaboration
  •  User Management
S&OP Demand Review – Complete Configuration
  • Model Configuration
  •  About to key concepts
  •  Model Setup Overview
  •  Demand Model Configurations
  •  Master Data Configuration
  •  Create the Time Profile
  •  Create Planning Area
  •  Model Activation
  •  Data Integration in S&OP
  •  File Based Data Imports
  •  HANA Cloud Integration
  •  Data Services / Other ETL tools
  •  Excel Planning & Reporting
  •  Analytics
  •  Generating Datasets & Visualizations
  •  Creating & Managing Your Dashboard
S&OP Supply Review – Complete Configuration
  • sap s&op training
  • Installing SAP S&OP Excel Add-In
  • Model Configuration Optional Exercise
  • Statistical Forecasting
  • Troubleshoot the Model Activation Errors
  • Global Configuration Options

Duration and prerequisites of the course:

  • Duration for the course will be approximately around 30 days with 1 hour each depending upon feasibility
  • Application consultant and key users can opt for the course
  • Configure transformation
  • Configure complex calculation debug configuration and activation issues