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SAP S4 HANA Training will be easy for the persons who had knowledge on SAP Hana. SAP S/4 Hana is a next generation business suite of applications. And it is a new product which is fully builds on most advanced in-memory platform that SAP has built with most of the modern UI design principles. 

SAP S/4 Hana drives major signification, especially on customer option, data modeling. There is very simple data module when compared with the existing data module that ECC has and completely different user interface. SAP S4 Hana Training helps in better decision making and for good business processes.Global Online Trainings provides best  SAP S/4 HANA online training course. To know more about this course  reach our help desk today.


SAP S4 Hana Training Course Prerequisite:

To learn SAP S4 Hana Training online Training at Global Online Trainings,the person must have basic knowledge on:

  • SAP PM, PS
  • SCM
  • SAP Abap with functional knowledge can learn SAP S4 Hana Training


SAP S4 Hana Online Training Course Content

Online training in present generation is very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning.
Global online trainings offers best SAP S4 Hana training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Watch the Sample demo Video for SAP S4 Hana Training:

SAP S4 HANA Training Course Overview:

SAP S/4 Hana Training basically supports Internet of Things, Big data, Business Networks etc, SAP S4 Hana is very fast in memory data base. It can consume and process very high volumes of data. We also provide SAP Hana Simple Logistics Online Training and SAP Hana Simple Finance Training,which helps an individual to explore more knowledge.

Let us know about how data will be stored in SAP S4 Hana.

  • Traditionally, data is stored in forms of role but, it was asked for Hana. This will be conformed in two columns, which makes it much easier and efficient.
  • To access high volumes of data, S4 Hana comes up with a beautiful user experience. In this concept you will also learn about SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori is very responsive; that means we can run it on virtually any device can run on the desktop and on a Smartphone and even we can run it on the tablet. Based on the device that we use, it automatically adjusts its time.
  • So this is really cool. In the context of S4 Hana, you will also know about digital transformation.
  • And S4 Hana is really the digital core of the enterprise of the future and the distance the core enables customers to make use of the Internet of Things (IOT).

For example, we can connect the sensors with the digital core and can use that information from those sensors to make better business decisions and those sensors typically generate a lot of data and so you need a fast database that can process all the data. Now, we can access the digital core with all sorts of devices and that goes back to the user experience with SAP Fiori.

Next, we can leverage embedded analytics. So we can run reports on real-time data. We no longer have to have a business warehouse we can have it but it is not necessary to have it anymore and we can even run the reports real time insights.

And get insight real time, this decisions will call off connects to other entity cloud solutions like Successfactors related to people or business networks like our solutions and it also links to social networks and one of the networks that SAP developed is SAP Jam. It is a social network for a company and is very much like Face book. S4 Hana Supports ten lob (Line of Business Solutions) lines of business and nearly twenty five industries.

During the course you will be allocated with the assignments which you can complete any time. You will gain the real time experience while perusing the course.

History of SAP S4 Hana Training or the related versions:

  • 1503- SF: SAP S4 Simple Finance module is totally about simple finance. This brings changes only to the Finance module.
  • 1511- SL: It is about Simple Logistics.
  • 1605 is an update of 1503.It was released in May, 2016. The number 1605 includes its release month and year.
  • 1610 is an update of 1511.It was released in October, 2016. The number 1610 includes its release month and year.
  • All these are on premises releases. These will occur only once in a year.
  • If we do any migration or implementations, we will use 1709 only. During the course you will be explained in detail about all the modules in SAP S4 Hana. Now, we should not use the term Simple Finance. We must use the word SAP S4 Hana Simple Finance.
  • In S4 Simple Finance, S means simplicity, 4 mean fourth generation Hana Finance. And it is same for SAP S4 Simple logitics also.
  • S4F01-It completes includes the concept of Financials changes
  • S4F02-It includes the concept controlling changes.
  • S4F03- It includes the concept of migration from ECC to S4 Hana.

All these are a part of SAP S4 Hana Training. You will be explained every module in detail during the SAP S/4 Hana online course. If you have any doubts regarding the course feel free to contact our help desk.

SAP S4 Hana includes S4 Hana Finance, Human Resources sourcing and procurement, supply chain manufacturing, research and development, asset management, sales marketing and commerce and uncomfortable service.

SAP S4 Simple Finance Training is provided by Global Online Trainings. It gives a complete overview about SAP Finance. It is one of the module related to SAP S4 Hana Training. Join SAP Simple Finance Training by well experienced trainers from India.

The aim of SAP S/4 Hana online Training is to provide you with an overview of the evolution of a CPS ERP product line. We can find the evolution from traditional ERP system running on a classic RBMS data base platform through S4 Hana. This runs on the N memory of SAP Hana platform.

Most of the customers evaluate their own future path to a SAP S4 Hana to determine what the journey from the existing ERP 6 environments to S4 Hana.

The case for converting ERP 6 to S4 Hana is primarily driven by the innovation and simplification benefits offered by this new generation of your product.

 Functionalities used in SAP S4 HANA Training Course:

  • Single source of thruth with universal journal
  • Liquidity and new cash
  • New assert accounting system
  • Integrated business planning (IBP)
  • Central Finance
  • High performance for real time cash flow analysis and liquidity forecast .there will be no more batch jobs for cash management
  • Cash manager owned and controlled bank accounts
  • Enable predictive and planning task for cash managers to support daily decision making actions
  • Much more attractive and desirable user experience including cash manager and mobile application.
  • It is called as single source of truth: which means we will be having one data entry table which is called as universal journal entry table, which contain all th GL, CO, ML, Accet accounting all the information will be stored in one single table.
  • It has got real time process using SAP S4 HANA Training
  • It has got no data footprint, which means it has got no totals table & no secondary indices which mean reduction of data, more details will be shared as apart of SAP S4 HANA TRAINING.
  • As you will get real time result it is more profitable to the organization.
  • Faster reporting which makes it easy to plan and analyse the data.
    The instant insight, which gives an real time information and makes it faster and simple
  • which of course leads in improving organization productivity.
  • Deployment options for SFIN:
  • Upgrade and migrate.
  • Upgrade, migrate and consolidate.
  • Replicate into central finance system.

Global Online Trainings offers SAP S4 Hana Simple Logistics Training for the candidates who need practical knowledge about it. This online course is provided by 10+ years experienced Trainers from India. We provide 24/7 support for both individual and corporate courses. We also provide a demo video for this course.

Let’s see what are the upgrade paths to S4 HANA:

First of all we need to migrate your database to SAP HANA as SFIN runs on HANA platform. Then you need to install enhancement pack 7 for ERP 6.0, if at all if you are using the older version like 4, 5, 6 you need to upgrade enhancement pack 7 with this only you can actually add-on the simple Finance application.

Register with Global Online Trainings for SAP S4 HANA training and see what are the changes have been taken place with introducing of Simple Finance.

Takeaway of SAP S/4 HANA:

  • It is an new product & the next generation business suite designed especially for the digital economy
  • It is architected solely for the SAP HANA for massive innovations & simplifications
  • It is designed with the SAP Fiori UX for any role & for instant insight to action on any of the  device
  • It is offered in two editions: on-premise as well as in cloud for real choice
  • It  is non-disruptive to deploy & source of unique business  & IT value for the customers.

Want to run with next generation business suite of SAP, then you must register for SAP S4 HANA TRAINING at Global Online Trainings for more details about the course.