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SAP Sabrix training

SAP Sabrix Training Introduction:

SAP Sabrix training does not have to inbuilt the Tax calculation solution, hence the external tax on bolt on a software products are to used for tax solution. ‘Sabrix’ is one of the many external to tax Software products available as the SAP bolt-on. As Sabrix is a SAP bolt-on, that required information needs to be passed from the SAP to Sabrix to calculate tax and receive the results from Sabrix back in the SAP. Global Online Trainings is providing best SAP SABRIX training by top experts. For more information contact our help desk today

SAP Sabrix Online Course content

1. Basic SAP R.3 overview
  • SABRIX PRODUCTS & Functional overview
  • Sabrix connection for SAP with SAP Standard tax interface
3.The Life of a purchase order
  • Misc vendor and customer invoices
  • Sabrix connection for SAP configuration breakdown
2.Remote Function cal Breakdown
  • Getting Jurisdiction codes from sabrix
  • The life of a Sales Order
4.SAP TAX interface configuration breakdown
  • Sabrix basic configuration for testing only
  • Tax policy configurations in sabrix

SAP Sabrix Training Overview:

  • SAP Sabrix training is a standard interface for the passing predetermined fields between a SAP and the SABRIX. In most of cases, these fields available in a standard interface are not to be enough for the effective and the efficient tax calculation.
  • Hence some are enhancements are to be required while sending and also receiving the data between SAP and SABRIX. When these are required fields with the required information are sent to a SABRIX, it returns the Taxable amount and a Tax Code which in turn gets into posted in SAP. If this exchange of a information happens to seamlessly, it results in the accurate calculation of Tax which is the ultimate aim of using Tax software.
  • The SAP Sabrix training system will be used to be a make sales, use and also value added to the tax decisions, calculations to a during the sales order and the validation/use tax accruals of a during the billing process within the SAP’s SD, FI, MM modules. 
  • In Sales orders/billing and then purchase order/invoicing details will be submitted to a SAP Sabrix training system from the SAP through an interface of a developed by SAP, which passes the details (data elements) required to: 
  • Determine a transaction types
  • Perform the tax calculation
  • Return a tax-calculated to a results to the SAP including tax rate, type of a tax (domestic, import etc), jurisdiction and also invoice messages for printing and exemption details. This detail is to be used for reporting and also for:
  • Printing an invoice
  • Validating an vendor’s invoice