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SAP SD Training

SAP SD training

 SAP SD Training Introduction:

Our SAP SD training helps you to learn all the concepts of SAP sales and distribution module. This SAP SD module is one of the important modules of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning. Our SAP SD training is very useful for the trainees who want to manage the transportation and selling, service of the organization. This SAP SD module is actually integrated with other modules such as SAP PP and SAP Material Management. With the help of SAP SD, one can manage the customer relation starting from raising a quote to the ordering of sales and billing of the service. We are rich in providing the online training for SAP SD module. What are you waiting for? Come and join in our SAP SD training program.


SAP SD is one of the most important application areas in Sales and Distribution is an SAP ERP system. The business process associated with customer order Fulfillment SD has several components offering various functionality. You will be learning a great SAP course by our expert trainers.

Prerequisites of SAP SD Training:

  • Anybody can learn SAP SD Training and it doesn’t matter what’s your background.
  • If you have sales statistic business process knowledge that is preferred but not mandatory to learn SAP SD and you will be learning everything from scratch.
  • Basic knowledge in Sales and Marketing Domain.

Who can take SAP SD training?

Below are the prerequisites of SAP SD course training.

  • Anyone can take SAP SD Training and it doesn’t matter what’s your background is.
  • If you have sales statistic business process knowledge that is preferred but not mandatory to learn SAP SD and you will be learning everything from scratch in our SAP SD Training.
  • Basic knowledge in Sales and Marketing Domain.

SAP SD Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name: SAP SD online training / SAP SD Corporate Training / SAP SD Online virtual classes
  • Course Duration: 35 Hours
  • Mode: Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings: According to one’s feasibility
  • Trainer Experience: 10+ years.
  • System Access: will be provided
  • Batch Type: Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset


SAP SD Online Training Course Content :

SAP SD Online Training Course Content SAP SD Online Training Course Content part1

Overview of SAP SD Training:

Why do we need ERP?

Nowadays ERP software is very essential for any business. Are you fed with the unsystematic process and with generating time-consuming reports? If yes, come on use ERP software because, with the help of ERP software, we can integrate all the business processes in the organization. We can have a very good standardization system across different locations. One of the best benefits of enterprise resource planning software is you can have great control of different business processes and also have great control of the overall organization. Reports are the main components of any organization. With ERP, you can have a better reporting system. There are so many ERP products available in the market. SAP is the highest share in the ERP market.


What are some business benefits of ERP?

There are so many benefits with the ERP system for any business. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits of ERP software.

■ Improve the alignment of strategies and operations

■ Standardize the business processes in the organization.

■ Achieve better efficiency of operation.

■ Adopt best practices, processes, and systems

■ Set up and Implement an integrated and up to date IT SAP system

■ Rationalize multiple non-integrated systems into one common solution

■ Replace a high percentage of manual tasks with an automated solution through SAP

■ Provide immediate access to enterprise information

These are some of the business benefits of ERP. We will be covering more about these basic topics in our SAP SD online training.


Learn about SAP R/3 in our SAP SD training:

It is an old name of the SAP ERP system. The new name is simply SAP ERP or you can also call it as SAP ECC. Here R is nothing but real-time data processing and three (3) means three-tier architecture. The three-tier architecture means, for example, we have three layers of the system. SAP R/3 is work on this PC but whenever we want to get data. You can create a transaction need to run a report. This is called the presentation layer. You run a transaction data the system is application layer. The application layer will then get the data from the database layer. There are three different layers. These are some of the basic concepts of SAP, you will be learning more about this in our SAP SD training.


Learn about modules of SAP in our SAP SD training:


Basically, we have two types of modules in SAP. Let’s have a look at some functional modules of SAP. The functional modules are Production Planning (PP), Financial Planning (FI), Human Resource (HR), Sales and distribution (SD), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. Now let’s see what technical modules are. The SAP technical modules are ABAP, Netweaver, BI/BW, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP HANA, etc. To learn SAP functional modules, you don’t need to have a background whereas, for technical modules, you need to have some technical background. As SAP SD is a functional module, you don’t need any technical background to join in our SAP SD training.


Learn about Master Data in our SAP SD training:

Mater data is considered as a base for any transaction in the SAP. You need to maintain the master data if you are doing some activities such as transferring stocks, producing stocks, purchasing, and selling, etc. There are several master data types. They are pricing master data, customer master data, material master data, and warehouse master data, etc available in different modules of SAP. There are so many uses with the maintained master data. You will be learning more about the signification of master data in our SAP SD online training.


Learn about Customer Master Data basics in SAP Sales and Distribution Training:

In SAP SD, Customer master data has three areas. They are general View or General Data, sales View or Sales Data, finance Data or Company Code View / Data (technical word), Creates a customer in the system and it is only interested in the sales view or sales data of this customer. The part of creating the sales data you also is forced to create the general data.  You create the sales view and general view and then finally generate a number for that customer. You can create to the finance data for being the finance user is going to take this customer and extend. Want to learn more about customer master data? If yes, call today and join in our SAP sales and distribution online training.


Learn about Sales Process in our SAP SD Training:

In order to cash cycle, we receive the order from the customer. That’s means we create a sale in the SAP system which is the first step of the sales process. The second step is a customer is going to pick the goods. Next step is actually issuing goods. Once we send the goods to the customer then we have to send a bill to the customer. Then in the next step, the accounting department is going to chase up with the customer. Then we will receive the money and that’s how the Sales order cycle. This is about the basics of the sales process. We will be covering more about these steps in our SAP sales and distribution training.


Learn about quotation in SAP Sales and Distribution training:

Basically, a quotation is nothing but a legal document to the customers and this is for the delivery of goods and services. Let’s take an example if a company wants to buy materials and that the company asks for the quotation. With the help of quotation, that company will buy the materials. It is actually included in the presales activity part. It is a written document given to the customers and they will decide whether they actually want to buy or not. The quote is also known as a legal binding document and it has also an expiry date. The validity may be one month or one year or week. This topic is very important in SAP SD training. Our trainer will cover advanced topics in our SAP Sales and distribution training.


Learn about Sales order and outbound delivery in our SAP SD training:

Now let’s have a look at the sales order and outbound delivery methods in the SAP SD. We have already known the order to cash cycle where we saw starting from sales order to the next step for shipping. There is delivery date for goods and on that delivery date, you are going to create the outbound delivery in the system. This is nothing but the goods are ready to be shipped to the customer’s location. That’s why we create the delivery document and this is known as outbound delivery. There are some other steps like picking, packing, and postcode issue in this outbound delivery. All these steps will be covering in our SAP SD training.


Learn about output master data in our SAP SD online training:

Now let’s see what exactly the output master data is. As soon as we create a sales order, there is a thing called output determination that will be coming out. It will see what data we have maintained for the output determination for the customer. Order confirmation item contains customer name, customer ID number, and items list. There is a huge help with the output master data. Here you are going to learn all about output master data practically in our SAP Sales and distribution online training. Our trainers are rich in providing practical knowledge to trainees.


Learn about SAP SD PP integration in our SAP SD online training:

There is an integration point between SD and PP. Let’s have a look at some of the examples of SD module integration with PP module. When a sales order is received in SD then if it’s an in house production then the requirements will be transferred to the MRP. That’s where SD is integrated with the PP module. With the help of the make-to-production strategy, a production order will be automatically created as soon as you save the sales order. All these integration processes will be explained in our SAP SD training.


SAP Production planning Training:

Customer sends the order and sales and distribution receive the order and they created the sales order for a system. Material management I’ll do some planning so the. If we don’t have stock then mm department will place an order, purchase order for our vendor to deliver the raw material. A vendor will receive an order a purchase order and they will supply the raw material whatever we need

  • Order to cash cycle
  • Types of data in sap
  • organization structure in sap
  • manufacturing types
  • Sap navigation
Conclusion of SAP SD training:

If you want to learn a standard SAP functionality and get a job in the IT sector in the SAP field, then join in our SAP SD training program. Our SAP sales and distribution training help you to learn about the infrastructure and organization units used in the organization. Global Online Trainings helps you to learn the new skills and develops in quality in you which are actually helpful for you to get a good job. Our team will always be available to clarify your doubts regarding SAP SD online training. If you have any doubts regarding this SAP SD certification training, please feel free to contact the help desk. We have a good academic background in SAP Sales and distribution training courses. We also provide classroom training at client premises Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

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