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SAP SD Training

SAP SD Training

 SAP SD Training Introduction:


SAP SD Training stands for Sales and Distribution. The SAP Sales and Distribution Training module is one of the cores and most used component in SAP ERP software. The main major activities in SAP Sales and Distribution component are Pre-sales activities, Shipment, Billing and Processing of sales orders. SAP SD training course is highly inked with MM and FI modules. For example when we create a sales order in SD the details of items are getting from material master data. The account posting in FI modules is linked with the billing documents in SAP SD. To know more about the  SAP SD Training from Global Online Trainings, you can call us at help desk. The training is divided into flexible classes and there is provision for corporate batch training also on prior demand and we also provide many courses.


The SAP SD Training is one of the most important application areas in the Sales and Distribution is SAP ERP system. The business process associated with customer order Fulfillment SD has several components offering various functionality


Prerequisites of SAP SD Training:

  • Anybody can learn SAP SD Training and it doesn’t matter what’s your background.
  • If you have sales statistic business process knowledge that is preferred but not mandatory to learn SAP SD and you will be learning everything from scratch i this SAP SD Training.
  • Basic knowledge in Sales and Marketing Domain.

SAP SD Training Course Outline:

  • Program Name : SAP SD online training / SAP SD Corporate Training / SAP SD Online virtual classes
  • Course Duration : 35 Hours
  • Mode : Online virtual classes and corporate
  • Timings : According to one’s feasibility
  • Trainer Experience : 10+ years.
  • System Access : will be provided
  • Batch Type : Regular, weekends and fast track
  • Trainees will get the soft copy material.
  • Sessions will be conducted through WEBEX, GoToMeeting OR SKYPE.
  • Basic Requirements: Good Internet Speed, Headset


SAP SD Online Training Course Content :

SAP SD Online Training Course Content SAP SD Online Training Course Content part1

Overview of SAP SD TRAINING:

  • SAP SD Training remains for SAP Sales and Distribution module. It is clear between the most prominent SAP modules make use of around the world.
  • Once the items are accessible at warehouse, SAP SD Training will make a DO (Delivery Order) or Outbound Delivery record that requests that distribution center work force set up the items to be conveyed to the customer.
  • An enterprise structure is mapped to SAP applications with organizational units, and the units may be assigned to a single application. The SAP SD Training module is firmly related and has joining with different modules, for example, PP, FI, MM, and WM. A SAP SD module manages Sales, transportation and transportation of goods and service. It is intended to meet the industrial requirement of SD (sales and distribution) functionality.
  • The business units manage specific business functions. All the information, skills that are required for sales & distribution in a business are explained during the SAP SD Training by 10+ years experienced trainers, professionals.
  • In your job having difficulty to complete real time projects, we are always there to help you to solve problems. We have skilled experts for your doubts and problems in real time projects. 

Why ERP?

SAP SD Training ERP info

Here You Go..!

  • Integration of Business process whether it’s running in sales and whether the Processes are impressions. The material management as finance everything will be integrated with Standardization of system across the all locations.
  • If the company is in various countries and various locations doesn’t matter where they are so we have a standard process across different location for over all control of the organization you can have better controlling of different business processes
  • The Consolidated system so you can run the reports in a better way

ERP Products in the Market:

SAP – it is highest share in market and at the moment more than 60% market share is owned by SAP in the ERP software.

  • Oracle
  • BAAN
  • JD Edwards
  • PeopleSoft
  • Etc

Business benefits of ERP

■ Improve alignment of strategies and operations

■ Standardize the business processes in the organization.

■ Achieve better efficiency of operation.

■ Adopt best practices, processes and systems

■ Set up and Implement an integrated and up to date IT SAP system

■ Rationalize multiple non-integrated systems into one common solution

■ Replace a high percentage of manual tasks with an automated solution through SAP

■ Provide immediate access to enterprise information


What is SAP R/3?

R/3 is with an old name of SAP ERP system. The SAP R/3 system has three-tier client server architecture. The R stands for the Real time data processing and 3 for the Three-tier structure. In this, three here basically stands for three-tier architecture. The three-tier architecture means for example we have three layers of the system. SAP R/3 is work on this PC but whenever we want to get a data. You can create a transaction need to run a report. This is called presentation layer. You run a transaction data the system is application layer. The application layer will then get the data from the database layer. There are three different layers.

SAP R3 Training

  • Presentation layer
  • Application layer
  • Database layer

Order to Cash Cycle: in the order to cash cycle basically follow

  • Customer
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Materials Management
  • Vendor
  • Production Planning
  • Finance and Controlling

What is Sales order?

To Create Sales order the t-code is required the t-code means Transaction-code in term starting with an enquiry now and this is a standard order is going to used and ORS standard order provided

  • VA11 -Create
  • VA12 -Change
  • VA13 – Display

The document type of SAP SD basically to work with inquiry these are going to be transaction code and for every document consist of three parts

The document type used to work with our enquiry is enquiry is going to be taken as IN- INQURIY and the Item category at the time of creation of entity will be activated us AFN –INQUIRY ITEM and these are going to be the three set of table which will be getting updated

Header information: the starts from “all item” from all above is Know as 

SAP SD Schdule line Functionalities

header information


Where cash transfer header data information related to the sold the party will be getting updated

Item information: the Item information is present at the below of “All item” is Know as item data


Where it is going to provided us the information related material will be getting updated

Schedule line: it is present inside the item data by adding the values in the item fields and saved it


Where it is going to provided us the information related delivery date


Sales Business Processes in SAP SD Training:

The Order to Cash process is business process in SAP. This is one of the most generic sales business processes and it is used by most of the companies in one or another form. SAP order to cash business process is indicates a particular document or action in SAP ERP system. There are four main stages of SAP order to cash process.

                            Business process Sap Sd training

  • Pre-Sales Activities
  • Order Processing
  • Shipping
  • Billing



Pre-Sales Activities – SAP SD Training

Pre-Sales Activities is an actual sale deal has taken place.

  • Quotation Processing: The Documents contain the offer of an organization to a client and saying items, costs, and different points of interest.
  • Contact Processing: The Contact handling is casual contact with a conceivable client that can manual for an interest for a quotation.
  • Inquiry Processing: A non-restricting formal request from a customer about goods and services that an organization offers.
  • Contract Processing: The agreement handling is a formal contract between an organization and a client to give goods or services in a particular timeframe on specific conditions.
  • Scheduling Agreement: Scheduling Agreement is a legitimate assenting between an organization and a customer to give goods or services containing delivery capacity and dates. These contract agreements are regular in the segment provider industry.

Order Processing – SAP SD Training

Order processing stage includes activities for catching and formalizing solicitations of clients and also valuing and the conveyance conditions after this page the client has made a promise to arrange goods or services from the organization. The organization can either give merchandise from the accessible stock request new products of providers or manufacture these goods as indicated by the demand of the client.

Sales Order: A record that catches a demand for items and services from a specific client. It incorporates an variety of data, for example,

  • Information about goods and services
  • Delivery data
  • Shipment data
  • Billing data

Shipping – SAP SD Training

The Goods are prepared to be sent to a client the delivery phase of SAP request to money process starts. It includes making of an outbound delivery record the preparation and pressing of products arranging of transport. VJS provides best SAP SD job support by expert trainers.

Outbound Delivery: A document that empowers transportation of products to a specific client. In includes data about various activities:

  • Picking and confirmation
  • Packing
  • Arranging transport and shipment
  • Posting goods issue

Billing – SAP SD Training

The fix of products from the distribution center is other than sending goods to the client. It is additionally important to make a receipt. Invoices in SAP are made utilizing charging report. The villain phase of SAP order to cash process manages making a billing record. VJS gives SAP SD online project support at reasonable price.

The Billing is a report that fills in as a reason for making of invoices for clients. Normally, paper edition of invoice is produced with yield conditions kept up for a specific billing document type. Billing reports give the following functionality:

  • Make invoices
  • Make credit and charge updates
  • Cancel previously created billing documents
  • Integration with SAP Financial Accounting module

Customer Master Data in SAP SD Training:

The Customer master is divided into three parts or three views.

  • General View or General Data
  • Sales View or Sales Data
  • Finance Data or Company Code View / Data (technical word)

Creates a customer in the system and it is only interested in the sales view or sales data of this customer. The part of creating the sales data you also is forced to create the general data.  You create the sales view and general view and then finally generate a number for that customer. You can create to the finance data for being the finance user is going to take this customer and extend.


SAP MM Training

SAP MM Training is a submodule of the SAP Modules and SAP MM stands for (Materials Management) Training In SAP ERP Enterprise Resources Planner Some other  Vendors: Sap, Oracle, Baan, people soft , Jd Edwards Marshall etc…

SAP material management is the process confirm that there is never a shortage of any material or any delay in the supply chain process of the system
The material management deals with the procurement process. Buy in material for the vendor’s master data inventory management, and invoice verification.


SAP LE  Training (SAP Logistics Execution)

Look here..!

The SAP LE Training (SAP LE –Shipping, LE- TRA and LE-Warehouse management) have this many sub modules so basically when you are going to work with this Logistic Execution dealing with our OUTBOUND Delivery process over.

We are going to Execute this out bound delivery or bound delivery is going to be politically with help of sales order Excel and in the difference configurations which we need to check out bound delivery



The SAP OIL AND GAS Training has two modules that is SAP oil and gas upstream and SAP oil and gas downstream 

Word petroleum is came from the Latin Petra (which means rock) and Oleum (which means oil) and it’s commonly used to refer to crude oil, but it refers to other related to Hydrocarbons

What are the Properties of OIL ?

Crude oil properties can vary widely depending on where the oil is found and under what conditions it was formed.

The properties of oil include its density, called the API gravity (named after the American Petroleum Institute), Sulphur content, nitrogen content, carbon residue and distillation range.

How to Determine Reference Crude OIL

In general they are different crude oil types are used as a reference or benchmark to determine the market value of other crude oils.

Some of these reference crude oils are.

  • Brent Blend
  • Dubai Oman
  • Tapis
  • West Texas Intermediate


SAP ERP is most widely used business software offerings by SAP. It is having the Modular structure to have a unique blend of Specialized Processes controls in respective Modules
SAP Functional modules

  • Financial Planning
  • Controlling 
  • Human Resources
  •  Sales & Distribution
  • Materials Management
  • Customer Relationship Management

SAP Technical Models

  • High-Performance Analytics Application (SAP HANA)
  •  Advanced Business Application Program (SAP ABAP)
  • Information Systems Management (SAP IS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)

Represents Purchase To Pay (P2P) & all Inventory Management (SAP IM) processes in any type of industries. SAP MM includes requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipts, accounts payable, inventory management, BOM’s, master raw materials, finished goods and etc.


Organizational Structure of SAP SD Training:

The SAP SD Structure in SAP Sales and Distribution Training follow 

  • Company Code
  • Sales Area
  • Plant
  • Storage Location
  • Shipping Point

The SAP SD Structure in Sales and distribution on the top Company code. The sales area is a combination of sales organization, distribution channel, and division. The Organizational Structure of plant has a storage location.

  • Company Code: The Company code is a legal entity and independent accounting unit at company code level you create a balance sheet required by law profit and loss statement. The company code basically common obstruction between SD, Simple Finance, SAP PP  and SAP MM  module.
  • Sales Organization: The Sales organization is purely SAP SD specific as the module. Sales organization is responsible for distributing goods and services, negotiating that sales conditions, product liability and rights of recourse – SAP SD Training.
  • Distribution Channel: The distribution channel is a means through which sales material reach the customer for example the material can to buy online that is one distribution channel. The distribution channel is a means through which sales material reach the customer represent your strategies to distribute goods and/or services to the customer for example a wholesale trade or retail internet. In SAP Sales and Distribution Training, the distribution channel has to be assigned to at least one sales organization.
  • Division: The division is represents a product line for example it can be a service, motorbike, car, electrical goods, mechanical spare part and etc. The several divisions can be created to a sales organization under the sales organization. You can create and assign more than one division – SAP SD Training.
  • Sales Area: The sales area is combination of Sales organization, distribution channel and division. Here on the burning they buy a wholesale they selling one thing design as more cycle other the selling is pump. Each sales and distribution document is assigned to exactly one sales area. This assignment cannot be changed whenever you create a sales document you need to select a sales server. At least one sales area must be characterized in the framework to execute sales and distribution processes. The business area can have a place with just a single organization code.

SAP Production planning Training :

The Production planning Training  Customer sends the order And sales and distribution receive the order and they created the sales order for a system. Material management I’ll do some planning so the. If we don’t have stock then mm department will place an order, purchase order for our vendor to deliver the raw material A vendor will receive an order a purchase order and they will supply the raw material whatever we need

  • Order to cash cycle
  • Types of data in sap
  •  organization structure in sap
  •  manufacturing types
  • Sap navigation
Types of data in sap:

the Material Management has three data types of in SAP Product Planning 

     • Master data
     • Transaction data
     • Customizing data

Master data – SAP SD Training

The data everything involved in Master data basically we have different Master data. The Master Data is the central information that is fundamental to operations in a particular business or specialty unit. ..I.e. Materials master data

Work center: it means machine we have a bill of material:
Routing: This is the master data we in our sap stander.

Transactional data :

       • Organization structure SAP
       • Company code:
       • Plant:
       • Storage location

Overview of SAP SD Training:

The SAP SD Training is Integration of Business process whether it’s running in sales and whether the Processes are impressions move to the SAP functionality which is a group of people responsible for carrying out and SAP LE Training is one of the most popular corporate training course. basically when you are going to work with this Logistic Execution dealing with OUTBOUND DELIVERY Process over.we provide the best and expert trainer for SAP SD certification Training and we have a related for this training is Global Online Trainings gives best online SAP WM Training at a reasonable price. Global Online Trainings provide best online and corporate training for many courses and Enroll for  real time best SAP SD Training by top most industry  trainers. The detailed explanation about all these will be explained during SAP SD Training by top experts from India.Global Online Trainings also provides the related courses for SAP SD Training by experts.For more details visit our website global online trainings and our team is always ready to help you feel free to call in any corporate training so keep in touch with us



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