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SAP SEM Online Training

SAP SEM Training

SAP SEM Training online course introduction:

The SAP SEM product is a critical analysis based application that deals primarily with the SAP business information warehouse. It is organised into five components: Corporate Performance Monitor (CPM), Business Planning and Simulation (BPS), Business Consolidation (BCS), Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) and Business Information Collection (BIC). SAP SEM training helps in gaining skill and expertise for participants in gaining complete functionality that permits a company to considerably streamline the complete strategic management procedure. Check the course details here.

Global Online Trainings offers quality SAP SEM online training and the entire classes of this online training is arranged on virtual interactive platform for best advantages for the participants. Course fee is moderate here and there are provisions for corporate batch training also on prior notification.

Over view of SAP SEM Training Course:

SAP SEM Training Course will provide the trainee with an overall understanding of SEM Functionality and along with an in depth knowledge of how to configure business warehouse and business intelligence based consolidations, balanced scorecard, management Cockpit, as well as advanced integrated planning and business & simulation as a result ,you’ll be prepared to evaluate SEM components, allotted with the practices to perform integration and implantation strategies with the levering SEM functionality to improve key business processes.


Topic 1: Overview of SAP SEM.
Topic 2: Integration and Components
Topic 3: Data Basis and Implementation Scenarios
Topic 4: Components of the SAP SEM System.
Topic 5:SEM BIC and SRM
Topic 6: SEM Business Consolidation System
Topic 7:SEM Business Planning and Simulation
Topic 8: SEM Corporate Performance Monitor