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SAP Simple Finance Training

 Introduction to SAP Simple Finance Training: 

SAP Simple Finance training is provided by Global Online training which is the best online training institute for all SAP modules. SAP Simple Finance is nothing but an add-on in an ERP, and also it is a standard product developed to work on top of SAP ERP. Initially, it is known as SAP accounting powered by SAP HANA and then later it was shortened to Simple Finance, now it is also called as SAP S4 Hana Simple Finance. You will learn all these basic concepts in our SAP S4 HANA Online Training.

We already knew that the name SAP Sample Finance adds on 2.0 for sap business suite powered by SAP HANA 2.0. SAP Simple finance 2.0 has been generally available for last two years, and it actually includes SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA training, SAP Cash Management and SAP Integrated Business planning for finance and innovations in the areas of treasury and financial risk management. For finance users, Simple Finance provides easier practice from beginning to deployment. SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE Online training will occur in specifically demand, user-friendly and convenient for new clients.

Prerequisites to learn SAP Simple Finance Training:

  •  people who are having good knowledge on SAP Functional courses.
  • chartered accountants, senior and people who are working in finance stream.
  • MBA graduation with major finance.



Who can learn SAP Simple Finance?

This course is best suited for the following professionals:

1.Application consultant

2.Support consultant

3.Project manager

4.SAP HANA consultant

5.SAP FICO consultant

Why SAP Simple finance ?

SAP s/4 HANA is a complete set of financial management and accounting solutions which is based on SAP HANA which can be deployed on Cloud or on premise. SAP HANA is a technology that has already improved analytics and reporting significantly. If you want to apply any financial operations in your organisation how would you do? We use SAP Simple finance which replaces the traditional approach of financial applications in your ERP systems which comes with a simpler data model.

Overview of SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • SAP Simple Finance arrangement enables ventures to grasp the advanced age to stay aware of new and developing plans of action to furnish chiefs with a moment of understanding.
  • With the SAP S4 HANA Online Training, the clients can shape a typical perspective of all the money related and operational information, give adaptable announcing, mechanize forms and right away assess the budgetary ramifications of business operations with continuous examination, expectation, and simulation.
  • SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance online course is an arrangement of answers for displaying the effortlessness of SAP Cloud controlled by SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance in understanding to back related issues over the world.
  • SAP Simple Finance is actually planned to offer an incentive key with moment understanding crosswise over finance.
  • The software products for SAP Simple Finance training are Simple Finance add-on, SAP HANA live, SAP FIORI training, and SAP Smart Business. In these software products, an SAP Simple Finance add-on needs installation of ERP6, ERP7.
  • We provide SAP HANA and SAP FIORI which are used for the reporting. SAP Smart Business actually includes some analytical apps that contain KPI’s. KPI stands for Key Performance Indexes. 
  • SAP SIMPLE FINANCE is a accounting factor, taking training on the Sap Simple Finance but many people are getting problems in there project. In that virtual job support is the best for SAP Simple Finance project support. Trainers will clearly explain each and everything and solve that problem. 24/7 service will provide and online mode also there for SAP Simple Finance job support.
Few Highlights that include in SAP Simple Finance Training:
  • Increased integration between the SAP S4HANA Simple Finance solution and business networks
  • Integrated business planning and real-time consolidation
  • Advanced available-to-promise (ATP) enhancements including sophisticated back-order processing- sap simple finance training
  • For simplifying your landscape, We use Production planning and extended warehouse management and also detailed scheduling within the digital core. 

SAP Simple Finance is in different versions, the versions in SAP S4 HANASimple Finance 1511 is considered as a separate product, it has major innovations & HANA related optimizations in both Finance and Logistics. This SAP Simple Finance Training 1511 version offers the simplifications in Material Resource Planning (MRP), Sales and Distribution on transactional data with real-time analytics, Capacity Planning, Inventory Management. and then in SAP Simple Finance training 1503 version is the first release of SAP S4 HANA Simple finance. It offers finance related HANA Optimizations. Basically, it was named as sFin 2.0, a finance add-on based on SAP Net Weaver 7.4. This is the most suitable edition for SAP Business Suite customers who are looking for the optimizations and improvements in Finance. Now SAP Simple Finance  1610 version is available in the market, it is explained above.

 Learn Purpose of SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • To gain SAP Simple Finance overview, lessons learned, and key points for new SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance implementations.
  • There are two approaches to learn the Simple Finance training that is Migration and without Migration.
  • If your company is going to migrate from existing ERP systems to New ERP Systems then the migration is mandatory- SAP S4 HANA simple finance online
  • Else if you are using the new ERP system then you need to just update the financial applications with the new ERP system with S/4 update, so in that migration is not required but table migration is required.- SAP Simple Finance Training
  • The main and the important functionality to run the SAP Simple Finance Training is, the system should be in SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance database and ECC6 and EHP7 with SR2 on HANA and FIORI and UI5 need to be getting updated.
  • Data Warehouse Servers need to be integrated. SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance, SP9 and BPC 10 is required.
  • SAP Simple Finance replaces the classical/traditional financial applications in your ERP Systems by introducing SAP Simple Finance. Virtual Job Support gives best SAP Simple Finance job support with all the aspects at flexible hours.
  • SAP Simple finance training is an Add-on for SAP Business suit powered by SAP HANA  which comes with a simple data model.

Learn about SAP Simple Finance Training on Hana:

  • Straightforward Finance preparing on HANA is the most recent cycle of the SAP HANA in-memory innovation. SAP HANA innovation was at that point enhanced with an investigation and detailing altogether.
  • SAP Simple Finance preparing replaces the established/conventional budgetary applications in your ERP Systems by presenting SAP Simple Finance, which accompanies a less complex information show.
  • SAP Simple finance training or SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance, it is a new product completely built on one of the most standards in-memory platform. SAP Simple finance training delivers massive simplifications and innovative to help the business run simply in the digital economy.
  • SAP Simple finance is re-architecture its solution for modern business processes demanded by an increase of the world re-architecture a solution that has been growing over past 25 years.

SAP SIMPLE FINANCE Training Demo Video:

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Simple Finance architecture universal journal

SAP SIMPLE FINANCE Training Architecture : Universal Journal – Key Points

  • single source of truth
  • Redundant tables removed
  • Non – Disruptive
  • Multiple Views – Single source

Architecture: Universal Journal

  • The new journal entry consists of a header (table BKPF) and the respective items (Table ACDOCA)

-There are rare cases where entries in ACDOCA in written without a Document header

(Eg: Carry forward, corrections in Migration)

-The Corresponding line Items have (‘artificial document numbers’ beginning with letters)

  • Table ACDOCA Contents all fields needed for G/L, CO, AA, ML, PA
  • Multi-GAAP Capability through “RLDNR” Dimensions
  • 6 digit field for line item numbering
  • 23 digits for currency fields

SAP SIMPLE finance training journal entry

Data entry in Journal

Learn Central Finance in SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • SAP Simple Finance training is used Central Finance to can report on financial transactions sourced from different systems which means it can be done on SAP Environments and some SAP Simple Finance training running the classic GL (General Ledger) version and some running the new GL version.
  • Central Finance can be established on-premise or cloud. SAP BPC Training is a Business Planning and consolidation.
  • It is a part of Enterprise performance management (EPM).In Order to deal with the Planning and consolidation of an organization, we use SAP BPC system.
  • SAP BPC is an application designed to reach the business specifications for Budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial reporting, and consolidation.
Interfaces for Central Finance:
  • They are three possibilities first one is FI/CO Postings in legacy system sometimes you might have a separate FI document and the separate CO or Management Accounting document however in Central Finance it will be posted as a one single new FI document and any postings relevant to CO automate will be updated in the same document there could be reposting within in the CO module in the legacy system. For example in allocation cycles of any movement from one cost center another cost center of manually postings and so on all these loaded as a separate CO document in the ACDOCA table.
  • Next one is Reposting Co Postings in these reposts CO postings where the CO document is the loading document, in contrast to the interface for FI/CO postings; these are postings that are not necessarily reflected in financials in the source system and the last one is Replicating Certain Cost Object in this production orders, internal, orders, QM orders any order from co document they are coming in to ACDOCA table. The above two are not having the financial entry or financial impact in the ACDOCA table.

Configuration modules for SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance:

The below are the modules for SAP Simple Finance Training Configuration
General Ledger Accounting.
• Asset Accounting.
• Management Accounting.
• Cash Management.

General Ledger and Cost Element in SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance:
  • Previously General Ledger accounts maintained in the SKA1, SKB1, and SKST tables. And the Cost elements are maintained in the CSKA, CSKB, CSKU tables and it using t-code KA01, KA02. Now in SAP Simple Finance Training General Ledger accounts maintained in the SKA1, SKB1, and SKST tables. However, Cost element does not use transactional code KA01, KA02…The Cost elements are created to use FS00.
  • In the General Ledger master data, there is a field called GLACCOUNT_TYPE which is going to paste the CE tables automatically. In SAP Simple Finance training, the CO period locks (OKP1) to align with the GL period opening/closing (OB52). Because Cost Element is now General Ledger in SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance.
  • Therefore to allow postings to accounts from account type secondary costs in the GL period opening/closing in OB52. Ensure secondary cost elements which are now GL accounts are not locked if want to do CO transactions like allocation.
  • SAP FICO Training is SAP Finance and SAP controlling are two different modules. SAP FICO Training comes to external financial reporting is produced by SAP Financial (FI) component. The component when it comes to internal reporting can be provided by SAP Controlling (CO) component.
Management Ledger Accounting:
  • Management reporting views on top of legal data.
  • No need to post to another non-leading ledger.
  • Open/close financial year periods separately from leading ledger.
  • Only deletes values are posted in appendix ledger.
  • Multiple management ledgers can point to the same base ledger.
  • Management ledgers are also stored in ACDOCA table.
  • This reduces space (data footprint) and also less reconciliation work.
Asset Accounting:
  • A new functionality is now available in set accounting to manage parallel valuations.
  • It is called new asset accounting or asset accounting.
  •  Now the old version will be called classic asset accounting (just like classic and new General Ledger)
  • Asset Accounting is available with ECC6 EHp7.
  • Asset Accounting maintained at a client level.
  • Both valuation approaches can be used (ledger and accounts) in Asset Accounting.
  • Asset accounting it must use the new depreciation calculation engine.
Controlling in SAP Simple Finance online Training:

This module includes,

  • All company codes under one controlling area same
  • Maintains the documents type for co postings.
  •  Controlling it can define the document type mapping variants.
  • Configure the default major group.
  • And it defines intercompany clearing accounts for co postings.
Cash Management:

This module includes, 

  • Keep track of the status of incoming bank data statements.
  • Irritating bank transfers and approving payment preparing a daily forecast of cash receipts, disbursements, and expected closing balances,
  • Cash Management for analyzing back risk.
  • Overseeing the company’s working capital
  • Cash product analysis.

Functionality and Benefits of SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • SAP Simple Finance training is a single source of truth.
  • Real-time processing using HANA.
  • Reduced data foot point (no totals, table, and no secondary index tables).
  • More profitability for the organization.
  •  Faster reporting -makes it easy to plan and analyses.

Conclusion of SAP Simple finance training:

In short, it is one of the important modules to manage SAP finance and accounting. It will help you to manage the financial conditions of an organisation. At global online trainings you will learn to work with real time analytics, Prediction and simulation for all financial and operational data.SAP Fiori for SAP Simple Finance is an add on powered by SAP HANA. Trust me, Choosing your career in SAP Simple Finance field is going to be best. There are lot of opportunities in the market with the exciting packages. For more information please do contact our help desk.


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