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SAP Simple Logistics Training

sap simple logistics Training

SAP Simple Logistics Training Introduction:

SAP Simple Logistics Training is a best solution for new-age material management, supply chain management, production planning, as well as sales and distribution of organizations with medium to large infrastructure. As a matter of fact these areas are the core areas of business administration. pursuing this professional training is a good way to start a rewarding professional career in SAP.

If you are a SAP Solution Architect, SAP Functional Consultant, SAP Business Analyst or in a techno-functional role in a Logistics or Supply Chain Industry, this course will help you understand your business, functions and processes better and enable you to perform better to move on to the next level in the corporate hierarchy. SAP Simple Logistics Training is rendered by best subject matter experts and the tutorials are prepared by these expert industry allied tutors are made with latest industry updates. 


Who can learn SAP SIMPLE LOGISTICS Training :

  • Need to learn these following modules to enlist in the SAP Simple Logistics training
  • SAP EWM, SCM and other SAP consultants.
  • We are providing latest 1610, 1709, 1711 version in SAP Simple Logistics Training.

SAP Simple Logistics Training Course Content


Online training is now days very much convenient to the audience who are new to e-learning. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

SAP Simple Logistics Demo Video:

SAP Simple Logistics Training Overview:

  • SAP Simple Logistics Training as SAP S/4 HANA, is the next generation platform that is revolutionizing business performance for SAP customers the platform is based on the new type of data base which is built on in memory technology.
  • There are lot of obstacle between computer hardware and disk till now. Reliable computing is finally a reality. This can be step in advance technology, thus you’ll ne’er got for creating trade-offs. Broad and deep analysis or speedy and simple reports you don’t have to decide with real time analytics.
  • Real time applications have accelerated your core business processes that optimizes your planning or scene your environment no problem. Analytics and applications are side by side on a single platform.
  • Later than in the further generation SAP HANA platform transforms your business into a proper business. This is in no way simple than SAP Simple Logistics Training. The important time business is that the chance to form your business choices easier, faster and a place in a proper way.
  • SAP S/4 HANA is the next generation of ERP. In 2015 SAP announced its next big thing that was S/4 HANA itself. 
  • If you are facing any problem on your job/project support we also provide SAP Simple Logistics job support.  If any issues regarding your project or job our Virtual job support consultant will help in that, they will clear all that issues. Virtual job support is best for SAP Simple Logistics job support. We have senior most experience for job/project support. Virtual Job support is the best for you if you want to know about the SAP Simple Logistics Job Support we will trained on your project and also about the concepts.

The evolution of ERP Suite: (SAP Simple Logistics Training)

  • The evolution of SAP was started off in the 1979, with R/2. In 1992 R/3 is released, In 2004 EPR came out. In 2015 S/4 HANA came out.

SAP Simple Logistics Training (S/4 HANA):

  • SAP S/4: It is really fast in memory database. It can consume and process very high volumes.
  • It has to do with how data is stored in an S/4 HANA database.
  • Traditionally data is stored in forms of rows but in HANA it is transformed into the columns, which is much more easily efficient to access high volume of data. S/4 HANA has very good user experience.
  • In the context of S/4 HANA you might have heard about Digital Core or digital transformation. And S/4 HANA is really the digital core of the enterprise of the future and the digital core enables customers to make use of the internet of things. For example you can connect the sensors with your digital core. If you have the fast database that can process all the data.
  • The modern digital core is the nerve center of the enterprise making ERP processes ready for the digital era. It integrates seamlessly with the chase and offerings. It offers integration between not only the different departments of the company but also suppliers and your customers. Connects the global workforce and to all assets.
  • The SAP S/4 HANA 1610 possibly will be a system using of advanced capabilities like pattern recognition and embedded analytics to label simply for users in their identity making.
  • This means you’ll concentrate in today’s choice rather than correcting yesterday’s concern.
  • This key release gets important simplifications and innovations across all line of businesses.
  • With the SAP Simple Logistics Training, Next reliable user expertise, this can make innovations.
  • The improvement from the previous 1511 release like inventory management accelerated material maintain designing that have already been prepared within the previous release the employment specific answer for vend and oil industries have conjointly been engaged.

SAP APO is also known as Advanced Planning and optimization in SAP domain. SAP Advanced planning is one of the famous used module for all the SAP professionals who wants to work with the system security and their work associated with APO. In the SAP APO Training, you learn the SAP APO comprises of various types of capabilities such as Network Planning which is supplied by many organizations.

  • The Demand Planning is the process for getting the customer needs and requirements. The chain design of network can be supplied inside the organization which will be useful to collaborate with demand and supply process.
  • The planning is very necessary for production and transportation which will be future for the product for it quality and materials as well as transporting that product to it proper destination with full satisfaction.
  • The component Demand Planning in SAP APO is known as a flexible tool that could supports the industry planning for demand and material to process further for requirements in the planning process.
  • The static process for forecasting available in the Demand Planning component which allows for creating forecasts for sales histories and other different causal factors such as test forecast models to produce the forecast results that will be helpful to create the necessary plans for the demand, in the SAP Simple Logistics Training you will learn in detail. Virtual Job Support gives online SAP Simple Logistics JOB Support.

The best SAP Simple Logistics Training goals will be shared by our experts in Global Online trainings.

And SAP SD training way is very much linked through MM and FI modules. In support of instance while we generate a sales order in SD the particulars of items are receiving in view of the fact that material master data. The description relocation in FI modules is related in the company of the invoice documents in SAP SD. 

  • SAP SD basically consists of SAP Sales and Distribution module which is clear between the most of the SAP modules used around the world. When the items are available at the warehouse then the SAP SD will make an order for delivery or any record for an outbound delivery that will be requested for set up the items of work force in the distribution center.
  • An enterprise structure is used for mapping the organizational units for SAP applications and the units could be applied for a single or may be multiple applications. The SAP SD module is basically associated and combined with various SAP modules such as PP and MM. 
  • SAP SD module helps to manage the Sales, transaction and transaction of goods and service. This process is intended to get the industrial requirement of sales and distribution functionality and uses the business units to manage the specific business methods.
  • The level of processing the order includes various activities for getting and customizing the need of clients and also giving value to their conveyance conditions after this page, you can learn in SAP Simple Logistics Training. The client could make a promise to manage the goods or services required by the organization.
  • The organization could demand either merchandise that comes from the available stock or could make a request for a new product of providers or could provide these goods as per demand of the client. Best SAP Simple Logistics training and other training’s are given by real time trainers. VJS offer SAP Simple Logistics Job Support at reasonable price.

What are the business benefits that you get with us? SAP-simple-logistics-training-infographics

  • SAP S/4 HANA provides completely new capabilities to support these they are integrating the software development domain with the mechanical electronic and control system design domains and intelligently manage the various inter dependencies between products and software.
  • The supply in ERP was designed for the aim of recording transnational knowledge, and targeted on creating transnational process additional economical.
  • This is acceptable by users to spot problems inside their development and take remedial action, however a high degree of knowledge and practice was needed to analyze the problems and consider potential solutions.
  • Often, a sub-optimal resolution is settled for users do not have ample time or period of time to form the correct choice, here you will learn SAP Simple Logistics by the best trainers.

SAP Production planning element consists of the entire master data, system prototype and statement to complete the planning and production progression. Global Online Trainings provide SAP PP training, which is based on latest research, live project, & best possible industry update for other courses also.

The key innovations of SAP HANA: (SAP Simple Logistics Training)

  • SAP came up with a simplified data module, they made accelerated processes, simple and responsive User interface which can run over any tab any mobile or browser that will be platform independent.
  • SAP Simple Logistics Training as S/4 HANA is seen from the company perspective or industry perspective there are so many complexities hidden in the enterprises, like there can be a scattered in formation, there can be a batch orientation.
  • So, SAP S/4 HANA came up with a solution, simplified data model, with simple user experience, advanced processing choice of deployment and more over all the kinds like SAP ECC, SAP SCN, SAP CRN these are all different types so, they combined it and made into one and now it is available as S/4 HANA (you can get the information in SAP Simple Logistics Training).
  • The deployment will be an interesting topic, should put a lot of investment. So, you can go for a cloud model, here SAP Simple Logistics training certification is also provided. 

SAP MM Training is individual of the most part used component which represents Procurement Processes and Inventory Management process. as well as correspond to Purchase to Pay ( P2P) & all Inventory Management ( SAP IM ) processes in any type of industries. SAP MM includes take over, purchase information, goods revenue, accounts to be paid, inventory management, BOM’s, master raw materials, proficient goods and etc with the SAP Simple Logistics Training. 

  • SAP MM also known as SAP Material Management and It has modules which coordinated with other modules in the SAP such as controlling, managing sales and Circulation etc. The requirements of materials are differentiate either based on the client distribution or materials arrangement.
  • SAP MM is very helpful in terms of improvement of business process for most of the organizations which includes their business in widespread and dynamic store of network procedures. In the terms of ERP, MM is basically an integration of Business Processes which provides the standard level across various branches and organizations.
  • The main goal of material management module in SAP ERP is to map all Procurement required for the Business Processes. The SAP MM transaction data is used by the master data which can have two important factors which are material and Vendor. The material has different views such as basic data, materials planning, purchasing, storage etc.
  • The Vendor part has basically three different types of views such as normal data, industry code and purchasing the organizational information. Along with the SAP Simple Logistics Training, the Purchase requisition process of SAP MM is either done physically or naturally. In SAP MM the condition mechanism of purchasing is managed and controlled by various types of Schema group and Conditions.

Highlights of SAP S/4 HANA: 1709 : (SAP Simple Logistics Training)

It came out in September 2017 which is the third release in a row of SAP Digital core. Some of the key themes of S/4 HANA 1709 that will come across the entire suite, user experience analytics and machine learning.
The S/4 HANA 1711 will continue the FIORI experience for end users,
SAP S/4 HANA 1709 is running on the SAP HANA platform that brings a lot of functionalities like embedded analytics, predictive capabilities master management, master data management and more.

  • The next generation Digital Core, built from the ground up to the fully exploit the power of in-memory. Only S/4 HANA provides the insight and understanding. So any business can predict outcome and execute live at the heart. We have simplified business processes that cut across ten lines of business and both transactions and analytics into one single in-memory platform. The SAP Simple Logistics training, that has the flexibility to be delivered both on-premises in the cloud or in hybrid combination depending on which deployment model works best for each area of the business.
  • The business processes and the embedded analytics are then presented to the business user through a modern personalized user experience called SAP FIORI, which can run on any device and only provides the insights and transactions that a particular business user cares about through the power or in SAP Simple Logistics Training, SAP HANA cloud platform S/4 HANA business processes are then extended and enriched to connect to the Internet of things business networks and other SAP cloud applications like SAP Success Factors and Hybris, providing end to end process integration and real time engagement with customers and assets.
  • As you see S/4 HANA bridges the gap between transactions and analytics to service as a nerve center of a live digital enterprise.  
Conclusion of SAP Simple Logistics Training:

We have best trainers to guide you for this SAP SIMPLE LOGISTICS Training and many other courses, in our Global online trainings and as well as, for both individual and for corporate batches also and more than 60+ students are trained in this SAP Simple Logistics training.

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