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SAP SLCM Training

SAP SLCM Training Introduction:

SAP SLCM Training has been providing business solutions to higher education and commercial customers around the world for 30 years. SAP SLCM Online Training by Global Online Training is based on latest research, live project, & best possible industry update. Not only students will find this module advantageous to avail,but also on job professional will find it super flexible for attaining besides their regular job. Here course fee is affordable and the entire training is done on best interactive virtual platform.

Prerequisites for SAP SCLM

  • The SAP SLCM component of theHuman Capital Management in HR050 Business Processes

SAP SLCM Training Course Content

Introduction to the Academic Structure
Before your start
Core of the Academic Structure
  • Internal Academic Structure
  • HR PD framework
  • Basic transactions
  • Object Types
  • Number ranges
  • Info types
  • Relationships
  • Important Customizing Tables for Data Model in Personnel Planning
  • Evaluation paths
External Academic Structure
SAP SLCM Academic Structure process Overview
  • Curriculum Management
Academic Structure in detail
  • Definitions
  • Design Principles for a long term academic structure
  • Relationship between today’s academic structure and future academic processes
  • Organizational Units
  • Academic Calendar
  • Program of Study
  • Qualification
  • Module Group
  • Module
  • Business Event Type
  • Rule Containers
  • Assessment
  • Business Events & Event Packages
Example Business Scenario
  • Academic & Assessment Rules
  • Implementation Steps
Academic structure FAQ

Goals of SAP SCLM

  • Student Lifecycle Management of this course use the structure & processes , to get to know enables participants through SAP SCLM training


With increasing the internal processes more efficiently with fewer resources yet still provide high-quality teaching and study & their competition & shrinking budgets, universities see themselves forced to manage.

SAP Research solution enables cost-effective management & Higher Education & higher education by providing functions that cover the following core processes of universities:

  • Academic offerings of Planning
  • Their study data in theStudent File & administration & Organization of students
  • Grants in the student account & Administration of fees

 SAP SLCM training in the Student Administration of section, you can process student registration, admission, de-registration & re-registration. In the Academic Structure Teaching & Curriculum & Examination sections, you manage & plan the academic business events & offerings. The university’s resources of yours can enable you to take full account. You can also determine their academic  & enter the progress academic work that students have completed.SAP SLCM (Manage Student Lifecycle) With increasing competition & shrinking budgets, fewer resources yet still provide high-quality teaching & study with universities see themselves forced to manage their internal processes more efficiently. The SAP SLCM Online Training Research solution enables cost-effective management of higher education component of the SAP Higher Education & that cover the following core processes of universities by providing functionsFor Higher Education & Research set of solutions to integrate & human capital management to facilities management & procurement to teaching and research & manage their processes from finance Hundreds of organizations use software from the sap slcm which is used to explain in the SAP SLCM training


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