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SAP Smart Forms Training

SAP Smart Forms Training Introduction:

SAP Smart Forms Training as the SAPScript successor tool is also used to generate formatted documents which can contain logos, tables and other formatting objects. And this document can look like a pre-printed documents that normal ABAP codes cannot possible. The SAP Smart Forms training replace the SAP script forms. SAP Smartforms Training offer the following advantages: Creating and maintaining the forms requiring half the time, Adapting forms without any programming knowledge due to an entirely graphical user interface.

SAP Smart Forms Training offers excellent industry exposure so that participants can get to enjoy proper career boost. Here classes are arranged in flexible timing so that working professionals can pursue the course at most reasonable fee. Call the help desk for further info

SAP SMART FORMS Online Training Course Content

  • Features
  • Architecture
  • Difference b/w Script & Smart Forms
Basic Concept / Testing
  • Creation
  • Testing / Executing
  • Function module generation
Form Builder
Creation of Driver Program for Smart form
  • Calling smart form through driver program by using function modules 
Components of Form Builder
  • Navigation Tree
  • Form Painter
  • PC editor
  • Table painter
Global Settings
  • Form Attributes
  • Form Interface
  • Global Definitions
Layout Design
  • Page & Window concept
  • Page Format & Printing Background pictures
  • Creation of Windows: Attributes, Output Options & Output condition
  • Print Mode
  • Auxiliary nodes (Template, Table, Loop, Alternative, Command, Folder, Complex Section, Program Lines)
  • Printing Graphics, Printing Address & Printing Text
Main Window
  • Table & Template in layout
  • Control Breaks , Events
  • Program Lines
Smart style
  • Creation
  • Paragraph Formats
  • Character Formats
  • Tabs
Text Module
  • Creation
  • Translation