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SAP Solution Manager Training

sap solution manager training

SAP Solution Manager Training Introduction:

SAP Solution Manager Training is otherwise called SAP SOLMAN and it is a standout amongst the most exhaustive courses that offer best knowledge for the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) instrument. A portion of the ideas that are canvassed in SAP Solution Manager training are setting up arrangement scenes, characterizing guides, working with guides, utilizing regulatory apparatuses and making guides, underlying driver examination and business process checking and so forth.

We are the main business in giving best proficient preparing support inside SAP. The courses that are controlled by master experts with 7+ industry encounter on constant undertakings. The SAP Solman 7.1 7.2 online course will investigate proficient principles with the most recent industry refreshes which can be an Advanced Solution Manager Professional.

SAP Solution Manager is an arrangement of instruments and capacities which enable us to deal with our product arrangements all through their whole life-cycle, from beginning usage through operations and consistent change. It keeps running in a different focal system to which all other SAP frameworks are associated. These different frameworks are called Satellite Systems.

Global online trainings offer best SAP Solution Manager training with most experienced professionals. Who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training session can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.we also provide job support for SAP SOLUTION MANAGER.

Prerequisites to attend SAP Solution Manager Training:

  • Basic SAP System Administration
  • SAP User Administration
  • Basic SAP Reporting Skills- Sap Solution Manager Training


SAP Solution manager training course content

Global online trainings offers best SAP Solution Manager training with most experienced professionals. who are new to e-learning can watch below sample video to understand how an online training sessions can be conducted. For full details about the course please register yourself in the website.

Overview about SAP Solution Manager Training:

  • SAP Solution Manager Training provides tools content and best practices for the complete lifecycle management it integrates central administration of a SAP Netweaver to facilitate administration tasks and it serves as the single source of truth it contains documentation about the system landscape and all processes and their interrelationships it enables SAP to play a proactive role in the customer’s IT setup and SAP active global support can provide continuous improvements packages proactive monitoring of systems and pass on detailed knowledge to the customer via the solution manager.
  • It also has integration with third-party management tools you should buy SAP partners for example HP Quality Center job monitoring by redwood and the Wyllie interscope for troubleshooting JAVA related issues.
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  • SAP Solution Manager training Provides situations for all periods of the application administration lifecycle crosswise over operations usage and an advancement of these procedures.
  • The framework checking fills in as concentrated usefulness inside the SAP Solution director you can utilize it for observing of center segments to identify basic circumstances as ahead of schedule as conceivable alarms are exchanged by means of operators likewise workable for non SAP framework and there is an open interface for outsider devices combination the focal framework organization gives an interface to playing out an accumulation of regulatory task that are important to characterized programming segments you can utilize the arrangement administrator as an apparatus to give a diagram of repeating occasional administrator errands bore down usefulness to master organization instruments covering the entire arrangement scene documentation of undertakings focal access to administrated frameworks computerized logging of exercises and revealing over the entire arrangement.

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SAP Solution Manager Training – Architecture:

This is the typical architecture of the solution manager as you mentioned earlier at the core of the solution manager is CRM essentially from which it has borrowed the concept of work centers and then you have some standalone engines which are not really integrated into the JAVA or the ABAP stack but are standalone and then these are the managed systems.

Sap Solution manager training runs on top of a Netweaver 7 dual stack it has JAVA as well as ABAP it collects an aggregate data sent by the Agents which run on the managed system. The amount of data size in frequency send by these agents to solution manager usually determines the performance of the system.

SAP BW is integrated within the solution manager and is used to provide the infrastructure for data warehousing of the following scenarios,

  • Root cause analysis scenario
  • Test management scenario
  • System monitoring and solution monitoring scenario
  • SAP engagement and service delivery scenario

These standalone engines of SAP solution manager training are additional installable software unit they do not run as ABAP or JAVA and the following engines are available as standalone engines so the first one is CA computer associate wily introscope then you have roadrunner by HP used for resting you also have CP productivity pack by RWD systems.

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About SAP Solman 7.1 7.2 online courses:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 backings both SAP and non-SAP parts in every one of the four esteem chains.
  • In expansion, while it is a coordinated stage over every one of the four esteem chains, it is likewise open to incorporate into outsider apparatuses which are supplementing SAP Solution Manager.
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 gives phenomenal help to the SAP client’s computerized change travel, offering support for the entire lifecycle of SAP S4HANA and SAP HANA.
  • It gives a totally better approach to demonstrate and deal with the business procedures and accompanies predefined SAP S/4HANA substance.
  • Finally, the client driven enhancements of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 outcome in a much-enhanced client encounter.


SAP Solman project types:

SAP Solution Manager Training

There are 6 project types,

  • Implementation Project
  • Template Project
  • Upgrade Project
  • Optimization Project
  • Safeguarding Project
  • Maintenance Project

Implementation Project:

  • Project to execute business forms in a SAP scene.
  • Make venture structure from the business forms. Either make another venture structure, or construct it with respect to one of the accompanying:
  • At least one client or accomplice formats.
  • A current undertaking.
  • Situations and arrangement structures conveyed by SAP.
  • A current generation solution land scope.

Template Project:

  • A layout influences task to structure, or parts of it, with its doled out articles (documentation, test cases, and IMG exercises), accessible to different ventures.
  • Formats can be bolted, totally or halfway, against changes when they are utilized as a part of different tasks. To utilize layouts in different frameworks, transport them.
  • Format ventures are exceptionally suited to SAP accomplice arrangements or worldwide rollout.

Upgrade Project:

  • A project to redesign existing frameworks.

In an update venture following can be finished:

  • Update customization: Upgrade existing capacities. or on the other hand
  • Delta customization: Copy extra capacities.

Optimization Project:

  • A task to advance the stream of business forms, or the utilization of a product arrangement.
  • One can utilize enhancement ventures, for example, in SAP Services.

Safeguarding Project:

  • A project to determine a basic circumstance in the implementation or utilization of a SAP Solution.
  • Shielding projects demonstrate the explanations behind a basic circumstance and organize the means required to determine the issues.

Maintenance Project:

  • A project to keep up an answer with Change Request Management.
  • The project contains all upkeep exercises and critical adjustments of an answer.
  • A maintenance cycle can be assigned to this project only.

How SAP Solution Manager Training is helpful?

Sap arrangement supervisor goes about as an incorporated apparatus which help other sap conditions and it is brought together to deal with every single other framework or different situations like sap and non-sap situations.

  • SAP Solution Manager training is a key stage that backings different aspects of utilization life cycle advancement.
  • It comprises of indicated procedures that are required to capacity and track the SAP arrangements structure.- SAP Solman 7.1 7.2 online course
  • It goes about as an archive for exceptionally critical capacities which are required for the compelling working of frameworks.
  • SAP Solutions director helps in giving center answers for control the smooth working of your whole business IT foundation.- SAP Solution Manager Training
  • This module will be useful in the successful precise documentation of the application life cycle. Virtual gives SAP Solution Manger job support at flexible hours.

SAP Solution Manager Training Uses:

Now a day’s solution manager is mandatory.

  • It is utilized for creating keys and downloading bolster bundles.
  • It is utilized to report client necessity and getting ready situations what should be embraced utilizing arrangement administrator, where the blue print is the piece of arrangement director.
  • It is accustomed to detailing arrangement work area, to deal with the change demands and use to screen whole scene Central message handling in the SAP Solution Manager Training.

Differences between Sap Solman 7.1 and 7.2:

SAP Solution Manager Training

Sap solman was transformed from a basic support tool starting with 7.0 to a corporate platform, becoming sap’s digital business services platform. When upgrading sap solman from 7.1 to 7.2, it is important to be aware of the most significant changes introduced during the solman has changed in a number of key areas on both a functional and technical level. Understanding these changes is critical to a successful upgrade to sap solman 7.2.

The following list that identifies the top changes between SAP Solman 7.1 7.2 online courses:

SAP Hana database compatibility:

SAP Solman 7.2 now supports sap hana with no additional sap hana licensing required, allowing you to drop any current licensing fees for your current non-sap database.

Upgrade to SAP Netweaver 7.4 and SAP CRM 7.0 EHP3:

SAP Solman 7.2 runs on sap neweaver 7.4, providing all of the latest enhancements and functionality of sap netweaver 7.4.

SAP Netweaver dual stack split: – SAP Solution Manager Training:

The sap solman dual stacks are no longer supported in sap netweaver 7.4. This means the ABAP and Java stacks are slit during the upgrade process.

Certified in all ITIL Processes:

Previously, only few functions of sap solman were ITIL- certified. With SAP solman 7.2, all of the processes are ITIL- certified, which increases the usefulness of SAP Solman to more customers who could not previously use this solution based on the lack of ITIL Certification.

Significantly improved solution documentation integration:

Arrangement documentation for sap solman 7.2 was significantly enhanced, streamlining the synchronization of business procedures and IT arrangement documentation, giving another online documentation entryway with a coordinated graphical bpm process proofreader and condensing the way toward building your business forms inside sap solman.

Importance of SAP Solution Manager Training:

  • It assumes a key part in dealing with the IT frameworks of a specific association.
  • This module fundamentally goes about as an entryway to develop and screen the whole business administration procedures of an association. – SAP Solution Manager Training
  • It likewise goes about as a focal overseeing framework, to separate the mind boggling business forms and in this manner streamline the procedures of an association. Virtual Job Support is best for SAP Solution Manager job/project support.

Learning this Training will be an added advantage for you to learn SAP IDM Training. Enroll at Global Online Trainings for SAP Solution chief preparing to take in the abilities of next arranged arrival of SAP Solman 7.1 7.2 online course with industry master specialists. For more data ON SAP Solution administrator preparing do contact our assistance help desk!

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