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SAP SPP Course


SAP SPP Training provides panning functions specific to service parts and transparency throughout the supply chain, right from the moment demand occurs through to delivery of the product. Planning for your service parts takes place in distribution structure.SAP SPP Online Training course participates will Learn Scheduling in DRP,Retrieve information from the DRP matrix, Procurement planning, Supply Network Collaboration, Run deployment , Perform inventory balancing , Order fulfillment with GATP & Use the Alert monitor.

Global Online Trainings Provides SAP Service parts Planning Course with in-depth understanding of the customizing and usage of the different planning  scenarios for service parts: forecasting, inventory planning,distribution requirement planning,deployment and inventory balancing.



  • Overview of SAP SPM Service parts Management Basics



  • SAP SPP overview & system landscape
  • Master data: Bill of Distribution, Region Pattern & Inventory Balancing Areas
  • Rounding profiles & package specification
  • Planning profiles, service profiles & planning service Manager
  • BI dataflow for Capture-Demand
  • Stocking & Destocking, Decision Replenishment Indicator & exclusion tables
  • Forecast profiles and automated model selection, Tripping & tracking, Approve the forecast, Phase-in forecasting
  • EOQ & safety stock planning
  • DRP planning run, DRP Horizons, Lead time settings, Stability Rules, Supplier Shutdown, Product Group Procurement, Consolidated Ordering, Seasonal Safety Stock shift
  • Scheduling in the DRP
  • Retrieve information from the DRP matrix
  • Procurement planning
  • Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC)
  • Deployment Priority Tiers and sequencing rules, Expedited shipments, Stock transfer approval
  • Performing inventory balancing
  • ECC Order fulfilment with GATP
  • Supersession
  • Use the Alert Monitor

SAP SPP TRAINING Plan Concepts: 

  • Forecasting
  • Returns
  • Supersession
  • Inventory planning
  • Replenishment


  • Use Items M 101-GPS-55LM
  • Inline Versace External forecasts
  • Forecast rules
  • Based on parts ship history
  • Based on usage – EAM jobs usages
  • Based on install base
  • Item Simulations sets – associate items & forecast rules


  • Return forecast
  • History & forecast
  • Returns stream as replenishment
  • Replenishment
  • Pegging

Inventory planning

  • Segmentation – criticality matrix
  • Single Versace Multi-echelon
  • Setup manually in oracle Inventory
  • Based on the future demand & %SS specified  ( single echelon suggestions )
  • Based on the service level & demand variability (single echelon suggestions)
  • Based on the suggestions from IO ( Multi  Echelon suggestions)
  • Safety Stocks
  • By planned %,
  • By Service level
  • Inventory re-balancing


  • Netting
  • Order modifiers
  • EOQ – Replenishment based on EOQ

SAP SPP Training Sourcing Rules:

SPP Supports below source types.


  • Buy Form
  • Transfer From
  • Repair At
  • Return To

Buy From: Buy new product from Supplier

Transfer From: Transfer material from the other Inventory Organization

Repair At: the sourcing rule Repair at designates the supplier or organization as a repair organization for that part. The Repair at sourcing rules is valid both internal and external repair

Return To: The Return to sourcing rule is used to transferring the defectives all the way to the repair organization/Central Defective warehouse.